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   Chapter 24 Fighting in School

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On the second day, Lora set out from home at 6:30 in the early morning. Melissa had planned to drive her to school, but Lora saw that it was too early, so she asked her mother to go back to sleep. Melissa was persuaded by her daughter, so she let Lora go alone. The school stipulated that all students should arrive at school by 8 o'clock, and then the dormitory rooms would be assigned. When Lora arrived at the school, it was only 7:40. At that time, many people had gathered at the school gate already. As soon as they had entered the school, Lora saw Tori walking back and forth beside the school gate. Lora smiled and greeted her, "Good morning, Tori!"

"Ah! Why are you so late, Tina? I was worried about you." Tori was shocked by Lora's sudden appearance.

"Ha ha, no worries. Here I am!" Lora smiled.

"Okay, okay. Come and check if we are in the same dormitory room. Which dormitory are we in?" Holding Lora's hand, Tori tried to squeeze into the crowd under the dormitory checklist.

Lora shook off Tori's hand and said, "Tori, wait! I'll release the bicycle in the parking lot of the school first."

After taking a look at Lora, Tori moved down Lora's luggage and said, "Lora, please go ahead. I'll put your stuff in my cousin's room."

Lora was shocked, asking, "You have a cousin?"

Tori rolled her eyes and said, "Why are you that surprised to hear I have a cousin?"

"I've never heard you mention about her before."

Tori was speechless. "How can I tell you everything about me in such a short time? Come on, go ahead!" Lora nodded and walked to the parking lot of the school. After she had left, Tori also went to look for her cousin. Tori's cousin was a student of Class 5 Grade 3 of the high school, and her dormitory room was on the first floor, so it was very convenient for Tori to put things in the first floor. When Lora locked the bicycle, she saw Jonny. Jonny was talking to someone on the phone in his sports car. Wilson stood beside the car, with his hands crossed in his arms and whistled. Lora thought such a person was particularly annoying. She didn't greet them.

Lora locked her bike and went out.

Looking at her receding figure, Wilson whistled. He said, "Jonny, your sweetheart Lora has left!"

Jonny didn't talk back to him. He talked on the phone to finish the call. "Okay, I know. You don't need to remind me. I know tomorrow is Friday. That's it. Let's go home the day after tomorrow!" After hanging up the phone, Jonny said to Wilson, "Wilson, are you looking for a fight?"

Wilson pointed at the back of Lora, who just walked out of the parking lot of the school. Jonny patted on Wilson's head and said, "You're courting death!"

Wilson was speechless. Well, well, it wasn't his day.

Then, Jonny said to Wilson, "Let's go to the student union building."

On the other side.

"Lora, hurry up!" As soon as Lora walked out of the parking lot, she saw Tori. Seeing Lora return, Tori hurried forward, pulled Lora up and ran to the school notice board. There were still many students checking the dormitory information at the moment. Lora didn't want to squeeze, so she let Tori get into the crowd and check by herself.

Tori curled her lips and said, "If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't wait for you and have read it first." Lora shrugged. 'It's not me who let you do this!'

Tori could do nothing and squeezed in to see it herself.

Five minutes later, seeing that Tori hadn't come out yet, Lora wanted to squeeze over to have a look. Before she took a step, Tori came out

"Did you see the information?" Lora asked.

"Oh, there are too many people! Too crowded. I almost suffocated to death!" Tori fanned herself with her hand.

"Well, you know I didn't ask that!" Lora rubbed her forehead and shook her head.

Tori laughed. "Ha ha! I know! I'm just kidding. Haha, Lora, that's great. We are in the same dormitory!"

Lora took Tori's hands and said, "Really? Great! Which dormitory are we in?"

"Well, I forgot. Why don't you go inside and have a look?" Tori said with a smile.

"Tori, this joke is not funny!" Lora was speechless. 'Wouldn't it be in vain for Tori to go in and check the information for so long? Why didn't she take a note?'

"Well, calm down! I'm just kidding!" Tori laughed.

"Is it so funny to tease me?"

"Of course!"


was speechless and helpless. How could they become friends? 'Well, it seems it was Tori who said the first hello.'

"Well, we are in the Room No. 042 of the third floor of the girls' dormitory building. This school is not bad. There are only four students in each room. Buildings for Grade 1 and Grade 2 are separated." Tori said.


"Why should I lie to you on this matter?"

"I thought you are still kidding me."

"Well, not this time. Let's go to the dormitory! We should meet our new roommates and make the bed. We have to gather together at 8:30!"

"Isn't it at 8:00?" Asked Lora.

"Sis, it's 8:00 to go to the dormitory and make your room. Assemble at 8:30!" Tori was speechless. This was obvious, wasn't it?

"Alright!" The two girls went to take luggage from Tori's cousin's dormitory and then went to Room 042 together.

Looking at the receding figure of Lora, Jonny remained silent for a long time. He stood beside the girls and heard their discussion, but neither paid attention to him. Or, perhaps Lora had seen him but ignored him all the time.

Wilson looked at him with a smile and said, "Jonny, she's gone already!"

"It's none of your business," said Jonny crossly.

"Well, it's really none of my business!"

"Wilson, do you believe that she will make fun of me tonight?" Jonny chuckled.

"I guess so!" Answered Wilson.

Jonny turned to look at Wilson. Wilson said calmly, "We know she is not a pushover. You made troubles for her on the first day she came to the school yesterday. She won't let it go, but..."

Jonny frowned, "But what?"

Wilson laughed, "Ha ha, but I'm curious how this shrewish girl is going to make fun of you!"

"Humph! You are heartless!" Jonny said.

"No, I'm not. I'm just curious. Why did you let the Tori and Lora stay in the same dormitory? You know, in order to help you with this matter, your father asked my father to cut the allowance for me by half!" Wilson felt wronged!

"Humph! You are much better than me, aren't you? You still have half of it. My old man only gave me $1, 000 a month as allowance! Huh! He did such a good job. He didn't want me to survive in the school. Your father is a much better man! He gave you $5, 000 a month before. Now he reduced half of it, you still have $2, 500! Be grateful, OK?"

"Well, bro, every time we hang out, I always pay for our fees, don't I?" Wilson was speechless. Jonny was teaching him a math lesson or what?

"Humph! Don't be so stingy. You owe me more than that!" Jonny said and turned around. He walked towards the student union building. It seemed he didn't want to continue the conversation with Wilson.

"Hey, Jonny, don't go. I haven't finished my words yet! Hello!" Seeing that Jonny didn't turn around, Wilson followed him in a hurry.

When the Lora and Tori walked to Room 042, the other two roommates were already there.

Students of different classes were randomly assigned to each dormitory. Only the different grades were separated. Hence, neither Lora nor Tori knew about the other two girls.

As soon as Lora and Tori entered the room, the two new roommates greeted Lora.

"Hello, are you Lora Nangong?" A roommate asked.

"Yes, I am." Lora nodded slightly.

"Ha ha! I really admire you! How dare you confront Mr. Jonny? You're so awesome. This had never happened in our school before!"

"Uh..." Lora didn't understand what she wanted.

"Don't worry. We won't do anything to you! Relax. I'm May Li from Class 9 and she is Agnes from Class 9. We both are freshmen as well." The girl smiled and made the introduction.

"Hello, Lora. My name is Agnes Wang!" Agnes stretched out her hand, and so did Lora.

"Hey, you must be Tori, aren't you?" May asked Tori.

"Yep. Nice to meet you." Tori nodded and shook hands with her.

"Ha ha, let's get along in the dormitory in the future!"

"Okay!" Lora nodded to agree.

"By the way, we have sorted out our stuff. Let us help you." May took over the things in the hands of Lora and Tori and began to help them.

"Thank you!" Lora smiled and Tori also expressed her thanks to the other two girls. Lora felt that May was very kind, but why was Agnes so "cold" to others?

Lora didn't spend much time wild guessing. It should be because they still didn't know each other. After all, they were new roommates.

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