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   Chapter 92 Library Plan Failed

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When Lora walked out of the canteen, she found that Tori didn't come out following her. That was right. The boy in the canteen was her cousin, and they must have been chatting with each other after lunch, so Lora walked towards the classroom. She believed that Tori would come to the classroom to look for her. Looking at the surprised eyes of the students passing by, Lora went straight to the classroom. She really wanted to know what these people were thinking. Why did they always have the interests in gossips? However, it seemed there were many students in Create Blue interested in gossips. Why couldn't they mind their own business?

Lora found few people in the classroom. Yes, it was time for lunch. They were almost in the canteen! Then what happened today... Lora realized that her classmates might have known what had happened in the canteen. Lora didn't think too much as there was nothing she could do. She picked up her book and began to read it. Lora's progress stuck with the third year of the junior high math, and she didn't know much about it, so her progress only replied on the evening tutoring with Mr. Arrogant. Last night, she fainted and didn't make up for it. Lora felt that the time last night was really a waste. Sometimes she often thought that if only time could be as she wished. It was impossible!

When Tori walked out of the canteen, she didn't find Lora. Now, she didn't know where she was going to find her. Finally, she decided to go back to the classroom first to see if Lora was there. Tori hoped that she wouldn't come for nothing. Just halfway through, her phone rang.

Tori frowned. Who was so good at timing? She saw the caller ID and found that it was Jay. Then she answered the phone, "Bro, what's up? I'm going to find Lora now!"

The other side of the phone paused, "Looking for Lora? Don't you know where she is?"

Tori nodded. "I really don't know. She said she would go to the library. I think she will wait for me to go with her, so I want to go to the classroom first to see if she is there."

"Okay, go ahead!"

Tori was shocked. He called just to ask her if she knew where Lora was. Would it be too dramatic? Pissed off, Tori said, "Hello, Bro. That's why you called me? It's a waste of my time!"

On the other end of the line, Jay held back his laughter and said, "Tori, when did you become so stingy? Besides, it seems that you don't need to pay for it, right? What's more, do you think helping me is your pleasure?"

Tori roared, "I only need your care!"

Jay was speechless. His cousin really had to change her temper! Thinking of his short-tempered cousin, Jay recalled that Grandma was also helpless for it. He touched his forehead helplessly and said, "Okay, okay, I won't say it, okay? By the way, I just want to make sure that you are going to the library, aren't you?"

Tori nodded. "Yes, yes. I've told you in the canteen, haven't I?"

"Well, I just want to make sure again. By the way, I have a new plan. I will contact you on the messenger later."

"Okay, I'll log on to it right now." After saying that, Tori hung up the phone. She was really speechless with her cousin. It was just a sentence, wasn't it? Why did he ask again and again? Tori logged on the messenger and went straight to the classroom. As soon as she entered the classroom, she saw Lora reading again. She walked up, took the book from Lora's hand and put it aside. "Lora, you are really busy! I find that you are really a bookworm now!"

Seeing that Tori was here, Lora smiled and said, "Tori, here you are! I thought you would wait for me in the library!"

Tori also smiled. "I almost went to the library to wait for you!" Then she pulled Lora up from her seat and said, "Let's go! There's still one and a half hours left before class. We can go to the library and read for more than an hour."

Lora nodded and put the book in the desk drawer. As soon as the two girls walked out of the classroom, Tori's phone rang, but she didn't seem to hear it. Lora reminded her, "Tori, your phone."

It was not until then that Tori realized what had happened. She picked up her phone and smiled awkwardly, "It's a message from the instant messenger." Lora also nodded with a smile. Seeing that the person who sent the messages was Jay, and all the messages were sent by him in a row, Tori was speechless. Why did he send her so many lines all at once? Then, while walking, Tori had to text back. Jay was also telling her his plan, so that she could cooperate with him to complete it.

Seeing that Tori had been texting back, Lora didn't disturb her. On the way, they both were silent, and only Tori laughed to her phone screen from time to time.

On the way to the library, Tori kept chatting on her phone. Lora was speechless. "Honey, can't you sit down and have a good chat when you arrive at the library?"

While replying to the message, Tori said to Lora, "Oh, it doesn't matter. It's the same!"

Lora shook her head helplessly. "I wouldn't help you if I stumbled later!" As soon as Lora finished speaking, Tori didn't pay attention on walking. She stepped on a banana peel. Lora eyes and hands were fast. She directly grabbed Tori's arm, so that she didn't stumble.

At this moment, Tori was very unhappy. The campus was

took Lora's hand and ran to sit down on the seat appointed by Jay. Lora asked her what was going on, but she didn't say anything, so Lora had to run away with her. Unfortunately, Tori was careless and she forgot to check the time when the message was sending.

The two girls sat in their seats for more than 10 minutes, but there was still nothing unusual or anything wrong. Every time Lora asked Tori, Tori would say that it would take a few minutes. Finally, Lora saw that there were only more than 20 minutes left before the afternoon class time, so she stood up and asked again, "Tori, why do you bring me here?" Tori pulled Lora down and said. "Oh, dear, please sit down and wait for a minute! You'll know it soon!"

Lora shook her head and said, "No. forget it. What are you waiting for? I want to go back to the classroom first. See you later." After saying that, Lora walked out. When Tori was about to stop Lora, she heard the noise outside the library, so they walked out together.

Seeing what was going on outside the library, Tori was shocked. She saw that Jay wrapped himself like a mummy, which made Lora laughed to death. Seeing that, Tori hurriedly went forward to untie the ribbon wrapped around her cousin's body. Lora just looked at them quietly and tittered from time to time. How could he turn himself into a mummy in just ten minutes? What was he playing with?

"Bro, how did you end up like this?" Tori asked while helping Jay.

Jay was speechless. Then he glared at the boys who had been snickering aside. It seemed that they were his good friends.

"By the way, Tori, why didn't you reply to my messages?" Jay asked.

Taking out her phone, Tori showed it to Jay and said, "Didn't you ask me to take Lora to the third row in the middle of the entrance? Lora and I have been waiting there for more than 10 minutes. Then we heard the noise outside, so we came out. We didn't expect to see such an amazing scene as soon as we came out." Tori couldn't help laughing either.

After Jay was untied, he shook his arm and said, "You little girl, look at this time! It's a long time ago!"

Hearing that, Tori took a look and said, "Well, it seems that it has been so long!"

Seeing the Tori and Jay happily chatting, Lora smiled and said, "Take your time. I'm leaving." Then she turned around and left.

"Lora, aren't you with me?" Tori asked.

Lora smiled and said, "I see you want to talk to Senior, so I'm going back to the classroom now. Enjoy yourselves."

Seeing Lora's receding figure, Tori shook her head and said, "Although Lora is weak, in fact, she is the most independent!"

It was not until Jay nodded that Tori realized that her cousin hadn't answered her yet. How could he become a real mummy?

Jay coughed awkwardly and said, "I wanted to give Lora a surprise. When I said the plan started, my friends just threw these on one end and hung the other on the upstairs. But just now, someone called me and told me something. They didn't know that but accidentally dropped all of them, so I became like this!" Tori covered her mouth with her hand and snickered. She tore open the cloth and looked at the words on it. It was really funny that Jay could come up with such a bad idea. She was really amused by him!

"Bro, next time we go out, let alone you are my cousin. It's really shameful to come up with such a bad idea!" Tori laughed.

"You!" Jay was speechless at his cousin's sharp tongue, but he admitted that this idea was really too bad. Plan B failed again!

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