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   Chapter 31 Fighting in School

Battlefield Of Love: From Enemy To Lover By Hu Minxue Characters: 7247

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It took Wilson a long time to find the classroom of grade 1 Class 3 of the senior high school. Oh, my God, he had to tell Jonny about the sign of the school next time. It was too difficult to find it. It was the class time now, and he could skip the class now. Alas, now, in order to send these damn books to Lora, he had to lose another one hundred this month. Thinking of this, Wilson was speechless with himself. Why was he so stupid to be fooled by Mr. Fang at that time? He couldn't skip classes, be late, and leave early at school. He couldn't break any of the school rules or class rules. Otherwise, 100 dollars would be deducted for each time. After all, he only had 2500 dollars per month. How many times could the money be deducted? The expense in A city was so huge that 2500 dollars was nothing at all.

When Wilson saw Grade 1 Class 3, he knocked on the door. It was a chemistry class, and the teacher was a strange old man. Seeing that Wilson suddenly knocked on the door and interrupted his class, he was a little unhappy and asked coldly, "Don't you see that we are having class? It's time for class now. Why don't you go back to class? Why are you in Grade 1 Class3? "

Wilson grinned and said, "Well, teacher! I'm the vice president of the student union. The president asked me to bring some information to Lora. I don't think the teacher will mind it! "

The chemistry teacher frowned. He was not the head teacher, so he didn't ask or meddle in the school affairs. Naturally, he didn't know the people in the student union, but he still knew a little about the student union. There was a saying that he remembered.


Especially clearly: the president of the student union could do anything in the campus and the teachers were not allowed to ask.

He thought that the principal must be out of his mind, so he said something like that. But after all, the principal was his leader, and he was just an ordinary teacher. How could he care about the principal's business? So the chemistry teacher said to the classroom, "Lora, the vice president of the student union is looking for you!" Lora, who was reading a book, was stunned when she hea

isa because Lisa bullied Lora, "Lisa, don't push her too far!"

"What do you mean? I bullied her! Tori, if you want to help her, you will also be the target of our attack! "

Tori wanted to say something, but Lora pushed Tori down on the chair and said to Lisa angrily, "It's none of her business. Are you bullying me? Well, I accept it. Let's see what tricks you can play! " The bell rang.

Lisa smiled evilly, "Lora, I forgot to tell you that you might become the enemy of all the girls in the school!" Then Lisa returned to her seat, and Lora sat down expressionlessly.

Tori asked worriedly, "Lora, how are you?"

Lora smiled and said, "What would happen to me? Don't worry. They won't play tricks on me openly! "

"That's why they are more worried!"

At this time, the Chinese teacher came. The Chinese teacher was also a beautiful head teacher, Miss Su. Lora listened carefully. Lisa noticed that Lora wasn't absent-minded in class many times, so Lisa clenched her fists with anger. Lisa had thought that Lora would be absent-minded in class and be criticized by the teacher, but she didn't expect that Lora had an indifferent expression. Lora's Chinese was very good, and Miss Su liked her very much. And Lora was a dance champion, which made Miss Su even more liked Lora. That had become an open secret.

'Well, Lora, you are really great.' 'Well, the future will be more and more interesting! I'm looking forward to it!'

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