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   Chapter 2 Why Don't You Go To Hell

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At that moment, Molly felt that she was trapped in a dream that she could never wake up from. She shouted at Kevin to help her up so they could save their child, but Kevin never let go of his mistress. He simply watched Molly all bloodied up on the ground. After a few moments, Molly's body became colder and colder until she closed her eyes.

The next thing she knew was that she woke up in the hospital with a doctor telling her that her five-month baby was already gone.

After two days, Molly finally met up with Kevin again. As soon as they saw each other, Molly grabbed Kevin's collar and asked him why her child was gone.

"If my child's gone, why should that woman still have hers?" she furiously asked.

"You're talking nonsense!" Kevin shouted.

Although she was able to recover after half a month, her heart felt dead.

When Molly had filed a divorce, Kevin locked her inside the house the day after.

Molly wiped the tears as they ran down her face.

When she mentioned the divorce today, Kevin refused again as expected. He even tore up the divorce papers that Molly had prepared.

"You don't want a divorce? Well, okay then. Then give me my child back. Or you have to kill that woman's child, too,"

Molly angrily said.

"Why didn't you just die, just like the child of yours?" Kevin demanded coldly.

Molly laughed with tears streaming down her face.

Looking at Kevin's back, she asked, "Will you really live a better life if I were dead?"

Yet, he made no answer. "We'll see," she continued.

As she saw the car slowly drive away, Molly flashed a weird smile. She went back to the bed and took out a dagger from the cabinet nearby. When she stared at the dagger's blade, her reflection could be clearly seen on the dagger's shiny blade.

She put the dagger back to the cabinet. After that, she opened the wardrobe and found the fiery red dress that she liked very much. 'I haven't worn this for a long time,' she thought to herself.

She put on the dress and looked at herself head to toe, feeling something that was long gone.

'Oh, How could I not put on make-up while wearing this dress?'

After putting on make-up, Molly took a look at herself and found it not that bad. She lo

oked gorgeous, and the make-up even covered her pale face.

Last but not the least, Molly applied a nice, shiny red nail polish on her fingernails. She marveled at them as she waited for them to dry.

Fortunately, she wasn't in a hurry. Since Kevin was called away, he wouldn't be back anytime soon.

As for the bodyguards outside, they wouldn't break in as long as she made no noisy.

Everything was almost done. Molly then went to the bathroom, filled a vat of water, took out the dagger, and lay in the bathtub without taking her clothes off.

When her body was completely soaked, she raised her wrist and looked for her arteries. With the dagger, she slit her wrist without hesitating a little bit.

Blood kept flowing out from her wound and eventually mixed with the water. The water went from clear to crimson red. Soon enough, Molly was losing her consciousness. Everything suddenly became blurred. She was getting dizzier and dizzier by every moment.

Her past constantly flashed in front of her eyes as the dizzier she got. Tears were streaming down her face. She felt both happy and sad at that moment. The pictures of her with Kevin were like knifes, piercing through her heart.

All of a sudden, Molly opened her eyes.

Her hatred of Kevin was blazing in her eyes.

Back then, it was Kevin who was begging Molly to marry him.

He was very serious with her before their marriage. But he changed a lot after they got married.

He even cheated on her.

That man also got their child killed.

Even though he did all of these, he still refused to agree to the divorce.

He even locked Molly inside the house and stripped her off of her freedom.

How could Molly ever put up with all of these? He was the one who deserved death.

Thinking of her child who wasn't even given the chance to come to this world, Molly unconsciously gritted her teeth with hatred.

With her wrists bleeding, Molly gradually lost her consciousness. She couldn't see clearly what was in front of her. When she tried to raise her hand, she failed because of weakness.

'Kevin, you owe me. There's nothing you can do that can repay everything you have done to me.

My ghost will hunt you down, Kevin. Mark my words.'

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