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   Chapter 23 Fighting in School

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Jonny guessed that it was the first day that Lora arrived at the school, so she hadn't visit the whole school and probably couldn't find the way to the student union building. Therefore, our handsome Jonny took his friend to wander around the campus. Wilson didn't know why our president Fang asked him to wander the school together. Shouldn't he go back to the house he rented now? Smart as Wilson was, he finally managed to get Jonny's words. It turned out that he was afraid that someone would get lost!

In the campus, Lora was running around with her backpack. Eh, didn't she go to the student union building? Why is she running around in the campus? Ha ha! It turns out that our Lora has lost her way! As president Fang expected, Miss Lora really cooperated!

"What's wrong with Create Blue? Why is it so big? Why aren't there any signs since it is such a big school? " Lora puckered her lips and looked around

At the garden of the campus, Jonny saw Lora whispering something with her head down. Jonny walked quickly to Lora, and Lora bumped into Jonny accidentally.

"Ah! I'm sorry! " Lora apologized politely, but when she raised her head, she said, "Are you blind?"

Wilson was stunned. Why did he have to look at others to apologize? Wilson looked at Jonny and thought, 'Little Fang, I'm really worried about you.'

Jonny frowned and said, "Oh, no, Miss Lora, whose fault is it?"

Lora was speechless. It seemed that she had hit him.

Lora said seriously. She couldn't forget the main purpose of her coming to him because of the quarrel with him. "Sir, please give me the host's scripts!"

Jonny took out the host's scripts from his pocket. As soon as Lora went to take it, Jonny moved it away. Lora was very angry!

"What do you mean, sir?"

Jonny chuckled, "What do you mean?"

"Then give it to me!" Lora snatched it. She thought Jonny would dodge, but he didn't, which made Lora catch nothing.

"Miss Lora, what's wrong with your brain and your eyes?" Jonny said with a smile. Wilson looked at the two of them and thought that they were really good friends and enemies. They were so angry, others were amused!

Lora was furious. 'Forget it. It's not good for me to be against him now. It's just a spur of the moment. I will give him a hard time at the party tomorrow. At that time, he will make a fool of himself in front of all the students.'

Lora smiled and said, "Mr. Jonny, if you are satisfied with your naughtiness, please give me the host's scripts. You know, it will take me more than an hour to get home!"

Both Jonny and Wilson were stunned. They thought that Lora would be furious, but the result was. Seeing that the two didn't notice, Lora snatched the host's scripts from Jonny, picked it up and ran away.

Jonny frowned and wondered whether the sun rose from the West today? This girl was so abnormal! Not long after, the two saw Lora running towards them. Wilson was amused and asked, "Is she reluctant to leave you? Ha ha. " As a result

"Well, vice president, which direction is the school gate?"

Jonny was speechless. Wilson was petrified. He pointed at the left side of his left hand with his left hand and found that Jonny was standing on his left side. Seeing the speechless expression on Jonny's face, Lora was amused. When Lora passed through Jonny, she didn't forget to step on him. Jonny was a little unhappy. Ha! She had stepped on him like this two years ago, but she still didn't change!

Lora turned around and said, "I'm really sorry, Mr. Jonny! I didn't do it on purpose. It's your fault to block my way! " Lora made a face when she left.

Wilson and Jonny were speechless looking at the road! Get in her way? Obviously, she did it on purpose. There were at least one meter wide on the left! Eve a blind man could go through?

Lora ran to the parking lot beside the school gate. When Lora saw two sports cars in the parking lot, Lora shook her head and sighed, 'Alas, they are all from the rich generation two!'

Lora rode a bicycle and left the school. As

soon as Lora left the school, Jonny and Wilson walked towards the parking lot of the school

Wilson patted on Jonny's shoulder and said, "Jonny, you two are really quarrelsome lovers! As a bystander, it's really funny to see it! "

Jonny took away Wilson's trotter and said, "You'd better laugh to death!"

Wilson was speechless. Why did Jonny want him to die so much? Jonny seemed to understand his expression and said, "I'm good to you. I want you to die with a smile, not to be tortured to death!" Then Jonny walked towards his black sports car

Wilson also walked towards his white sports car and asked, "Do you mean I should thank you?"

"Of course."

"Thank you for your kindness!"

"You're welcome!"

Wilson was speechless. Did Jonny really think that he thanked sincerely?

The two of them drove out of the school!

Riding a bicycle, Lora happened to see the two sports cars in the school and the people inside.

"Oh, no wonder they are so arrogant. They are all from the two rich families. They are supercilious!" Lora rode the bicycle hard. She had to go home as soon as possible. It was still early today. Maybe she could help her mother!

Residential area:

When Lora returned home, she lived on the third floor and her bicycle was parked downstairs. After putting down her schoolbag, Lora went to help Melissa in the milk tea shop.

As soon as Lora went downstairs, she saw Melissa coming back

"Mom, why do you close the door so early? You used to close it at nine o'clock. " Lora was curious and looked at her watch on her left hand. It was just six o'clock!

"No, my dear. Why did you come back so early today?"

"Well, the school is over four o'clock after school today."

"Oh, let's go upstairs. I'll cook for you. Baby, are you hungry?" Said Melissa with a gentle smile

"I'm not hungry. Let's go!" Lora took Melissa upstairs.

As soon as they entered, Melissa said to Lora, "Honey, you can live in the school!"

Lora was shocked. "Mom, I don't think so. It's one thousand dollars for living in the school!"

"Isn't the school free for you?" Lora was stunned. She didn't tell Melissa about it, and she didn't intend to tell her, either.

"Lora, your principal called me just now and told me that you were free from meals to living expenses when you lived in the school."

"Well, the principal, why is he so worried? He seems to have crossed the boundary!" Murmured Lora

"Honey, just live in the school. It's tiring to go back and forth every day. If you don't care about yourself, I still feel sorry for you!" Melissa pointed at Lora with her hand.

"But I want to be with you."

"There is no need to accompany me? You see, it's not easy to enter Create Blue. Can't you let me down? Your grades are not as good as before. You have to learn more. You will be tired if you run back and forth like this. You have to get up at about five o'clock and leave home at six o'clock in the morning, and it will be more than six o'clock when you go back home. It will really affect your study! "

"But..." Melissa said before Lora finished her words

"Well, I'm going to cook for you. You can pack up your things by yourself. Do you have a party tomorrow?"

Lora nodded

"Okay. Do you need go out to buy a dress tonight?"

"Mom, don't bother. It's a waste of money. Didn't Sandra give me a dress when I competed in America last time? I'll just wear that! "

"Okay, go pack your things. I'll drive you to school tomorrow."

"No, thanks. I'm not a kid anymore. I can go by myself."

"Okay!" Melissa went into the kitchen

Lora also went into her room and packed up her things. To be honest, she really didn't want to live in the school, because after she lived in the school, her mother would live alone. But one thing her mother said was right, Lora was not doing well now. And Lora must have enough time to study! Lora packed up her things and looked at the dress that Sandra gave her in the wardrobe. After thinking for a while, she finally put it into the suitcase.

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