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   Chapter 93 Mr. Arrogant, I'll Chase You

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Lora went back to the classroom first. In view of Jay's excessive behaviors today, she also understood one or two things. He had already begun to take action. If she didn't start her own plan, it would be worse in the future. She had a limited time after each class, and it was impossible for her to let Jay walk around in front of her all the time. Not long after Lora arrived, Tori came in. Both of the girls actually knew what was going on today. But they pretended to know nothing. It was better not to expose this layer of gauze! So that they wouldn't look embarrassed. Moreover, they were best friends in this school, and they couldn't make it too clear. After all, Tori was Jay's cousin. It was understandable for her to help her cousin. Tori and Lora both were smart girls. They didn't talk about what happened in the library a tall. When Tori asked about Lora's schedule later that day, Lora smiled but remained silent. After Tori had been asking for several times shamelessly, Lora told her that she would take action on her own plan. Lora had decided to find Mr. Arrogant after class. She would tell Mr. Arrogant that she would officially chase him from today.

'Humph, if I made the announcement in front of all schoolmates on campus, I think Jay will give up!' Lora thought to herself.

Although Tori asked Lora how to carry out her plan, Lora kept silent and went on in class. Lora was more attentive on reviewing books than usual after class. Time was a fatal mark for her, so she couldn't waste it.

After school, Tori had been sitting on her seat all the time and couldn't go anywhere. Normally, she would run to her dormitory now, but today, she was sitting on her seat and reading carefully.

Lora was a little confused. "Hey, Tori, shouldn't you go back to your dormitory at this time like yesterday? Why are you still here today?"

Not knowing how to answer, Tori said, "Well, oh, by the way, I'm afraid that you might forget to have dinner as yesterday. There's no Erik K who would keep an eye on you. If you fainted again and there was nobody by your side, what could you do?" Tori really couldn't think of any reason. At last, she remembered that Lora fainted the day before, so she used this as an excuse to see how Lora would carry out the plan of pursuing the good looking boy who she had a crush on.

Lora also knew that it was just an excuse from Tori who wanted to stay, so she didn't say anything more. She continued to read her books. In fact, she didn't have any unique action today. Her unique action was just put behind. Today was just the beginning. She just wanted to let Mr. Arrogant know that she would talk the walk. In fact, she was just worried that Mr. Arrogant would take their relationship seriously. That would be a disaster!

Time waited for no one. It was almost time for dinner within 10 minutes, but Lora was still reading her book without doing anything else. Tori couldn't wait any longer. She was born to be curious cat, so how could she bear it?

She wanted to ask Lora, but she didn't dare to ask too directly for fear that Lora would find out her abnormality. Then Lora would know that she didn't stay for fear that she would faint again. Tori said timidly, "Lora, well, we'll have dinner in ten minutes!"

Lora flipped through a book and nodded, "Yes, only ten minutes left!"

Tori was speechless, but she had no choice. Then she continued to ask, "Well, Lora, have you forgotten something this afternoon?"

Lora shook her head, "No. Did I have anything important to do this afternoon?" Then she turned to look at Tori in confusion.

Embarrassed, Tori giggled, "Didn't you have? Think about it."

Lora was amused. Why didn't Tori tell me directly? "Well, what do you want to say? Just tell me directly. I need to read more!" Lora said.

With a sad face, Tori said, "Lora, you really forgot an important thing!"

"Ah! Yes, I really forgot an important thing!" Lora pounded the table with a look of regretting to have forgotten something important.

All of a sudden, Tori's face returned to normal. "Yes, you're right. You really forgot it. Let's go!"

Crossing her arms over her chest, Lora asked, "Let's go? Where are we going? Why should I go?"

Tori was speechless. Was Lora playing tricks on her? So she said by accident, "You said you would carry out your plan of pursuing the good looking boy whom you had a crush on after school this afternoon!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Tori covered her mouth with her hand. 'Gosh! Why did I say that? What would Lora think? A spy sent by my cousin Jay?' Glaring at Lora, Tori smiled awkwardly.

Lora was a little amused. She patted on Tori's shoulder and said, "Tori, if you want to trap me or beat around the bush next time, you must learn to be smart, right?"

Slowly, Tori got close to Lora and pulled her hand. In a voice that she had never said to anyone else, she said in a coquettish tone, "Oh, Lora, let's start now!" Even she herself felt like vomiting after hearing her tone.

Lora felt goose bumps all over her body. She slapped away Tori's hand that was holding hers and said, "Oh, my dear Tori, I really can't stand your tone!"

Tori took her hand back and said, "In fact, I can't stand it either!" Then they both laughed.

After they chatted for a while, the bell for dinner rang. Lora stood up and asked Tori to have dinner tog

Tori was staring at her without blinking. Thinking of the action of Jay and the plan on her mind, Lora struggled a lot in her heart and plucked up courage to walk towards Jonny. Seeing that Lora was approaching Jonny slowly, Tori tittered and said to herself, "Lora wanted to retreat, but she didn't want to lose face. I guess she must be in a hurry to say that I want to chase you to Mr. Jonny later."

Lora was getting closer and closer to Jonny, and her heart beat faster and faster. Beside Jonny, Wilson was still confused about the situation, staring at Lora blankly. Lora saw that the girls around them were staring at her fiercely, as if they were telling her not to get close any more. But Lora ignored them all. Taking a deep breath, she quickened her pace to walk in front of Jonny and asked, "Mr. Jonny, why did you have dinner in the canteen?"

Jonny was amused. Was she here to ask this question only? He wouldn't believe it at all.

Jonny acted very arrogantly. He pointed at the untouched food on the table and chuckled, "Do you think I really come to eat?"

Lora was a little speechless. No, he didn't eat anything, but was it too wasteful?

"Are you here to destroy these food?" Lora asked with a smile.

Jonny didn't say a word. His deep eyes made it hard to see what he was thinking. Jonny didn't respond for a long time, and Lora looked very embarrassed. When she was about to speak, Jonny said, "If you have anything to say, just say it!"

Lora swallowed back what she was going to say because of Jonny's words. After a while, he stretched out her left hand and thumped the table hard. The corner of her mouth curved into a perfect range, and there was a big of her attitude and facial expression. She said in an arrogant tone, "Mr. Arrogant, I'm chasing you!"

As soon as Lora finished speaking, all the students in the canteen quieted down, and Tori forgot to swallow the food wrapped in her mouth. She had thought that Lora would be a little strong mentally. After all, she had seen it before. She had thought that Lora would not be too arrogant because of the fear that Jonny was the president of the student union, but she was wrong. Lora was more arrogant than before!

Seeing Lora's action, Wilson was suffering from indigestion. He hadn't seen her for a long time. Jonny, who had a crush on her for a long time, didn't take any action yet, but instead she herself made a strong declaration of love in front of so many students?

Jonny was stunned and didn't know what was going on in Lora's mind.

Jonny stood up with his hands in his trouser pockets and looked down at Lora. Seeing that Jonny stood up a head taller than her, Lora felt stressed. Jonny thought that Lora was joking and said to her coldly, "Lora Nangong, my heart was not so easy to gain!"

Not to be outdone, Lora stood up at the sight of an empty chair next to her, with her hands on her hips, and a complacent expression on her face. "Then I'm that exception!"

Seeing that Lora was so childish, Jonny turned around and walked out of the canteen. Seeing that, Lora said to the back of Jonny who was leaving, "Mr. Jonny, I'm going to chase you for sure!"

Hearing this, Jonny was stunned for a moment, with a faint smile on his face. Seeing that [Jonny walked out, Wilson put down his chopsticks, bypassed Lora, and whispered to her, "Not bad. I'm on your side!" As soon as he finished speaking, Wilson followed Jonny out. Seeing that the two guys went out, Lora patted her chest and stepped down from the chair. She thought, 'Oops, I finally completed the first step.'

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