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   Chapter 21 Fighting in School

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Lora and Tori packed up and left the playground. Seeing the back of Lora, Lucia looked as if she would eat Lora up!

Looking at the back of Lora, Pete said to Lucia with a smile, "Lucia, don't overestimate your president. Someone still dares to oppose him!" Then Pete picked up his stuff and left.

Lucia gritted her teeth in anger! 'Humph! Lora Nangong, I'm afraid the points will still be deducted today. At that time, I'll put all the blame on you! Let's wait and see!'

All of a sudden, the news that Lora contradicted the president of the student union was spread on campus. The students in Create Blue were the fastest in doing anything, and the gossip was no exception!

Jonny and his companions walked towards the gate of the school. It was rare for the president of the student union to inspect in person today. He usually asked other members of the student union to do it for him, but today he came in person! All the people in the student union were the same good looking! They were all handsome men, so attractive! The second glance rate would be 99.999%! As for the 0.001%, it must be left to a person like Lora. Perhaps the second one like her couldn't be found in Create Blue! In the face of this, all members in the student union were numb. Today, most of the students were talking about the fact that Lora Nangong argued with the president of the student union. Jonny also heard the gossip, but he didn't pay much attention to it. The rest of the student union were a little surprised, because the spreading speed was faster than their paces!

Wilson asked Jonny cautiously, "Jonny, shall we still deduct the five points from Class 3 Grade 1?"

Jonny glanced at him coldly. "What do you think?"

"Yes or No. Please tell me clearly!" Wilson said indifferently. He needed to make sure what Jonny meant. He was so tired of guessing.

"No!" Said Jonny coldly, pretending not to hear what other schoolmates discussed in private. He had no reaction to the gossip.

"Okay!" Wilson answered and kept silent.

This time, the members of the student union were divided into different groups to do the inspection. After checking the school gate, Jonny and Wilson returned to the student union building, and the other members of the student union also returned to the building. Only two classes, Class 7 Grade 2 and Class 9 Grade 1, were punished, because there was a pile of garbage left untouched. After checking the results, Jonny and Wilson went to record in the class hygiene inspection column.

After Lora and Tori returned to the classroom, the two sat together and chatted. The whole class, even the whole school, now knew that Lora contradicted the president. Although Lora was not afraid of Jonny, she was still worried that Jonny would really deduct the class's points. Therefore, Lora and Tori went downstairs to see if Jonny had really had deducted the class's points.

"Well, fortunately, our class didn't deduct any points!" Tori breathed a sigh of relief after checking the column.

Lora patted her chest and said, "Not bad. It seems that the president is not a narrow-minded person!"

Tori poked Lora's head and said, "Lora, we can't afford to offend someone like the president of the student union. In the future, you'd better make a detour when you see him on campus!"

Lora curled her lips, "Why shouldn't he take a detour but me?"

Tori was speechless. 'Well, Lora. You are really something.'

When they were about to enter the classroom, a voice came from the classroom, "She's coming!" Tori felt something was wrong, so she pulled Lora to stop in the corridor and reminded her, "Lora, I think you should be careful in class in the future!"

Lora was confused. "Why?"

"I don't know. Anyway, I feel something is wrong. You'd better be careful. The president is very popular in the school. The whole school may have known that you offended him!"

"It won't be so soon, will it?" Lora was in a shock.

"What do you think Create Blue's biggest feature is?" Asked Tori.

"Gossips spread fast?"

"You are only half right. Students in Create Blue can do anything fast, including gossip!"

Lora was stunned. 'How could it be so exaggerated?'

"Then I'd better be careful!" Lora nodded to herself and said.

"Hi girls, why are you standing outside? Let's go inside. I have something to announce!" It was their head teacher's voice from their back. The head teacher of Class 3 Grade 1 was a beautiful teacher who just graduated from university. She was good at organizing, knowledgeable and had good teaching skills. She was very close to students. When she saw the Lora and Tori in the corridor, she reminded them.

"Good evening, Miss. We are talking about something in private. Now we are entering!" Tori said with a smile.

"Well, come on in! I'm going to tell you a piece of news!" The head teacher turned around and saw the door of the classroom closed. She murmured, "Eh, the door was still open just now!"

However, when she tried to open the door...

"Ah!" The pretty head teacher was frightened by the animal in front of her and took a few steps back. Hearing the teacher's scream, Lora and Tori also walked forward. Holy smoke, how could such a thing appear?

When the students in the classroom saw that the person who came in was not Lora or Tori, but the head teacher, they all quieted down.

Seeing that the little thing hanging on the door didn't move, Lora stretched out her hand to touch it. At first, she was a little scared, but when she was about to touch it, Tori pulled her hand away and said, "Lora, don't go!" Lora was startled. Then she said "I'm fine" and touched it.

Lora touched on the small animal and then released her hand. She felt something was wrong. 'How could it be soft? A little sticky?' Then Lora boldly took it down.


h! It was fake!'

Lora was a little angry, and she realized that it probably was against her. She heard the words "she is here" just now. It turned out that offending the president would really become the public enemy of the class. Even it was just her own class. She couldn't imagine what would happen on campus.

"Miss, this little golden snake is fake!" Lora didn't say that it was against her on purpose.

The head teacher was a little unhappy, so she asked Lora to put the little golden snake on the platform and asked the students seriously, "Who did this?"

The whole class was silent. Some boys couldn't help but admire Lora's courage. Generally speaking, when a girl saw this thing, she would be scared to death for a long time! Even if it was false, judging from the expression on the teacher's face, the sudden appearance also frightened her. Lora Nangong even dared to touch it.

"Let me ask you for the last time. Who did this?" The head teacher gave them the last chance.

At last, a girl stood out and said, "Miss, we just want to make a joke with you."

"Make a joke?" The teacher asked.

"Yes, Miss. We heard that you are a teacher who is close to your students. We are freshmen. Of course, there are many unexpected ideas that you can use this to enhance the relationship between you and us, so that we won't feel that there is a gap between us because you are a teacher in the future. In this way, we won't dare to tell you anything in the future!" The girl half explained half flattered.

"Oh, I see. But you can't do that next time. I'm really afraid of the little guy, even if it's not real!" The head teacher softened her tone. Obviously she believed what the girl said.

"Okay, thank you, Miss!"

"Ha ha, Lora, throw it into the trash can please! Please be seated, everyone. I have something to announce!" The head teacher said.

After throwing away the little snake in the trash, Lora returned to her seat. The head teacher was open minded, and the seats were all chosen by students on their own, so Lora and Tori were at the same desk. When the teacher saw everyone return to their seats, she made the announcement.

"Guys and girls, may I ask if there is anyone who wants to stay on campus? I will make a note and report it to the principal. Students who want to stay in the school, please pay one thousand dollars for the dormitory. Let's start from the first group on the left. Come on one by one. Sign your name after you pay it. If you don't want to stay in the school, you don't have to come up to the platform!"

Tori whispered to Lora, "Lora, do you stay on campus? Your house should be quite far away!"

"I, I don't want to stay on campus. I want to go home to accompany my mother. She is the only one at home." Lora answered in a low voice. In fact, this was only one of the reasons. The other thing was that now only Melissa was in charge of the milk tea shop to support all the expenses of the family. One thousand dollars was not a small number for their family.

"But you live so far away. There is an early class at seven o'clock in the morning. Can you make it?" Tori was worried.

"Yes, I can. I will ride!" Lora gave her a smile.

"Well, it's my turn. I'll pay the bill." Tori then walked towards to the platform.


"Alright, there are 49 students in our class, and 31 of you will stay on campus. How about the rest? Anyone else?" The head teacher asked.

Students who didn't live on campus shook their heads.

"Well, that's it. By the way, there's another thing. Tomorrow night, there's a party for the freshmen. All new students in Grade one should join." Another announcement was made.

Lora widened her eyes and asked, "Excuse me, Miss. What time is it tomorrow night?"

"It's six o'clock. By the way, the party will last for three hours. If you are far away from home, you'd better stay in the school dormitory! Well, students, I have to prepare something for tomorrow's party, so you can do whatever you want next." The head teacher finally said.

Lora was speechless. 'Was this timing aimed at her again?'

"By the way, Lora, you are asked to perform at the party tomorrow night. I heard that you have won many awards abroad! Awesome! I've applied to the school. You will be informed before school dismisses." The head teacher smiled to Lora and then walked out of the classroom with something in her arms. Lora ran to the teacher and asked, "Miss, can I not attend the party tomorrow?"

The teacher smiled and said, "Didn't you hear what I said, Lora? Every freshman had to take part in the party. Besides, you will perform in the party. You can't be absent!"

"But I..." Lora tried to explain.

"Oh, by the way, Lora, you don't live on campus, do you? Is your home far from the school?" The teacher looked through the list of boarding students.

"Yes. It is." Lora nodded shyly.

The teacher sorted out the list and asked her with a smile, "Lora, why don't you stay on campus?"

"Miss, I want to stay with my mother. She is at home alone." Lora explained.

"Well, all right. How about going to my house tomorrow night? We will leave together after the party. You may tell your Mom that you will stay at my house tomorrow." The head teacher suggested.

"Well, I don't think it's a good idea." Lora felt embarrassed.

"It doesn't matter. Just stay at my house for one night and remember to tell your mother. I have something to deal with, so I'm leaving now. Bye!" The head teacher waved at Lora and left.

"Well, okay. Thank you, Miss. Bye!" Lora was speechless. After thinking for a while, she didn't think it was a big deal. It was just to prepare for the dance at the freshmen's party! She was also accepted because of her dancing skills. It was nothing! Lora decided to inform her Mom after returning home.

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