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   Chapter 19 Fighting in School

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Two years later.

The wind gently blew the willows by the river, and the clear sound of reading came from the campus. It was the first day for the new students to enter the school. All the students in grade one of the high school, led by the teachers, had a free activity after the school tour. They were busy making new friends, introducing themselves, and knowing each other, except for a girl who was absent-minded. The girl took a look at her classmates and schoolmates, and she slowly walked to a chair under a willow by the river. With tears in the corners of her eyes, she gently held the drooping willow and muttered, "Dad, I finally entered Create Blue Middle School, but... But you have left me." The girl recalled the summer half a year ago.

"Dad, I'm sorry!" In a civilian room, a couple and their daughter were sitting on the simple sofa in the living room. The middle-aged man did not say anything, and the woman quickly sat beside her daughter, holding her daughter's hands to comfort her. The girl's eyes were red with tears...

"It's alright, baby. Don't cry. It doesn't matter if you haven't passed the exam. White Scenery is also a good school." Her mother said.

"Mom, I'm just one point less to pass the admission line. I'm not reconciled. And I'm sorry for you." The girl kept sobbing.

"Silly girl, you didn't do anything wrong to us. We know that you have tried your best and didn't mean to blame you. Well, White Scenery is not bad, second only to Create Blue! Am I right, Zack?" Melissa winked at Zack, but Zack ignored her directly. At last, she sat next to Zack and pinched his back with her hand. It was so painful that Zack frowned and said to his daughter slowly, "Well, White Scenery is not bad. Lora, you can go to your room and have a rest." Lora stood up and went into her room.

Worried, Melissa walked quietly to the door of Lora's bedroom and listened to the sound inside. Lora knew that her mother was outside, so she didn't cry out. When Melissa heard no daughter's cry in the room, she thought that her daughter just wanted to be alone with herself, so she went back to the living room with a big relief. She ran to Zack and scolded him. After hearing her mother's leaving, Lora slammed on the table and murmured, "Why? Why is that? Why just one point? Why?"

Then Lora sat up and murmured, "I don't want my father to be disappointed. Why just one point short? If possible, I will enter Create Blue at all costs! ! !

She didn't expect that her words "at all costs" really made her pay a heavy price. She regretted for a lifetime.

Lora lay on the back of the chair and closed her eyes, trying not to shed more tears.

At the garden path. Jonny stood quietly beside the wintersweet tree, with a pile of documents in his hands. These were the detailed information about the freshmen's admission. He was going to hand them over to the headmaster now. Two years ago, Jonny was willing to enter Create Blue because he had investigated the information of Lora. He knew that her biggest wish was to enter Create Blue. What Jonny didn't expect was that after she took the high school entrance examination, he went to investigate the information of Create Blue's new students and was surprised to find that her name wasn't found. Two years ago, when he investigated her information, the information clearly said that Lora Nangong was a special student! 'Why wasn't she here?' Jonny wanted to figure out why. Before Jonny had joined Create Blue, his father had cancelled all the privileges of Jonny, so he had no way to investigate Lora. Then Jonny asked his friend Wilson to investigate and got the information in hand. It turned out that Lora was almost able to get into Create Blue but she was only one point short, and the person who made her performance decline was unexpectedly. Him. Her boyfriend. Jonny was surprised to see it at that time. How could it be? When Jonny first arrived at Create Blue, he had no special identity in the school, so he had to do many things by himself. After he finally became the president of the student union, he was not so busy, which was two months ago. Then he got the shocking information of Lora. Lora Nangong was almost admitted to Create Blue. She had a boyfriend in middle school, and finally betrayed her. Her father died in an accident later. It was conceivable that it was a big blow to her, who was only sixteen, not yet seventeen years old. To Jonny's surprise, since she didn't get into Create Blue, why was she still studying here? It turned out that Lora was the first exceptional student who was admitted by Create Blue. There should be someone behind her who could take charge of Create Blue. Otherwise, how could she enter Create Blue with her examination result that couldn't reach the admission line? Seeing the tears in Lora's eyes, Jonny felt bad. He frowned and walked towards the principal's office with the documents in his hands.

Lora didn't notice him at all. She stood up, straightened her school uniform, wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, and took a deep breath. Since she had entered Create Blue, she couldn't let up this opportunity. She must let her father know that his daughter made it.

His daughter was not so useless!

Lora walked towards her classmates. She didn't know anyone else in Create Blue. There was only one student beside her who had passed the exam, but they were not in the same class in junior high school, so they were not familiar with each other. When Lora saw that her classmates were free, she didn't take part in any activities. Then she returned to the chair under the willow tree. Lora decided to erase her unhappiness and live well for her father, even if she had entered Create Blue not by her examination result, she needed to study hard and become a top student in this school! It was not too late now. She was annoyed that how stupid she was to believe him so easily. Well, at that time, her mind was really stuck in the door. If she had known it earlier, she would have listened to Sandra's words. If she had refused him at that time, nothing would happen, but now she was like this. She must have asked for it!

"Hey, which school are you from?" A girl greeted Nangong Ling with a sweet smile.

Lora was shocked. The voice. Why does it... Sound like Sandra? Lora raised her head and found that this girl was not Sandra. Perhaps it was because Lora had been with Sandra for too long that she became less arrogant, so Lora politely replied, "Hello, I'm a new student from D School!"

"Wow ~D School?" The girl sat down next to Lora and said with a smile, "I heard that there is a student in D School who has won many awards in the UK. Are you... Is that you?"

Lora smiled and nodded.

"Wow, you rock! I admire you so much!" The girl said mischievously. Yes, her voice was indeed similar to that of Sandra indeed. But her personality was completely different from Sandra's.

"Ha ha." Lora smiled.

"Can we be friends?" The girl asked with a smile. Her big eyes were looking at Lora with expectation.

"Of course!" Lora said with a smile, too.

"Ha ha. That's great. My name is Tori Tang, 17 years old. I'm a student of Create Blue, "she said with a smile.

"Ha ha, nice to meet you, Tori. My name is Lora Nangong. I'm 16 years old, one year younger than you!" Nangong said to her with a smile.

The two of them had found something in common and enjoyed a chitchat. Lora was not as depressed as before. Tori was a warm-hearted girl. Just now, when she saw Lora spirit staying there alone in a bad mood, she ran over to talk to Lora. She didn't expect that the two of them would have so many things in common neither did she expect that they would have such a pleasant conversation in a few minutes.

Soon it was time for dinner. The two girls went to the canteen of the school to have dinner. It was Lora's first day at school, so she was not very familiar with it. It had always been Tori who took Lora to the places they went. After dinner, the teacher assigned the students to clean the classroom. There were cleaning team in the school, but all the students would be sent out when the new semester began. Otherwise, the cleaning staff could be super busy. Create Blue was a school with wonderful scenery, and it was the best school in A City. It was easy for the cleaners to clean it during the school days, but there would be a special cleaning day monthly. Lora was assigned to clean the school playground, which was not very big, because it was not the main playground. There were eight students cleaning this place.

"Hey, have you heard that?" A girl asked Lora, holding her hand. Lora was puzzled. The girl didn't say anything just asked her if she knew that. It was too much for Lora to guess.

"What?" Lora asked in confusion.

"Ha ha. I don't think you know it. Let me tell you. The president of the student union of our school is very handsome. And the vice president is also very handsome!" The girl classmate said in an anthomaniac tone.

Lora felt embarrassed. Why should she be happy? Handsome boys? She had seen them before. Lora ignored the girl and began to clean the playground the other side.

"Well, forget it if you don't believe me. Hey, I heard that the president would come to check our sanitation later!" The girl turned to another girl and said.

A boy next to her laughed and said, "Lucia, you haven't changed at all! Always fancy for good looking boys! Ha ha!"

Lucia was displeased, "It's none of your business!"

"It's none of my business? Look at you. You are so annoying. Even Lora doesn't want to talk to you!"

"Pete Li, let me tell you. Don't think that I dare not beat you because you are my cousin. You'd better watch your mouth!" Lucia was furious. Lora was speechless. She didn't want to get involved in their fight at all. At this time, the radio rang...

"Attention please, everyone. The president of the student union will start to check the sanitation in ten minutes. Please hurry up. This inspection begins from the school playground..."

Lora was speechless again. 'Did it say the small playground? Isn't it just what we are cleaning now? Ten minutes? Isn't it too short?' Tori also felt that the time was a little tight, but some girls were still anthomaniac.

"Wow, that's great! We can see a living one!"

Lora couldn't understand her at all. 'Wasn't the president alive before?'

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