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   Chapter 22 Of Course I Like You

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With a cold face, Molly said in a cold tone, "Kevin, remember to think twice before you speak. Think about whether you could afford the consequences if you say that."

She looked around and saw Cheng family and his wife standing there.

Cold sweat came out of Kevin's head at once. He rubbed his hands back and forth at a loss. Looking at Molly and Allen, he was a little timid.

Molly turned her head to Allen and gently stroked his back to comfort him. She really didn't want to see the person in front of her anymore.

She sighed again that she was really blind in her previous life to look at such a person.

This man was nothing compared to others. How could she be so loyal to him?

She had done so much for another woman.

Shaking her head, Molly took a deep breath, as if she was exhaling the sadness in her heart.

Seeing that Molly ignored him, Kevin felt a little embarrassed and wanted to go somewhere else.

"Shouldn't you apologize if you said something wrong?" Molly asked as she caught a glimpse of the scene.

Molly never liked to bully others with her power or status. She thought it was too cheap.

However, Molly found out that such an approach didn't work for Kevin. If you don't compare yourself with him, he doesn't know how much weight he has.

He was a typical shameless man.

It was better to embarrass him than to piss her off!

Kevin turned his head in surprise. His face was inconceivable, but Molly didn't give him a ray of light

from the corner of his eyes.

"You apologize. Today's matter is past. If not, Uncle Cheng comes here, it's not a word of sorry that can be settled."

Molly said coldly without raising her head.

Somehow, Kevin thought that Molly was caring about him.

But Apologizing to a fool, he felt very reluctant. Seeing that the head of the Cheng family really meant to go this way, he had to stutter.

"Mr Mr. Cheng, I am... Sorry, I shouldn't have said that. "

Without waiting for Edward's response, he walked away in shame and anger.

Molly patiently coaxed Allen for a while, but he kept his head up and did not respond at all.

Molly didn't know what to do. Frowning, she held her chin and looked at him worriedly.

After a long while, Allen suddenly mumbled something.

"…… No one likes me. Everyone thinks I'm a fool... "

"No, no, No! No one dislikes it! " Allen's words made Molly's heart ache. She grabbed Allen's hand and said, "I like Allen! And Allen is very smart. You are not stupid! "

"But that man just now..."

Molly hurriedly interrupted, "that man is a bad guy. Don't believe his words! Only those who say you are stupid are fools! "

All of a sudden, Allen raised his head, looked at Molly seriously and asked, "So Molly like me?"

"Of course I like you." Molly answered without hesitation.

At this time, Molly was happy to see the innocent smile on Allen's face again, but she ignored his dark eyes.

Noticing his gaze, Molly blushed.

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