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   Chapter 96 Two Idiots and One Madman

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Lora took Tori's hand and ran to the tree aside. "Tori, help me get the key from May now. I want to go back to my dormitory!"

Tori pointed at the classroom of May on the teaching building and asked, "Why don't you just go?"

Speechless, Lora walked around in front of Tori and asked, "Do you think it's better for me to go there in this way?"

Tori nodded and said, "You're right. When I come down later, you have to tell me why you and Mr. Jonny are both wet!"

With a smile, Lora made an OK gesture with her fingers and said, "No problem!"

After taking a few steps, Tori turned around and nodded at Lora. Then she went upstairs. She was curious and wanted to know why Lora and Mr. Jonny were both wet all over. It was very likely that the two would be together when it rained. Tori walked all the way and kept wondering. It was not class time. The corridor and classroom were very noisy. Tori shook her head suddenly, 'Don't think too much. Lora has promised to tell you, hasn't she?' Since Lora would tell her later. Why bother to wonder what had happened by herself? It was unnecessary. If the person involved didn't tell her, she could never figure it out by herself.

When Tori walked to the door of May's classroom, she found that May was talking to her friend. May frowned slightly and talked to her friend expressionlessly. Tori waved at her. When May saw her, she said to her friend and walked out. May looked at Tori and smiled, "Are you here to take the key again?"

Tori was shocked. How could she know? Was it so obvious that May could see it from her face? That should not be true!

"How did you know that?"

May just smiled faintly, "Normally, if you don't have anything important to do, how would you come to me? Besides, didn't you and Lora come here every time to get the key?" Then she took out the key from her pocket and kindly reminded Tori, "By the way, Tori, you have to lock the door when you leave the dormitory this time! Otherwise, some crazy people will take advantage of it and slander you again!"

Tori nodded in a hurry, "Thank you for your kindly reminder, Miss Li!"

May looked behind Tori and found that there was no Lora. She was curious. Hadn't they always been together? Why didn't she see Lora this time?

So she asked Tori curiously, "By the way, Tori, why isn't Lora with you? Where did she go?"

"Ah!" At the thought of Lora, who had become a drowned rat, Tori realized that she was still waiting for her downstairs! So she quickly said to May, "Honey, let's not talk about it now. Lora is waiting for me downstairs. I've been upstairs for so long, and her whole body is already wet. She needs to change her clothes, or she will catch a cold!" As soon as she finished her words, Tori ran towards the stairs. Hearing that, May asked in a loud voice, "What happened? Why is she wet all over?"

Tori's voice came from the stairs, "It's hard to say. Let's talk about it later!" As soon as she finished speaking, her voice disappeared in the corridor with her back. May had to shake her head helplessly and turned into the classroom.

After getting the key, Tori ran downstairs as fast as she could. She didn't see Lora downstairs. Then she looked around and saw Lora waving at her behind a tree. Tori rushed over and asked her quickly, "What are you doing here?"

Lora pulled Tori over and looked around for a moment. Then she took Tori's hand and walked towards the dormitory. Tori was at a loss what to do. Suddenly, she was pulled by Lora and almost fell down. Fortunately, Lora helped her up, so Tori was not close to the mother earth. Being stared at all the way, Lora was very unhappy, but she gritted her teeth and endured it. Tori asked Lora why she and the president of the student union were both wet in the rain at the same time. Tori would never believe that it was a coincidence. Lora only told her that it was not convenient to talk on the way to the dormitory. When they arrived at the dormitory, Lora would tell Tori everything, so Tori stopped asking her. Lora seemed to be looking around all the way as if she was a thief. Tori also knew that she was afraid that people in the school would see her and gossip about her again. However, in such a big school, there would be a passer-by from time to time. She didn't know how to hide herself. There was no place for her to hide, either. Hence, Lora had become the focus of the students all the way to the dormitory. Tori could do nothing but just to follow her.

Lora and Tori walked into the dormitory in this way. As soon as they entered the dormitory room, Lora breathed a sigh of relief as if a big stone was left in her heart. Then she turned over her backpack, picked up her clothes, and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

After she came out from the bathroom, she found that Tori had taken out her hair dryer and inserted it in. She was waiting for Lora to dry her hair.

Lora slowly walked to the edge of the bed and sat down. Tori took the initiative to help her tidy up her hair. Lora smiled with relief and said, "Tori, you are the best!"

With a comb

n frowned unhappily and said, "Fuck! Damn you! You are even against me!" As soon as he finished speaking, the young man threw the bottle one meter away. With a bang, the bottle was smashed, and the beer in it was also stained on the young man's face. When he felt it, he began to curse, "Damn it! I wanted to drink you just now, but you didn't come out even if you died. What about now? I have thrown you out, but you come back shamelessly. You are a madman, a madman!"

After cursing, he pulled his hair and soon became it very messy.

At this moment, the young man's mobile phone rang. He looked for it for a long time and found that the mobile phone was in his pocket, so he slowly took out the mobile phone and said, "Hello! Who is it? I'm not in a good mood today. Don't bother me if there's nothing important." As soon as he finished speaking, the young man hung up the phone with a snap!

After a while, the phone rang again. The young man picked up the phone impatiently and roared, "If you fucking call me again, I'll kill you!" After saying that, the young man directly took off the battery of his mobile phone. He threw it aside and continued to drink his beer. Then he got drunk and fell asleep quietly.

He didn't know how long he had slept. He only knew that he was in a mess when he woke up. Jay slowly stood up. It was late at night now. He looked for his mobile phone, but it was not in his pocket. He was shocked and wondered if it had been lost. He needed to call his Grandma and tell her not to worry about him. He would come back soon. But now he didn't have his cell phone. What should he do by himself? After searching for a while, he found that his cell phone was dismembered and lying aside. He smiled bitterly. It seemed that he was crazy today! Then he picked up all parts of the phone, assembled them, and dialed it. As soon as the phone was connected, he heard the anxious voice on the other side, "Grandson! Where have you been? Grandma asked the whole family to look for you. I'm so worried about you. It's so late and you haven't come back yet!"

Jay smiled and said, "Grandma, I'm sorry that I didn't come back today. I made you worried!"

"Tell Grandma, did you drink, my boy?" Grandma asked.

Jay was shocked. How did she know? So he lied, "Nah, I didn't! Grandma, you think too much. No!"

"Then why did you curse me when I called you at six o'clock tonight?"

Jay was stunned. Did he curse his Grandma on the phone? He was really drunk earlier!

"Grandma, it was you at that time? I thought it was my friend. He was so annoying that I was so unreasonable. I'm sorry, Grandma. I was disrespectful to you!" Jay apologized.

"Oh, nothing. By the way, come back quickly! Bring Tori, your cousin, back with you!"

"Grandma, Tori is also here to study. We don't have to call her back!"

"Did you go there for fun?"

"No, of course not."

"That's it. Call her back!"

Jay looked at the time on the phone and frowned, "Grandma, Tori should be asleep now! Forget it."

"No, wake her up!"

"Grandma, no, let her sleep! There's nothing to do at home. Just let her stay at school!" After Jay's persuasion, his grandmother finally gave up asking him to take Tori along to go back. The two hung up the phone after a while. Jay looked at the messy ground and smiled helplessly. He must be crazy. Then he turned around and walked to the school gate.

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