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   Chapter 27 Fighting in School

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Fortunately, there were still five minutes left before Tori arrived. It was impossible for Lora to rehearsal the hosting with Jonny this time, but she hoped that nothing would go wrong on the stage. Tori ran to the bathroom and handed the dress to Lora. After Lora quickly put it on, she opened the shoebox. There were a pair of high heels. 'Holy smoke! I've never worn high-heeled shoes in my life. Why does the student host have to wear high-heeled shoes?' Looking at the heels, which were thinner than Lora's fingers. 'How can I wear them?' Lora checked the time. There were only four minutes left before the party began. Lora put on her shoes speechlessly and walked slowly to the backstage of the stage. When she saw Jonny, Lora smiled and snorted. She hadn't lose the chance to give him a hard time right then, had she?

Lora walked up carefully. Jonny pulled his mouth and said, "Well, Lora, are you lame? You are walking like a cripple."

Lora immediately became angry. "Boy, do you think that the president of the student union can hurt people by saying nonsense?"

"Huh! Nonsense? Do you think you deserve it?"

Lora didn't say a word. 'Fine, I'll teach you a lesson later!' She said. "Humph, I don't want to talk to you. A good woman doesn't fight with a man!"

Jonny said with ease, "That's because I'm a broad-minded man!" Lora was speechless! She really wanted to spit. Was there another more arrogant person than Jonny?

The party began at 6:00 sharp.

All the lights were turned off, and the students were not surprised at all. It turned out that they were all from rich families. They had attended a lot of parties, and at the beginning, they knew why the lights were off, so they naturally didn't talk about it. Only a few students wondered why lights were off.

Off the stage:

"Cathy, don't worry. She can't get out this time!" A girl said to another girl with a snicker.

"Oh? Are you sure she is locked up inside?"

"Of course, I watched her go in. I heard her clothes were stuck at the door. Do you think she would come out as a person without clothes?" Another girl chuckled.

"Ha ha, Jodi, you are so awesome! If no one finds her, she won't be able to get out, ha ha."

"Of course!" Just then, the host and hostess came out on stage.

"Jodi! Didn't you say that she was still inside?"

"I... I don't know! I did hear that she was inside then I came to the party. And she was still there 15 minutes ago!"

"You! Humph! Useless thing!"

"I... you are smart and capable. If you are capable, you should do it by yourself!"


On the stage, Lora grinned and thought, 'What are you going to do later?'

"Good evening, everyone. I'm Lora Nangong, a freshman of High School!" Lora wore a light purple princess dress and a pair of white crystal princess shoes. With the advantage of height and beautiful face of Lora, she was a highlight on the stage. Boys off the stage all cheered! She was a beauty in the first grade of high school! Cathy and Jodi were so angry that they bit tight on their teeth. 'Humph! Lora Nangong, now I'm going to avenge you!'

"Jonny Fang, the second year of senior high school!" As soon as Jonny's voice came out, all the girls off the stage cheered. Lora curled her lips. 'Ha ha! How anthomaniac they are! Mr. Jonny, you have a good image in the eyes of the freshmen! Humph!'

Jonny opened the host's speech, and Lora tittered! 'Okay, let's see what you can do!' Unexpectedly, when Jonny saw that the host's words, he didn't respond at all. Lora was shocked! Did she make a mistake? Then Jonny said to the audience without looking at the paper in his hands.

"Welcome to the freshmen's party tonight. I hope you can behave yourself better in Create Blue. We are in our youth. Youth is like a beautiful poem, elegant and charming."

Lora looked at Jonny with her mouth wide open. She wondered, 'Did this arrogant Jonny recite all his words?' Then it should be Lora's turn. Lora was still lost in her mind. Seeing Lora didn't react for a while, Jonny talked to her in interests.

"Lora, do you want to show your new classmates what is real anthomaniac at the beginning of the party?"

It was not until now that Lora reali

zed her gaffe. She said awkwardly, "I just want to make my classmates happy before the party begins. Why don't you think it's a good idea, Mr. Jonny?"

Jonny admired Lora for her calmness and quick reaction under such embarrassing situation. 'Not bad, girl!'

Lora was very unhappy! She wondered if this was the so-called "go for wool and come home shorn".

"Of course you can. Lora, now you have been joking. Is it time to talk about the theme today?"

"Well, youth is like an elegant dance, ordinary but elegant." Lora continued with her words. After the two of them finished the host's and hostess' speech one by one, the Dean asked the other students to start performing. Lora's dancing would be the last one.

Backstage: looking at the arrogant boy, Lora was so angry that she gritted her teeth. Seeing the distorted expression on Lora's face, Jonny felt very happy. Lora couldn't help but ask, "Do you know that I would tamper with the host's words, so you recite them all?"

Jonny pretended to be surprised, "Did you do it?"

Lora was stunned. It seemed she rat herself out. 'Well, forget it. Anyway, it's nothing wrong for her to do so.' Lora thought.

Jonny inadvertently showed joy, while Tori and Wilson were stunned aside.

Tori thought, 'It is said that Mr. Jonny is notorious for his long face. How could he have a smiling face sometimes? But he is better looking this way! Wow!'

Wilson thought, 'Jonny seldom smiled since he was a child, let alone in front of outsiders. Is it possible to say that he has been poisoned in love with Lora?'

However, the smile on Jonny's face was very annoying to Lora. She really felt like beating him up.

At this moment, Lora's head teacher, Miss Su, came to them.

"Lora, are you ready for the dance later?" Miss Su asked with a smile.

"No problem." Lora shook her head with a smile.

"Okay." Miss Su was about to leave when Lora stopped her.

"Wait a minute, Miss Su."

"Yes? Lora, what can I do for you?" Miss Su turned around and asked.

"Well, well, well." Lora didn't know how to start for a moment.

"What's wrong?" Miss Su said with a smile patiently.

"Well, Miss Su. Can you help me find a pair of flat shoes? I can't dance in high heels!" Lora nimbly moved her feet.

Miss Su also looked at them and said with hesitation, "I'm sorry, Lora. I can't find you a pair of flat shoes at this moment."

Lora realized it made sense. Where could Miss Su find her a pair of shoes now? Tori was wearing a seven centimeter high heels, so was Miss Su. Lora was completely speechless. Then how could she go on the stage to perform later?

Jonny looked at Lora's feet and frowned. Would she be so stupid to fall down on the stage so to please the audience?

At this moment, May came to the backstage.

"Wow, Lora, you look so beautiful today!"

"Oh, thank you."

"I meant it."

Seeing that May was wearing a pair of flat shoes, Lora asked her with a smile.

"Well, May, can I, can I discuss something with you?"

"Tell me, what's the matter?" May said directly.

"Well, can we exchange our shoes?" Asked Lora.

"Why? Is there anything wrong with your shoes?" May was confused.

"Well, there's no problem with them." Lora said.

"Oh, May, let me tell you. Lora will perform on the stage later. She hasn't worn high heels before. Besides, she can't dance with high heels, so she wants to exchange them with you!" Tori said to May. She was so fed up with Lora's hesitation.

"Ha ha! Well, you should have told me earlier! No big deal. Come on, let's change! But you have to change them back with me after your dancing. I can't wear high heels either!" May said.

"Okay, no problem!" Lora laughed. At that moment, the three girls focused on chatting and ignored those two super handsome boys.

Wilson said to Jonny, "Jonny, can you imagine sometimes we could be ignored by girls?" Jonny pushed Wilson away, sat on the chair and said gently, "Shut up!" Jonny thought about what had happened today. Fortunately, he had the ability to remember what he read and he also went through his words for several times. He had recited them. Otherwise, he would be humiliated today! 'Good girl, let's wait and see!'

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