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   Chapter 95 What's Wrong with You Two

Battlefield Of Love: From Enemy To Lover By Hu Minxue Characters: 17642

Updated: 2020-09-24 00:02

The torrential rain gradually turned into continuous drizzle, and finally stopped. The dark clouds gradually dispersed. It was autumn now. The scenery of the campus, which had just been washed by the heavy rain, was still green. Under the heavy rain of the evergreen tree, several tender green sprouts were pulled out. Although it was in the evening, because of the heavy rain just now, there was no trace of students in the campus flower garden. In the pavilion, Lora and Jonny had different expressions on their faces. Lora was standing aside, smoothing her long hair which was as long as her knee. It hadn't been dry because of the heavy rain, and her school uniform was also wet. Jonny stood aside and stared at her, trying to help her wipe it, but he didn't go forward because of his pride. He had to stand aside and stared at her quietly. Seeing that Jonny had been staring at her, Lora felt very uncomfortable, but she could not say anything. Lora was smoothing her long hair, which was in a mess after being washed in the rain. She did not cut her long hair because her father said he liked it, and because Jay also liked to help her tidy it. Lora thought, 'After school this week, I will ask Mom to take me to cut it short. I have nothing to do with that person. Why should I keep the hair that he liked?' As for her father, she decided to keep the cut hair well for him.

Seeing that Lora was smoothing her hair, Jonny frowned slightly and asked, "Lora, have you fed your hair with all the food you have eaten for so many years?"

Lora responded a little slowly, "What do you mean?"

"You only grew the hair but no brain!" Jonny laughed.

"You!" Lora gritted his teeth out of anger. 'Damn it! Can't you say something nice?'

Seeing that the rai

dent union building, Tori had been thinking about the relationship between Mr. Jonny and Lora. The matter was getting more and more complicated. She was in a mess now. The most important thing was that if Mr. Jonny and Lora were really together, what about her cousin? One was the person who had hurt her, and the other had loved her for two years, and now she also loved him back. Even a fool would choose the latter. Did it mean that Jay really had no chance?

It was not until she was halfway through her journey that Tori realized that her purpose of coming here was to find Lora. But now, she didn't even see a trace of her so far. How should she find her? Tori had been looking for Lora aimlessly in the campus. In fact, she was worried that something might happen to Lora. After all, Lora ran out because Jay's sudden appearance. She was not in the classroom and was not in the dormitory either. She was not in the library. Tori racked her brains but could not figure out where Lora would go, so she ran out to look for Lora with her worries. After a while, Tori found that a figure that looked like Lora. She came up in a hurry, but it was not Lora. After apologizing awkwardly, she continued to look for Lora. Not long after, she saw Lora standing downstairs and staring at the classroom upstairs. After confirming that it was her, Tori quickly stopped Lora. As soon as she saw Lora, Tori was shocked. How could she be all wet? "Lora, where have you been?" Tori asked.

Seeing that it was Tori, Lora patted her chest and said, "Don't suddenly appear in front of me. My heart can't stand it!"

Tori pinched her own chin and said, "Why do you become like Mr. Jonny? You both are drown rats!"

Lora was stunned. "What?" Had Tori already seen him?

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