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   Chapter 25 One Hundred And Ten Million

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The sudden bidding startled everyone, and Kevin's nerves were even more nervous. He shouted out a number immediately after the "one hundred million" bid.

"One hundred and ten million!"


It's a great sensation. When the "one billion" was called out, everyone was very surprised. When they heard the figure of 110 million, all were shocked.

The older entrepreneurs could not help shaking their heads, as if they were feeling that the young people were really rich.

Molly was also surprised. She could tell that the man who bid for one hundred million was Allen.

Although she had some regrets when she stopped bidding, she only wished that Kevin could give more money out. She also hoped that someone could bid again and let Kevin give more money.

But she had never thought that the man was Allen.

After being surprised, she began to worry about Allen.

Would his uncle blame him for this?

Would he be sad if his uncle blamed him?

Molly scratched her hair irritably. How could this child be so troublesome?

Could she interfere in everything? What a naughty boy!

After realizing the price he offered, Kevin couldn't move.

His father only gave him one hundred million. Where could he get the remaining ten million?

Go to her father? That's impossible!

It's not that his father didn't give it, but he knew that he would blame him for spending so much money on the project and leave a bad impression on him.

Then his original intention was to prove his strength through this project, and his dream of getting the inheritance right was shattered.

However, how could he get such a large sum of money without asking for it from his father?

At this time, it was impossible for him to say that he didn't want to do this project. Anyone who wanted to do it would take him to do it.

Kevin leaned against the chair and took two deep breaths. He stared at the assistant with his bloodshot eyes and said in a low voice, "why don't you stop me?"

The assistant looked at him and said carefully, "I I wanted to remind you, but But you said it too fast. I can't stop you at all! "

He look

ed fiercely at the direction of Molly, only to find that she was deep frowning and thinking about a very serious question.

According to the rules, Kevin needed to go up to the stage and sign the documents. No matter how unhappy he was, he could only squeeze out a smile and symbolically say a few words of gratitude.

After the meeting, Kevin got off the stage and hurried to catch up with Molly.

But along the way, there were many people saying congratulations to him. He could not ignore any of them, let alone offend them. He said thank you one by one for his patience.

When he squeezed out of the crowd with sweat all over his body, Molly had already followed Farrell out of the hall.

"What are you thinking about?"

It was not until her brother's voice came to her mind that she came back to her senses.

"No, nothing."

Molly smiled at her brother and continued to walk forward. Suddenly, she turned her head again.

"Brother, are you going home or to the company directly?"

Taking a look at her and then behind her, Farrell said, "I'll drive you home first, and then go to the company."

"No, thanks." Molly said with a smile, "I'm not a child. I can find my home."

Seeing that Farrell was looking at her back, Molly understood what he meant. She leaned over, patted on his shoulder and comforted him, "don't worry, brother! He didn't dare to do anything to me. Besides, I have a driver! Don't worry. Go to work. "

"Really?" He was still worried.

Molly waved her hands and said, "I'm fine!"

He was still worried about her, but he had an important negotiation to attend in person, so he had to say, "then I'll send you to the car first."

As soon as Molly's car turned out of the parking lot, she saw Kevin running out of the party in a hurry.

Farrell narrowed her eyes and watched him getting closer and closer.

When Kevin saw Farrell, he couldn't help but feel lucky that he was able to make it. He hadn't left yet. When he was about to walk forward, he saw that he was nodded at him, got in the car and left.

Unable to stop or catch up with him, he stamped his feet angrily.

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