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   Chapter 21 Idiot

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Kevin didn't know how to answer her question. He took a sip of wine, trying to ease the atmosphere, but he didn't know what to say for a while. He could only say something like "no, the novel is fake".

After thinking about whether Molly would know about him, he denied himself and comforted himself that he was so careful that Molly could not find out. Her mind kept changing.

At this moment, Molly wanted to sneer. No matter how long had passed, she was very angry when it came to this matter.

This kind of reaction is not to say that she still loves Kevin, but that every time she thinks about it, she will deepen the anger in her heart, and every time she thinks about it, she will be more difficult to suppress the hatred in her heart.

She can't help thinking about whether to speed up the process of revenge, otherwise, if it goes on like this, she may not be able to be burned out of reason by anger for a long time.

The same thought flashed through her mind.

Before she could think further, she felt her clothes pulled by someone. Before she looked at Allen, she heard him asking.

"Molly, who is this uncle?"

Allen's tone was very innocent.

Molly was still wondering when an uncle came. She turned around and saw Allen pointing at Kevin.

The two of them, one with a puzzled look on his face, the other with an expression that he had eaten something he shouldn't have.

Looking at Kevin in a black suit and his hair dividing into 3/7, it was a normal dress. But when she saw Allen call out "Uncle", she also felt that he looked so old with the face accompanying Kevin.

Molly couldn't help but burst into laughter, which made Kevin's face even worse.

In the laughter of Molly, Kevin's face became more and more gloomy.

Molly still thought that she shouldn't go too far. She stopped laughing after a few laughs and explained to Kevin, "don't be angry, Kevin. Al

len is a little thoughtless. Please don't take it to heart!"

Kevin's face turned livid. He squinted at Allen and said coldly, "I'm not angry. Why should I argue with an idiot! Then I will be an idiot! "

Hearing the two words "idiot", Allen raised his head all of a sudden, his eyes full of panic. He stood up trembling, trying to hide behind Molly.

Hearing Kevin's words, Molly's face turned cold. At this time, she saw Allen. On the one hand, she really wanted to tear Kevin apart alive, and on the other hand, she wanted to pull Allen to a corner to comfort him.

She grabbed Allen's hands and stroked his back to calm him down slowly.

Then she turned to Kevin with cold eyes and a serious face.

Kevin regretted when he said "idiot". After all, although the young master of the Cheng family was not smart enough, he was a member of the Cheng family, which represented the face of the Cheng family.

He humiliated the Cheng family in public. He didn't know if the Cheng family would be dissatisfied. With the current strength of the Tang family, they couldn't afford to provoke the anger of the Cheng family.

Besides, the Tang family had to sign a contract with the Cheng family recently. If they refused to cooperate because of this matter, it would be a great loss.

However, when he looked into the distance, he happened to see the second young master of the Cheng family, Cecil. Thinking of the current strength layout of the Cheng family, he was a little worried.

The Cheng family wouldn't attack a company that might be a partner for a fool who had no parents, would they?

Before he breathed a sigh of relief and took a sip of water, he turned around and saw Molly's eyes.

Molly's eyes were very cold. Kevin had never been stared at by her like this, which made him a little flustered.


Before he finished his words, he was interrupted by Molly.

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