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   Chapter 30 Fighting in School

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After dinner, Lora took Tori to the library to borrow a book. As soon as they entered the library, they saw Jonny sitting not far from the registry desk. Lora frowned and thought, 'ah! What a small world! Lora tried her best to avoid Jonny's sight, but he still saw Lora with his sharp eyes. Jonny was amused. Was he so terrible? Lora didn't pay attention to the library outside. When she came in, she found that it was really huge! Lora held Tori's hand and looked around. Eh, why were there so many people today? Lora found that most of them were girls. Eh, was there more female talents in Create Blue? Lora found some books about science in the library and decided to sit on the chair to read. She looked around and found that there was no empty seat except for Jonny. Lora thought for a while and decided not to go there. She stood beside the bookshelf and began to read. When Tori asked why Lora didn't go to sit, Lora nodded and said nothing. Tori didn't ask more. Lora poked her head out and looked at the book that Tori was reading. "Anatomy?"

"Ellen, do you like anatomy?"

Raising her eyebrows, Tori said, "Of course, I especially like to dissect something and study its composition!"

Lora swallowed and said blankly, "If possible, I want to dissect you first to see what you are made of!" Tori chuckled and then they began to read their own books. Lora was not very good at science. Before, she almost failed to enter Create Blue because her poor science. It was not easy for her to enter Create Blue. She could not let Melissa down again. Perhaps it was because she had self-taught, no one explained to her what she did not understand. Many knowledge points was difficult for Lora, let alone fully understand it. Lora looked at her watch, she found that there was only ten minutes left before the class began. And Tori also asked her to go back to the classroom. It happened to be Saturday tomorrow, so Lora wanted to take these materials home and study them slowly. When she arrived at the registry desk, the aunt asked Lora to show the certificate. Lora turned around and looked at Tori. "Why do we need the library cards?"

"Of course. Otherwise, why would they lend you the book?"

Lora scratched her head and said, "Oh my God, why didn't I know? Tori, you are from this school, so you must have, right? "

Tori rolled her eyes and touched Lora's head with her hand. She said helplessly, "Alas, honey, just accept your fate. Create Blue is divided into junior middle school and senior high school. So is the library. After graduation, the teachers would also take our cards back to the file. Where can I get it for you?" Lora looked at the book in her hand and Tori followed her gaze

"Wow, Lora, can you finish reading three books?"

"I can read them at my leisure!"

The counter lady also heard the conversation between the two people, so she smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, girls. Listen to your conversation, it should be freshmen in high school, right?"

The two of them nodded. The lady continued, "Well, you can borrow books next week. Today freshmen's library cards are being registered on the electronic form!"

"What? Do you mean that our library cards won't be released until next week? " 'Oh my God! I'm going to w

aste a week?'

"Yes, every freshman is same."

Lora looked at the book in her hand reluctantly. "What if it is borrowed away?"

"Don't worry. There are hundreds of books here. I don't think that will happen."

"Hundreds of suits? Why did I only find this one? "

"Well, well..."The lady pointed to the direction of Jonny. Ah! Wasn't the book in his hand same as hers? Besides, there were a lot of girls around him, and they were all reading the books in her hands. Oh, my God, what was the matter?

"Auntie, are they not good at science?"

The lady shook her head and smiled, "Well, I don't know. Anyway, every time Mr. Fang comes, the books he reads will lack. But, it's already very lucky for you to find one!"

Lora forced a smile and said, "Are the girls crazy in the school?"

"I'm sorry, girl. You can only come next week!"

Lora looked at those books reluctantly, not because she liked them very much, but because of her current situation. She needed them. It happened that the content of the book was very detailed, and some were very difficult to understand. She was very clear that she could learn a lot on Saturday and Sunday. After looking it, Lora put down the books. There were only five minutes left before the class started. Tori urged her, and the two of them left the library.

After Lora left, Jonny walked to the counter and asked, "Which book did she want to borrow just now?"

The counter lady smiled and said, "They? Oh, these girls wanted to borrow the one in your hand! "

After Jonny went inside and found all the materials in his hands, he walked quickly to the counter, took out his own library card and threw it on the counter. "I borrowed this set of books!"

The counter clerk was shocked by what Jonny did. Did he borrow it for that girl?

Seeing that the lady didn't respond for a long time, Jonny said it again in his cold voice. The lady quickly apologized and wrote it down for Jonny. Jonny picked up a book and walked out, but at this time, there was no trace of Lora. Wilson patted him from the back of Jonny. As soon as Jonny turned around, he looked at the annoying face.

"What are you doing?" Said Jonny in a cold voice

"Ha-ha, Jonny, that's great. I was about to see you, but you came to the door and waited for me? I'm so moved! " Wilson said, pretending to be moved.

"You flatter yourself!" After saying that, Jonny turned around and walked towards the teaching building, leaving Wilson standing there alone, dumbfounded

"Hey! How could this be! I came to you out of kindness. Wait for me. Hello! " Wilson followed her in a hurry

"Wilson!" Jonny handed the books to Wilson

Wilson was puzzled. With his high intelligence, he didn't need to read these? "What's wrong?"

"Give these to Lora!"

Wilson was stunned, "Why should I give them to her?"

"Just do as I say. Don't talk nonsense!" Jonny yelled at Wilson

"Uh! I know! What are you yelling at? You make me look like your slave! " Wilson pouted!

Jonny glared at Wilson. Wilson shook his head and said, "Okay, okay, I'll accept it!"! Wilson picked up a book and walked towards grade one, class three of the senior high school! Alas, in the past two years, it was really difficult to be a good friend of 24 hours!

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