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   Chapter 22 Fighting in School

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The beautiful teacher was shocked when she received the notice from the dean of the students that the principal asked her to go to his office. Was there something wrong with her on her first day of work? The headmaster wanted to make trouble for her?

The teacher entered the principal's office nervously.

Principal's Office:

The teacher saw that the door was open and the principal was talking to someone. When the teacher knocked on the door, the principal gestured her to go in and the teacher sat on the sofa opposite the principal's desk!

"Okay, Mr. Fang, I know. Okay, I will do it. Okay, goodbye!" The principal said to the teacher after hanging up the phone

"Miss Su, is there a student named Lora in your class?"

Miss Su nodded

"Oh, does she live in the school?"

"Mr. Lora didn't live in the school!"

"Oh, okay. You can discuss with Lora and ask her to live in the school. Look, only Lora has gone abroad to win many awards in our school. She may represent our school to compete abroad in the future. I have just checked her information. She lives on the edge of the city, right?"

"Yes, it's written on the document."

"So, I plan to let Lora live in the school. Our school will reimburse her all the accommodation and food fees. And we will send a professional dance teacher to guide her. So let her live in the school! Only in this way can we have more time to guide her. "

"Yes, Mr.!"

"Well, you can go out now. By the way, I want Lora and the president of the student union to be the hosts of the welcome party tomorrow evening!"

"Okay, Mr. May I take the host's speech from the dean?"

"Yes, I've asked the dean to hold the party. By the way, you can listen to her arrangement. Well, you can go out now!"

"Yes." Miss Su patted her chest after she walked out of the headmaster's office! Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with her work!

At three forty in the afternoon, Jonny received a notice from the dean that he was the host of this year's welcome party, and the other one's name he was very familiar with was Lora!

Jonny got the two copies of the host's drafts and was about to ask Lora to find him in the afternoon.

Three fifty

"Attention please. Please go back to your class. The head teacher has something to announce. Please go back to your class quickly!" The voice of the dean came from the broadcast.

"Lora, what do you think of them? Why don't they finish the words when we pay the school fees?"

"Didn't the teacher say that? They haven't reached an agreement yet. Of course they won't say it. Even if they say it out, it doesn't count! "

"That's right, Lora. I heard that you are a good host in D School. Will you be the host tomorrow night?" Tori said with a smile

"How is that possible? There are so many talents in Create Blue. How can it be my turn to be the host? " Lora was amused. She was the only exception in the whole school. How could it be her turn?

"Well, I don't think so."

"Well, let's stop talking. Let's go back to the classroom! There are only five minutes left! " Lora shook the watch on her left hand

"Come on! Let's go! " When the two of them arrived at the classroom, everyone was there. As soon as Lora and Tori sat down, Miss Su came to the classroom

"Good afternoon, everyone. I just want to tell you something about tomorrow's welcome party."

"Miss, is the whole school going to join this time?" A boy asked boldly

"Ha-ha, of course not. Only the freshmen in grade one of the high school will take part in it. The party is held to welcome you this time!"

"Well, let's talk ab

out tomorrow's preparations and related matters! If you have any questions, let's talk about them after I finish my words! " The students nodded

"Okay. First of all, let's talk about the attendees. The headmaster, the vice headmaster, the dean of students, the dean of education, all the teachers and the freshmen of grade one of the high school. You can wear the clothes at will tomorrow night, but they must be polite..."

"Then the host! The host tomorrow is the president of the student union, Jonny! " As soon as Miss Su finished her words, the whole class began to discuss.

"Wow, it's the president! That's great! I thought he wouldn't come tomorrow! Great! " Girl A, who liked Jonny very much.

"Really? Ha ha! Oh my God! I love the Party of the freshmen so much!"

The students began to discuss

Lora touched her forehead! Speechless! All the girls in the class went crazy. Haven't they seen any handsome man? Damn it!

Miss Su patted the platform and said, "Please be quiet. The vice president will also come tomorrow. At the same time, it's an honor for our class to have a classmate to host the party on behalf of our whole grade!"

"Wow, that's great! The two most handsome boys of Create Blue would come! That's awesome! Ha ha! " A girl said loudly, which startled Miss Su!

Lora shook her head and said to Tori in a low voice, "In my opinion, there are two ordinary boys!" Although Lora said in a low voice, a girl with sharp ears at the front table heard it. She glared at Lora angrily. Lora looked at her indifferently and then stopped looking at her.

"Teacher, shall we host the meeting?" A boy asked loudly

"Oh, by the way, Congratulations, Lora. On behalf of all the students in our grade, you will host the party with the school hunk and chairman of Create Blue Middle School tomorrow night!" Miss Su clapped her hands, and so did some of her classmates who thought highly of Lora Except for Tori, no girl else applauded for her!

Lora petrified! What was going on? 'I will be the host tomorrow night? ' Why did I have to host with the president of the students union who was out of his mind?'

"Well, that's all for today. You can go home early today and arrive at school at eight o'clock tomorrow. You don't have class the whole day, but you have to return to your normal state tomorrow! All right, you can leave now. Bye. Lora. I have something to tell you. " After packing up, Tori looked at Lora. Lora nodded. At last, Tori walked out of the classroom with a smile.

"Miss, what's the matter?"

"Oh, by the way, Lora, move your things here tomorrow. You can live in the school!"

"Why, Miss? I haven't told you that I want to live in the school. "

"Lora, here is the thing. The headmaster said that you were specially recruited and would attend a series of dance competitions abroad on behalf of the school. In order to be guided by the teachers, you have to live in the school!"


"Well, Lora, go back and discuss with your mother. It's not easy to enter Create Blue, isn't it? The headmaster also said that your accommodation fee and meals will be paid by the school! "


"Well, live in the school. Lora, don't forget to discuss with your mother. The school has made a decision. Well, I have something else to do, so I have to go now. Goodbye." Miss Su turned to Lora and smiled, "Lora, don't forget to go to the student union building to ask Jonny for the script!"

"Yes, Miss." Lora was speechless. Was she going to find him? Helplessly, Lora packed up her things and went to the student union building with her backpack.

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