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   Chapter 94 Against Ancient Times

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Seeing that Jonny and Wilson had left, Lora slowly got down from the chair. At this time, all the students in the restaurant were talking about Lora's sudden and brave behavior just now. Hearing this, Lora only chuckled. She had been used to those discussion already. She had been ready to accept these gossips before she made the plan. She had no choice. Lora was unlucky. She was born to be gossiped! The canteen became noisy again. Everyone was looking at Lora in different ways. Lora slowly walked towards Tori, who gave a thumbs up to her. Lora just smiled proudly. Although Mr. Arrogant didn't give her a direct answer today, the effect was exactly what she wanted. If he agreed easily, her plan would be ruined, wouldn't it? As soon as Lora sat down, a white figure rushed into the entrance of the canteen. Lora stared blankly at the boy, while Tori looked at him speechlessly.

The person who rushed in was Jay, who received a message earlier from Tori. Seeing her cousin in such a miserable state, Tori was speechless. Well, congratulations on his coming late. Putting aside his awkward appearance, he was actually a step late, which made Tori speechless.

"What do you think?" Jay asked, out of breath. Tori shook her head helplessly and said, "Bro, what did you do on the way to canteen? It's over now. You are too late."

Lora was stunned. Did Tori call him here?

Jay clenched his fists and looked at Lora angrily. Lora felt uneasy being stared at by him. In fact, as long as he didn't bother her anymore, she wouldn't do such a thing. However, what had happened was always against her wish, so she had no choice but to choose to confess to Mr. Jonny in public. The reason was that Jonny was the president of the student union, so Jay would never rashly make a move against Jonny. They had gone too far because Jonny was famous in the school. If Jay did it, it would definitely cause public anger, so he should still have some misgivings. If it was anyone else, Jay would never take it seriously. According to Tori, it should be inevitable that Jonny and Jay were in the same class and it was for sure they would become enemies. This was also one of the reasons why Lora chose to go after Jonny.

Jay said word by word, "Lora, why did you do that?"

Lora didn't dare to look into Jay's eyes. After all, what she did was indeed harmful for him. She knew Jay's character and personality. How could Lora, who had already known him well, not know about Jay's anger and where it was from?

Tori, sitting aside, also noticed that her cousin was furious. If possible, he would go straight to Jonny. Seeing that Lora ignored Jay, Tori timidly pulled Jay's collar, indicating him not to be angry. But Jay ignored her.

Lora felt the pain in her heart again. Although she had decided to cut off the relationship with him, she had loved him after all. How could she break up completely because of just simply a few of words? Lora's mouth was bitter, and her nose was sour. Tears were rolling in her eyes. After a long while, Lora saw that Jay was staring at her without saying a word. At this time, all the students in the whole canteen were talking about them. The students felt that things were getting more and more complicated, and they were more and more confused about Lora. They couldn't understand why all the good looking boys in the school were related to her?

Lora took a deep breath, trying to suppress her emotions that shouldn't have appeared. Then she slowly stood up, stared at Jay's eyes, and said word by word, "Because I like him."

Jay's clenched fists softened and loosened. She liked him? Yesterday, when Jonny said that he was her boyfriend, he was dubious. When he arrived at the new class, he found that Jonny was a cold and unapproachable boy from a rich family, and he was a sworn enemy of Lora. How could Jonny be her boyfriend? Besides, he had asked many people to investigate Jonny. Although his family background was not found out at all, he found out that Jonny came to this school two years ago. He broke up with Lora only a few months ago, and Lora did not come to Create Blue during that time. How could they have any intersection? Then he also knew that Lora and Jonny had never been in touch with each other. He finally felt relieved. However, just as he put down his heart, Tori said that Lora was carrying out her plan of going after a good looking boy in the canteen. He was shocked and immediately ran towards the canteen with his pen in his hand, but it was still too late!

Jay then looked up at the sky and laughed, "Ha ha, well said!" The students in the canteen stared blankly at Jay. His handsome appearance was ruined by his behavior just now, and most of them looked at the Lora and Jay as if they were watching a play. Lora was frightened by Jay's sudden behavior. She had never seen him like this when she was dating with him. She suddenly felt that she herself was an unpardonable bad girl. She slowly turned her face away and didn't look at Jay anymore. She looked at Tori and said, "You two should have something to talk about, so I won't disturb you. I'm leaving now!" Then she left the canteen.

Seeing that Lora was about to leave the canteen, Jay didn't stop her. He stared at th


Hearing this, Lora stared at Jonny and shouted madly, "Then let me stand in the rain! Why do you drag me in?"

Jonny also roared back, "Do you think I want to pull you in? Lora Nangong, I can say that you are the stupidest person I have ever seen in the world. How could Jay Zhao make you become like this?"

Lora didn't say anything. Yes, Jay made her like this, which was not bad, and there was something worse before. Seeing that Lora didn't say anything, Jonny continued, "From the ancient Butterfly Lovers to Romeo and Juliet, I always think those girls are very stupid. Is love more precious than life? Is love more important than health? I always thought that you, Lora Nangong, would be different from those ordinary girls. I didn't expect that I was wrong about you!"

However, Lora murmured, "I'm not a special person in the first place!"

"Then you have to be a special person. Let those who have hurt you have a good look. You Lora Nangong is not a weak person!"

Nodding her head, Lora recalled that the reason why Jay broke up with her was that she was not special enough. He said she was rigid, dull, and boring. What Jonny said was right, she couldn't go on like this, absolutely not! "Yes, I should be strong. I shouldn't lose my mind just because of Jay Zhao's words. No, absolutely not!"

Seeing that Lora was thinking along his mind slowly, Jonny nodded slightly and said, "So, Lora, you have to make him look at you with new eyes. If you have the ability, you will be incredible!"

Lora looked up at Jonny and said slowly, "Yes, but I'm rebellious against the ancient times!"

Hearing Lora's words, Jonny was a little confused, "Against the ancient times? What does it have to do with the ancient times?"

Wiping her tears, Lora said, "The story of Butterfly Lovers is indeed touching, but I don't support them to choose to live together as butterflies!"

Jonny was even more confused. What was she talking about? It seemed they were not on the same page. Why couldn't he understand what Lora was saying?

"So your point is?" Asked Jonny in confusion.

Lora smoothed his wet long hair and shook her head helplessly. This time, she washed her hair for free. Then she looked at Jonny and said, "I want to be the modern version of the butterfly lover!"

Jonny was a little surprised, "What? The modern version of the butterfly lover?"

Lora nodded hard and said, "I will delete the boy from my story of Butterfly Lovers. So, I have to go against the ancient times!"

Jonny stared at Lora in a daze and asked, "Are you not sad now?"

Taking a deep breath, Lora forced a smile and said to Jonny, "I'm not sad anymore. Thank you. Thank you for what you have done for me today!"

Jonny shook his head and said, "I hope you won't let me down after being caught in the rain!" Then he patted the rain off his body. It was already wet. He had to change his clothes as soon as possible! Then he saw that Lora body was not completely dried, so he said to her, "It's good that you have thought it through. By the way, go change your clothes. You are already wet!"

Lora shook her head helplessly and pointed to the sky outside. It was still raining and there was no raincoat nor an umbrella. How could she go back? Helplessly, they could only wait in the pavilion for the rain to stop. Lora was also trying to ease her emotions. She was indeed too stupid. There was no need for her to play the role of a clown. She was exhausted and laughed at by others!

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