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   Chapter 24 Bidding

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Without looking at the signature, Molly knew it was from Kevin.

She looked around and listened to the price call. It was sure that the price call was less, but the price was much higher.

She looked back at her brother and was about to listen to his ideas. "Brother, can we start bidding now?"

Farrell looked up, shook his head and said, "not yet. Wait a little longer."

The price gradually rose to 60 million. There were fewer and fewer people bidding. The speed of bidding was also slower and slower. Farrell had no intention of bidding.

Noticing that there was no response from Farrell, Kevin didn't say anything. Instead, he chatted happily with his assistant.

But being calm on the surface doesn't mean he is calm inside. Molly has already been typed several messages on her mobile phone.

Finally, when stopped at the price of 68 million, the host called once. Farrell didn't move, but Kevin held the brand tightly. It could see the sweat drops on his head.

The host bid again. Then, Farrell raised the price tag in his hand and bid for the first time, "seventy million!"

Kevin saw that the price was getting higher and higher, and stopped at the price of sixty-eight million again. He was in a hurry and wanted to raise his bidding card immediately, but consid

his hand and gave up.

This move provoked a lot of discussion. Originally, Farrell's bidding posture made people think that Farrell was necessary for this project. Suddenly, giving up made people feel that there was a big gap in their hearts, and their faces were all incredible.

He looked at the direction where Farrell was looking at Anyway It was very complicated.

It could be described in this way.

In fact, the price was thirty percent higher than in her previous life. It should be the peak that Kevin could afford. If it went on, it would probably fall into her hands.

This project was dispensable to the Su family, and there was really no need to pay such a huge price. It was not like Kevin who was prepared to prove his ability.

Kevin breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was within his tolerance.

"One hundred million!"

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