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   Chapter 23 Overall Arrangement

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During the party, Molly met Jonson and Susie. They thought that Molly were still angry because they brought Allen here nut left him alone. Although Molly didn't give them a good look, it was fine.

However, the way Susie looked at her made Molly very uncomfortable. It was the first time that Molly wanted to gouge out a person's eyes.

In addition, in such a case, Molly naturally forgot the whole thing arranged by her mother. It can be said that after one night, Molly didn't know at all what the newly returned Mr. Wang looked like.

A week later, the large-scale bidding officially began in B city.

It was not too much to describe the bidding with a large scale.

It can be said that 80% of the group enterprises in B City have all participated in this meeting. It is extremely rare to say that there are many bidders.

However, it doesn't mean that everyone will participate in the auction. Most people will take a look and learn about the capabilities of other enterprises by the way.

Molly followed Farrell to the bidding site, while the Cheng family was brought here by Charles, the head of the Cheng family, with Allen, which surprised her. She didn't understand what Charles meant.

Shouldn't Charles bring his own son, Jonson, to such an occasion?

Was it because his own son was too weak to support? Was it good for him to prove his son through Allen?

This thought was killed by Molly in her mind. She rolled her eyes at herself. 'Isn't it wrong for him to do so?

Kevin came with several assistants. When he saw Molly, he nodded at her with a smile and waved the phone in his hand.

Kevin was also a strange person. At first, Molly thought that he would have some courage to ignore her because she embarrassed him again at the party, but she didn't expect that he would be so self-righteous to think that she reminded him for his good.

With a slight smile on her face, Molly told Kevin her decision yesterday.

She said that Farre

ll had already submitted the bid, and many people in the industry already knew that Su Family would compete for the project. If Fareell didn't say anything during the bidding, what would everyone think? If he really did so, even if Kevin finally got the project, it would damage the reputation of the Su family and the Tang family.

Even if Kevin didn't care about the reputation of the Su family, he still cared about his own reputation very much. But Molly said that they wouldn't bid for the last chance and would leave it to Kevin.

The meeting began soon. After the leader introduced the layout and function of the project, the bidding began.

Seeing that Farrell was calmly reading the documents in her hands, Molly knew that he wouldn't take action so early.

Hearing the offers one after another, Molly thought it was interesting, but at this time she wanted to see Kevin's reaction.

They were not very close to each other. When Molly looked over, Kevin happened to look at her. Perhaps he had got the permission of Farrell. Kevin seemed to be in a good mood. He smiled brightly at Molly and waved his mobile phone, looking quite calm.

Molly smiled back, shook her phone and looked away.

All of a sudden, the corners of her mouth lifted into a smirk.

Looking from her angle, Allen could be seen.

He was dressed in a black suit, tied with a bow tie in his neck, and sat in a chair with a straight face. With pretty face and tall figure, he still felt like some elite in the workplace.

As if feeling someone was staring at him, Allen turned his head to the direction of Molly. When he saw clearly that it was Molly, he showed a big smile, and in an instant, he looked a little more stupid.

Molly shook her head helplessly. The motionless Allen looked very beautiful.

Just then, her phone vibrated. Molly waved at Edward and looked down at the message.

There was only one message, "it's almost done. Is your brother going to bid?"?

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