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   Chapter 26 Fighting in School

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Lora thought, 'Mr. Jonny is too arrogant. I must teach him a lesson! I really expect to see what would happen later.'

"Tori, come here. Let me tell you..." Lora whispered in Tori's ear.

"Oh, Lora, is that okay if you do so?" Tori asked. 'Gosh! If Mr. Jonny made a fool of himself in front of the freshmen, it would be unimaginable.'

"No problem. You saw how hateful he was to me yesterday. He almost deducted the points of our class on purpose!" Thinking of this, Lora got angry!

"Well, okay," Tori finally agreed.

"OK, let's do it!" As Lora said, she pushed Tori to the door of the president's lounge. Seeing that Tori didn't start doing as she planned for a long time, Lora knocked on the door for her. From the room, a voice that sounded like a frozen ice answered, "Come in, please." Lora kept silent and shivered violently outside the door, and then pushed Tori in. Lora hid aside, and Tori almost bumped into the corner of the table by accident. She was a little angry. 'Lora, you'll be dead after I go out later!'

Seeing what happened to Tori just now, Wilson laughed happily. "Ha ha, girl, don't be so excited to see the most handsome guys on campus of Create Blue!" Outside the door, Lora touched her forehead speechlessly. It turned out that they were two narcissists! Tori also felt helpless.

Jonny asked her coldly, "What's the matter with you?"

"Well, I... I..." stammered Tori, who couldn't say anything for a long time. Wilson smiled and said, "Jonny, she's just a freshman. Why are you so harsh and cold to her?"

Jonny crossed his legs and said indifferently, "That's how I am!"

Well, Wilson admitted that it was true.

Wilson smiled at Tori and said softly, "What can I do for you, girl?"

"Well, Miss Su said that Lora's dress and shoes are here with you now. She asked me to get them!" Stammered Tori.

"What? Jonny, didn't we bring them along when we came here?" Wilson turned to Jonny and asked.

Jonny frowned. It seemed they both had forgotten it.

"Let's go and get it!" Jonny stood up and walked out of the president's lounge. Wilson followed him out. Tori came back to her senses and followed them out immediately.

Seeing that the three of them had gone out, Lora sneaked into the lounge. Fortunately, she didn't fall asleep until she recited the host's words last night. Lora had the same host's words as Jonny, just their own words were highlighted in red.

Lora searched for a while and found the copy of host's words in the drawer. Then she exchanged her copy with Jonny's. Lora's copy of Jonny's words was written in black, and Lora smeared it with a black marker. Naturally, the words were also invisible. Lora snickered, "humph!" 'Let's see what you can do!'

After Lora changed the host's words, she quietly walked out of the lounge and then sat on a chair beside the party venue. About ten minutes later, Tori took the dress and shoes that Lora was going to wear at night and ran to her, panting.

"Tori, is it necessary to be in such a hurry?" Lora was amused and smiled.

"What's so funny? Go and change your clothes. There are only more than 20 minutes left before the party starts!" Tori looked at the time and pushed Lora.

"Well, there are still more than 20 minutes left."

"What? Ten minutes later, you'll be asked to rehearsal the hosting with Mr. Jonny."

"What? Rehearsal?" Lora's eyes widened. 'Rehearsal the hosting? Then what I have done would be in vain!'

"Well, we don't have time!"

"Why didn't you say that you wanted us to rehearsal the hosting just now?" Lora pouted and murmured.

"Well, I knew that just now. I happened to see Miss Su again and she asked me to inform you!" Tori explained.

Seeing Lora was unhappy, Tori continued. "It's fine. You should try on the dress and shoes first and see if they fit you. After all, the school doesn't know the size you wear." Tori picked up the shoes and shook them in front of Lora. 'That's right. The dress might be suitable, but the shoes are not necessarily suitable. It depends on the overall effect.' Lora thought. However, she was really unhappy that she couldn't give Jonny a lesson this time. Lora took the dress and shoes and went to the bathroom nearby.

As s

oon as Lora entered, she saw a female schoolmate running out in a hurry. She had never seen this girl before, but she thought it was reasonable. There were so many freshmen in Grade One, and it was impossible for her to know all of them in a short day. However, what made Lora speechless was that it seemed that girl was frightened by her entry. She wondered, 'Am I really that horrible? Why did she run out as soon as she saw me?'

Lora spending too much time wondering and entered. She hung her clothes on the wall. When she opened the box and picked up the dress, she found that the dress was already cut off.

It was a white dress. The upper part of the dress was not cut into pieces, but the lower part of the dress had become pieces. Lora was shocked. Was it a trick from Jonny?

Lora hurriedly picked up her own clothes and wanted to wear them, but why were her clothes stuck to the wall of the bathroom? 'Gosh! What's going on?' Lora was like an ant on a hot pan at this moment. What should she do? She would need to rehearsal the hosting with Jonny in five minutes. The most important thing was that her clothes were stuck. She couldn't get out. What should she do?

Lora was so anxious that she wanted to take off the clothes by force. Eventually she exerted force. Well, the clothes were taken off, but they were broken. There was a big hole in the back part of the T-shirt.

'What should I do? I can't stay in the bathroom like this, can I? Oh, right! Phone!' Lora picked up the phone in her pocket and called Tori. As soon as the phone was connected, Lora told her what was going on inside the bathroom.

"Oh my God! Lora. What should we do now? The president of the student union has already come to rehearsal the hosting words." Tori said anxiously.

"I have no choice! Why don't you go back to our dormitory and bring me a set of clothes?" Lora touched her forehead and suggested.

"But you don't have a dress tonight."

"I can do nothing. Go and get me a set of clothes first please. You can't let me stay inside like this all the time, can you?" Lora said.

"All right! Are your clothes in the suitcase you brought here?" Asked Tori.

"Tori, you are right. They are. I haven't had time to put them in the closet yet. Please hurry up!"

"Alright! I'm trying my best!" Tori walked as fast as she could. She was short of breath.

"All right. Thank you Tori. I don't want to miss the hosting." Lora said.

"Sure. I'm speeding up!" Tori wanted to hang up, but Lora stopped her in a hurry.

"Wait a minute!"

"What's wrong? Sis, you know, time is running out! I can't wait!"

"Well, I remember I have a dress in my backpack. Please take that one for me!" After thinking for a while, Lora asked Tori to take the dress given by Sandra. In fact, she didn't want to wear it at first, because her father had commented that Sandra had a good taste and Lora looked pretty good in that dress.

Therefore, Lora cherished this dress very much. It was the first time that her praised her for wearing a very beautiful dress since her childhood, so she was reluctant to take it out and put it on.

"Oh, Lora, why didn't you mention it earlier? All right. I'm hanging up." After Tori hung up the phone. Jonny suddenly asked her from her back.

"Where is Lora?" He saw Tori walking very fast towards the dormitory and she was on the phone, so he followed her for a while. Startled, Tori patted her chest and told Jonny what had happened to Lora. Then she ran to her dormitory as fast as she could. After all, the dormitory was not close to here, not to mention that our lovely Tori was wearing a pair of seven centimeter high heels.

In a hurry, Tori ran to her dormitory. In the middle of the run, she took off her high heels because they were too high for her speed, so she picked them up and ran away. In the bathroom, Lora held her cell phone tightly. She wondered who would be so boring to make fun of her like this.

After finding the dress, Tori picked up it and had a look. 'Wow, Lora has a good taste.' She thought. It was so beautiful, Tori didn't have too much time to appreciate it. So she picked up the dress and quickly ran out, hoping that it was not too late when she returned.

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