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   Chapter 28 Fighting in School

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Soon, it was Lora's turn to perform. Lora was very lucky. May's shoes were just right for her, not too tight not too loosen. She didn't feel uncomfortable wearing flat shoes!

Lora went onto the stage and danced a song named 'History' for everyone. She had made a good achievement by dancing this song in the United States a year ago. Today, she wore the same dress and danced the same dance!

Tears streamed down Lora's face as she performed. A year ago, the school granted Zack and Melissa to go to the United States to accompany Lora and watch her competition. At that time, there was applause and encouragement from Zack off the stage. But today, Lora was on the stage wearing the same dress and performing the same dance, but without the applause of her father. After the song, Lora couldn't control her emotions anymore. When she got off the stage, the applause still didn't stop. As soon as Lora went to the backstage, she squatted down and cried.

Seeing this, Tori couldn't figure out why Lora cried. Wasn't it a good dance? Or was she frightened by the scene on the stage? That's not right. She had never cried in a competition abroad. Why wouldn't she be afraid of this small stage in a high school? Tori walked up to Lora, squatted down, and asked her softly. Lora didn't say a word. May also walked slowly to Lora. If it weren't for the high heels of her feet, she wouldn't have slowed down. Looking at her, Jonny felt a pain in his heart. 'What happened to her?' He looked at Wilson with a puzzling look. Wilson shook his head. Would be because she was afraid of Jonny?

The next second, Lora stood straight, wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and said with a smile, "Nothing. Well, May, let's change the shoes back!"

Seeing that the high heels were not easy to control, May said, "Lora, forget it. You are tired after wearing them. Just wear mine!" Lora knew that it was also the first time for May to wear high heels. She insisted.

"It doesn't matter. How can you control it?" Lora smiled and exchanged her shoes with May.

"Ha ha, Lora and Tori, I saw several handsome faces outside. I'm going out to have fun!" When May was about to leave, Tori pulled her and whispered in her ear.

"Are those outside comparable to the two boys opposite us?"

May smiled awkwardly, "Well, well, you know, the two excellent boys must not be managed by people. Look at me, I'm so ordinary. How can I manage either of them?"

Tori suddenly be enlightened. "Okay, forget it."

"Okay, I'm going out then! See you later!" Walked for a few steps, May turned around and smiled at Lora, "Lora, the dance is really good!"

"Thank you!" Looking at May's back with a smile, Lora thought it was a great fortune to have such a roommate! Although this sentence was a little superstitious.

Jonny stood up and was about to walk to the lounge, because he was not the protagonist next! The real protagonist was all the students in Grade One of the high school. How could he be the protagonist as he was already in Grade Two?

Seeing that Jonny was about to leave, Lora hurriedly said to him, "Mr. Jonny, now, it's time for us to talk about our affairs!"

Jonny was shocked, so were Wilson and Tori. What were the affairs between him and her?

Lora slowly walked towards Jonny and said, "Mr. Jonny, please tell me why you wanted to make trouble for me on the first day of the school opening? Why do you always oppose me? And the most hateful thing, why has the dress become so tattered from your hands?"

Jonny was amused. It seemed Lora thought it was him who cut off the dress from school. "Lora, I don't think I have the responsibility to answer you, as the president of the student union."

Lora chuckled, "Isn't the student union established for the students? How could the president tell me you don't have the duties to answer my questions? I asked all those things because I'm a student. It's so funny!"

Jonny said coldly, "Okay! I can tell you why. You didn't do a good job on the first day of the school, so it's not my fault to make trouble for you. Lora, you thought that I would oppose you every time, which might be because it was you who made too much wild guess! As for the dress, well, you may think it was me who has done it."

As soon as Jonny finished his words, he walked into the lounge. Wilson said to Lora, "Lora, you can't blame others unless you have evidence!" Then he followed Jonny to the lounge.

Lora was so angry that she bit on her teeth! 'Humph! It seems that Jonny really didn't have nothing to do with the dress.' She thought.

Tori stepped forward and pulled Lora's sleeve. "Lora, I don't think Mr. Jonny is that bored that he vented his anger on your dress."

Lora answered, "I've already known it. He had nothing to do with it. But who could it be?" Tori shook her head.

During the period of time after the party began, Lora didn't go out. Because of the problem of her shoes, and she didn't like this kind of party very much, Lora stayed backstage. Tori thought Lora must be very bored here alone, so she accompanied Lora. She had attended a lot of parties, and she didn't care about missing this one. The two girls stayed at the backstage until the party was

over. Jonny and Wilson also waited in the lounge until almost all the people left. Seeing that Lora had left, Lora pulled Tori to the bathroom to see if she could find any clues leading to the person who had set her up.

It was already past nine o'clock. Lora and Tori went to the bathroom to check if there was anything found. They wanted to see who had bullied her like that. After half an hour, they still didn't find anything. Finally, when Lora was about to leave, she stepped on a crystal hairpin. It seemed that the price was not cheap. Tori, who was from a good family, recognized that the hairpin was from a designer of France at the first sight. There were only three pairs of these limited-edition hair clips. Tori liked this hairpin very much, but when she went to France in the summer vacation and wasn't able to buy them. She was very unhappy. She didn't expect to see it here!

"Humph! Damn it! This is my favorite hairpin!" Tori said angrily.

"All right, all right. It's just a hairpin, isn't it? Why are you so upset? But it looks pretty indeed." Lora picked up the hairpin and shook it in front of her own eyes. Well, there seemed to be really diamonds on it! 'Students from rich families are really different!' Lora thought to herself.

"Humph! The owner of the hairpin is so hateful. It's unbearable just because she took away the hairpin I like so much, not to mention that she set you up like that! And this can't be forgiven!" The thought of it made Tori furious.

"Well, it's getting late now. Let's go back to the dormitory! I don't feel comfortable wearing the dress and high heels, and let alone staying here for almost 40 minutes."

"Lora, are you not going to find any clue?" Tori frowned. What were they doing for the past 40 minutes then?

Lora rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Is this hairpin sold a pair?"

"Of course!"

"That's it! There are only three pairs of hair clips in the world. Its master was willing to go to France to buy them, which means that she likes them very much. If a person really likes something, she won't throw the other one away casually, even if it is missing!"

"Well, how can we find her?"

"We don't need to waste our energy to look for her." Answered Lora with a mysterious smile.

"If we don't go to find her, will she be so stupid as to tell us that she did it?" Tori didn't get it.

Lora grinned and said, "Tori, silly girl. Think about it. If she wants to make fun of me, of course she will come close to me. The people who can afford this kind of hairpin should be kids from rich families. As you said, there are only three pairs of hairpins in the world. Then there may be only one pair in our school. If we see someone wear it, then everything will be clear, won't it? Why should we waste our energy?"

"Ha ha, now I understand. Lora is so smart!" Tori gave her a thumb up.

"Of course. By the way, let's go. Otherwise, I would have to sit on a wheelchair tomorrow!" Lora couldn't even feel her feet. She asked Tori to hold her and twisted her feet for relaxing. She really didn't understand why a high school freshman would go up to the stage of the party and read a feel lines of hostess' words, or so-called opening speech, and she needed to wear this seven centimeter high heels. Jesus Christ! Create Blue was really not an ordinary high school!

With the help of Tori, Lora walked out slowly. It was twenty minutes to ten at night. Although it was not dark outside, the students had almost left, and they felt a little scared in such a big and empty campus. Looking at the huge campus, there was no one around. Looking at the shadows of the trees, Lora and Tori felt a little scary. How come they didn't notice these during the day time? Why did they look so different? 'Forget it. It's better to leave as soon as possible.' Lora tried to fasten her pace. Tori also felt that the atmosphere was a little strange, so she held Lora and walked towards their dormitory as fast as she could. After Lora and Tori had left, two tall figures appeared behind the tree.

"Ha ha! Jonny, I really don't understand. If you are worried about her, why didn't you leave the party hall after she's gone? Why are you standing outside and waiting for her to come out, then following her? You know, there are many mosquitoes under the tree. They bit me to death!" Wilson pouted and complained.

"Not bad if you were dead. I'll collect your bones." Said Jonny indifferently.

Embarrassed, Wilson thought, 'Why are you so mean?' "Forget it. We are good friends, aren't we? I really don't know what they have been doing inside for such a long time." Wilson said.

"She must be looking for some clues. Then she'll know who set her up."

"Oh, are you her mind reader?" Wilson teased Jonny.

"Bore!" Jonny left the word and walked out of the school. They didn't stay on campus, so Jonny and Wilson rented an apartment not far from the school. It was true that Desmond, Jonny's father, had done a good job on Jonny's matter. He said that he didn't want Jonny to have privileges originally, and he really did it. Alas, the old man sometimes was stubborn!

Jonny grinned and said, "Arrogant girl, it seems that I really can't underestimate you!

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