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   Chapter 20 Fighting in School

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On the other side, Jonny asked Wilson and other members of the student union to go to the playground to have the sanitary inspection together.

Blinking his eyes, Wilson asked Jonny, "Jonny, do you have a fever?" He couldn't understand why Jonny suddenly had become so interested in the sanitary inspection.

"Are you insane?" Jonny rolled his eyes on Wilson.

"Oh, then why are you in such a hurry to have the inspection? And in person?"

Jonny sneered, "Wilson, don't forget that I'm the president of the student union. It's my duty to do the sanitary inspection!"

Wilson was petrified! He couldn't believe what he had heard. Duty my butt! Since Jonny became the president of the student union a year ago, he had seldom personally done the sanitary inspection, even less than three times. This was too tricky! Other student union members were also confused. It seemed that the chairman was really abnormal this time!

Wilson returned to his senses and replied. "Then why do you need to check the small playground in ten minutes? Although the small playground was not big, it was not small either. It would take at least twenty minutes for the freshmen in the team of eight to clean. Why ten minutes? It was too rushing! The cleaners had to take a holiday during summer vacation. They sorted it out roughly during the military training. The workload would be larger than the usual. You are too unreasonable, aren't you?"

Jonny frowned, "Why am I so unreasonable? Ten minutes before the broadcast. Ten minutes after the broadcast. It's exactly twenty minutes!"

Wilson touched his forehead. He felt speechless. "Bro! The time I meant referred to after the broadcast. Plus the 10 minutes ahead, in totally at least half an hour!" Jonny remained silent.

Wilson was speechless. But why did Jonny become so cold today? Wilson knew that Jonny wasn't a "warm" person, but he hadn't been so "cold" before. Maybe? Wilson had understood something and said nothing else.

When they arrived at the small playground, it happened to be ten minutes after the broadcast. Lucia saw that Jonny, Wilson and other members of the student union all come to have the inspection, she were infatuated right away. 'Wow! There are many handsome boys in Create Blue! It's worth waiting, haha.'. It was obvious that Jonny was a little disappointed. Why couldn't he see the familiar and strange figure?

Lucia took the initiative to say to Jonny, "Mr. Jonny, you are so punctual!"

Jonny frowned, "Weren't there 8 students in your team? Why are there two missing?" Jonny glanced at the cleaning team and asked.

"What?" Lucia was stunned. It turned out that the president of the student union wasn't as reticent as the rumor said!

"Oh, ha ha. Did you mean there should be another two students? They went to the dustbin!" Lucia said with a smile

"What?" Jonny's tone was a little heavy, which startled Lucia. Wilson was speechless, so he had to help Jonny smooth things over and said, "Miss, no worries. He is not mad. That's how the president is like. You'll get used to it. No worries!"

"Oh I see. Never mind!" Lucia was a little unhappy at the beginning, but she didn't take it seriously because of the comfort from another handsome boy!

After dumping the trash, Lora and Tori walked towards the small playground. They felt a chill ten meters away from the playground.

"Tori, is the temperature dropping? Why do I feel cold?" Lora said with a frown.

Tori looked up at the sky. Nonsense! How could the temperature be lowered on such a summer day? Tori was amused. "Well, Lora, are you sure you have no problem? I suggest you go to see a doctor. It's so hot. How come you could feel the temperature drop?"

"That's right. But the weather in A City is really strange. It's usually the hottest in June and July, but it's still like this in August and September! Such a long summer!" Said Lora.

"Humph! You can't plan for the summer, can you? You didn't go to the military training. I'm telling you, it was really devil training. It's too hard! I felt that I was in hell those days!"

Lora smiled and said, "Then I'm really lucky!"

Wilson glanced at it casually and saw Lora and another female classmate carrying a big trash can and walking towards the small playground. He patted Jonny, and Jonny looked in the direction of Wilson's gaze. He saw them as well.

Jonny frowned and asked, "Who let them take out the trash?"

Lucia fawningly said, "Ha ha, Lora and Tori volunteered to go!"

Pete was speechless. His cousin was really good at making up lies. "Lucia, it seems that you asked them to go dump the trash!"

Lucia walked up to Pete and pinched him with her hand. She said to Pete in a low voice, "You brat! You are deliberately fighting against your cousin, aren't you?"

Unexpectedly, Pete didn't cooperate with her and shouted in pain. "Ouch! Why did you pinch me? I'm telling the truth!"

Lucia felt embarrassed. 'You are dead. Stupid!'

Seeing that there were so many people on the small playground, Lora asked, "Tori, why are there so many people on the playground?"

Tori also looked at them and said, "Oh, it should be the people from the student union who are here to do the inspection!"

"Huh! They were punctual! Do you think they are deliberately against us because we are freshmen?" Asked Lora.

"Really? It seems that we have never offended them." Tori said.

"That's right. It's just my wild guess. Forget it!" Said Lora with a smile.

As soon as they arrived at the small playground, Jonny said, "Your team has exceeded the time limit!"

Lora's eyes widened. She wondered why. 'Didn't they just finish cleaning the playground when he came here? How could it be counted as over time?'

Wilson was also shocked by his words.

Lucia was the leader of this team. If her score was deducted on the first day of the school opening, she would definitely be in trouble!

"Dear Mr. Jonny, we didn't exceed the time limit. Look, didn't we clean up when you arrived?" Lucia tried to argue with him.

"Nah. You didn't finish dumping the trash when I arrived." Said Jonny coldly.

Lora was speechless when hearing what he said. 'Did he mean that I was to blame?'

Laura glared at Nangong spirit and Ellen and said fawningly, "please don't mind. We are all new disciples, and we are not as strict as you are!"

"Lucia Li, right? You were a junior high school student in our school. Are you a freshman?" Asked Jonny.

"Wow, how do you know my name, Mr. Jonny?" Lucia was so happy!

"Humph! Wilson, please note it down. Class three Grade one. Cleaning overtime. You'll be fined five points!" Jonny said.

"Jonny, is this too..." Before Wilson finished his words, Jonny stopped him.

"I'm the president. Please do what I said. Deduct the point!"

Lora was furious! But she tried to tolerate it first.

Lucia said immediately, "Mr. Jonny, please don't. The class points are twenty points a week in total. If you deduct five points, the head teacher will eat up our group!"

Jonny didn't care. He insisted, "Just do it."

Lucia continued to fawn on him, "Mr. Jonny, you look like an angel. Such evil decision can't be made by your, right!" ...

Tori was petrified. Lora couldn't stand it anymore. Yes, the president of the student union was good-looking, but he might not be able to act like an angel. "Are you the president? It's beneath your dignity to take advantage of your power and bully others like this!"

With a fake smile on his face, Jonny asked, "What do you mean?" Jonny smiled. Lucia was astonished by his smile. She said naturally, "Wow, what a charming angel!"

Lora felt ashamed. How spineless she was! Then she chuckled and said, "First, we are all freshmen, so we don't know the rules of Create Blue. Second, before you came here, we have already finished cleaning up. It's normal to dump trash, and the student union only checks if the playground is clean. Third, during the school tour this morning, I didn't see that the school rules and regulations contain a rule saying 'The cleaning must be finished before the student union checks.' Mr. Jonny, you made an additional rule here by yourself!"

Jonny frowned and replied. "First, you said you were freshmen and didn't understand the rules of Create Blue, so this punishment is to let you remember it from now on; second, dumping the trash is also part of cleaning. If you didn't do it well, it's your responsibility and you should be punished! Third, I'm the president of the student union. I have the right to manage the school affairs!"

"Then you are bullying us under the protection of the student union!" Said Lora.

"No, nobody bullies us! Why did you say that about my angel?" Lucia didn't want her "angel" to be scolded, even if he was against her and her team, so she yelled to Lora.

Lora put her hands on her hips. 'What is this? We are bullied obviously and she is still on his side. What's wrong with her?' Now Lora was extremely unhappy, so she said to Lucia angrily, "Who says that someone with an angel's face would definitely behave like an angel? Have you ever seen fish in saute eggplant with fish flavor? Have you ever seen human's organ in sliced beef and ox tongue in chili sauce although it's called 'Couples' Lungs'? Have you ever seen an Arhat in Arhat Wheat Gluten? Are there ants in vermicelli with spicy minced pork although it's called 'Ants on the tree'? Appearance is often misleading, so judge not by appearance." Obviously, Lucia was frightened by Lora. She didn't expect that Lora was not a pushover, nor did she expect that Lora was eloquent. What's more, she didn't expect that Lora could be so shocking when she got mad.

Hearing Lora's speech, Jonny's handsome face darkened, "Hello! Stop it! Is your family in food and beverage business?"

Lora shook her index finger and said seriously, "Not exactly. My family runs a bubble tea business. Please visit our store frequently, Mr. Jonny!"

Speechless, Jonny turned around and left. He said to the members in the student union behind him, "Let's go and check the school gate!" He didn't insist deducting the five points. Lora smiled proudly. Tori gave a thumbs up to her. Lucia glared at Lora. If eyes could kill a person, Lora had died many times. After the small "battle" just now, Pete was quite interested in this new classmate. For some reason, Lora felt so happy to win the fight against the president of the student union.

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