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   Chapter 26 Visit Cheng Family

Reborn: Get Into Love Troubles By Hu Minxue Characters: 4111

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After that, Kevin also called Molly, but she also told him that she did not get the project, and she also wanted to help him get the project. In the end, she also got the project. Why did she come here to express her dissatisfaction?

Kevin murmured. The price was too high.

Hearing this, Molly said directly, "the price is too high? That's what you said. I don't have the ability to stop you from saying that. "

In the end, she hung up the phone directly without waiting for Kevin to say anything more.

Kevin smashed his phone angrily.

However, he was more worried about how to get ten million.

At this moment, a servant knocked on the door and said, "Young master, Master wants you to go to the study."

Besides, no matter how hard Kevin tried to deal with his father's problems and blame, let's see what Molly was doing these days.

Thinking of what Allen had done at the bidding meeting that day, Molly was still worried. The next day, she asked her mother to pay a visit to Cheng family.

In fact, she would like to have a look on her own, but first, she didn't make a good friend at Cheng's house, and second, she was a girl who didn't get married, so she went to find a man. It might be normal for her t

denied, "Dad, come and have a taste. My mother cooked today."

Seeing that her father sat down to have dinner and didn't ask any more questions, Molly breathed a sigh of relief and secretly wiped the sweat that didn't exist on her head.

After dinner, Molly's father and Farrell went to work together. After Peggy dressed up a little, she took Molly to visit Cheng family.

Mrs. Cheng was quite enthusiastic. When she saw Mrs. Su and Molly coming in with a big smile on their faces, she praised them for a long time, which was rare to see in heaven and earth. Seeing that, Molly felt a little embarrassed.

She even invited her children to meet her. Peggy praised them, too.

But Molly frowned, raised her head and pursed her lips seriously.

The way that Jonson looked at her made her feel uncomfortable.

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