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   Chapter 18 Competition Abroad

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As soon as Lora walked out of the restaurant, she took a deep breath! 'Humph! Today was really an unlucky day for me.' Lora pulled up Sandra and carefully supported her. She asked Sandra whether her feet were okay or not, and Sandra just smiled. Then Lora saw that Melissa and Zack had called a taxi and were waiting for them. Then Lora helped Sandra into the taxi, and then she get in the taxi as well. Melissa did not get out of the car, and the three were sitting in the backseat. Sandra sat on the left, Lora sat in the middle, and Melissa sat on the right. Zack sat in the passenger's seat. Lora's house was far away from this restaurant, and it would take nearly forty minutes by car. Looking at Sandra, Melissa said with hesitation, "Well. Sandra, do you... Do you feel crowded if we three are squeezing at the backseat? Let's call another taxi if so!" Asked Melissa with a smile.

Sandra smiled and said, "Aunt, please don't bother! It's absolutely fine. Besides, it's just appropriate for the three of us to sit together! We don't have to waste money on another taxi!" Sandra knew that she was still an outsider of the Nangong family, so she should ways watch her mouth and behave properly. Besides, none of them was big sized. It was really not crowded to sit together!

"Ha ha, Sandra, please make yourself home after getting back our house! Our house is not as luxurious as yours!" Melissa said with an embarrassed smile.

"Ah! Mom, Sandra is not that shallow! Right?" Lora said to her mother, then turned to Sandra with a smile.

Sandra smiled, "Auntie, it really doesn't matter at all. I'll make myself home! Besides, even if your home is not luxurious, it's still a sweet home! There's no place like home."

"Ha ha! Sandra is so adorable!" Melissa said and chuckled.

"Mom, do you mean that I'm not lovely?" Lora pretended to be jealous.

"You are not as good as Sandra!" Answered Melissa on purpose.


"Haha, auntie, Lora is also a lovely girl, isn't she?" Sandra hurriedly said and patted on Lora's hands for comforting her.

"Ha ha." Zack also burst into laughter when hearing what they said at the backseat.

The four chatted happily in the taxi, and the driver talked to them from time to time. Forty minutes later, Lora, her parents, and Sandra got out of the car.

"Auntie, have we arrived?" Sandra asked with a smile.

"Well. Not yet. Sandra, we still have to walk for a while. Can you make it?" Melissa said with embarrassment as she had noticed Sandra's feet had been injured earlier.

"Of course! No problem!" As soon as she finished her words, Sandra pulled Lora to walk forward. Then Lora said to her parents, "Dad, Mom, you can go back first. I'll show Sandra around here!"

Melissa replied, "Okay. Go home early!"

Lora made an "OK" gesture behind her and disappeared in the crowds with Sandra on the street.

Yes, it was a night market, where there were a lot of people coming and going. Normally, cars couldn't drive through at night. The night market in A City was two streets in a row, and behind the street were private houses. They had to go through those private houses to reach Lora's home. Anyway, Sandra was here for fun, so it would be good for her to walk around and have a look at the neighborhood. Lora knew that a rich girl like Sandra had never been to such a place.

Indeed, Sandra had never been to such a place. The two strolled and went back to Lora's home. Lora's house was not very big, with two bedrooms and one living room, but the decoration was very warm. Lora and Sandra stayed in the same bedroom, and the two of them chatted until one o'clock in the next morning. On the second day, they got up with a pair of dark circles on thei

r eyes. When Melissa saw them, she laughed so loudly, and so did Zack. Then Sandra also laughed. However, the happy time really passed very quickly. Two months of summer vacation soon passed, and Sandra had to go back to the UK. She was almost recovered now. All members of the Nangong family took good care of Sandra, and her wound healed quickly. Sandra thought that the new nanny her aunt had hired should be in her house already. This time when Sandra went back to the UK, she had to move to the new villa. Although Lora was reluctant to let Sandra leave, she knew that it was impossible. Sandra still had to go to school, so she couldn't stay here forever. In the afternoon of the departure day, Melissa drove Lora to the airport to see Sandra off to the UK. Zack couldn't go with them because of something urgent in the factory. Sandra thought that she shouldn't delay Lora's father's business and it would be fine as long as Lora sent her off, because Melissa also had to manage her milk tea business, but Melissa decided to close her store for a whole day. Eventually, Sandra agreed to let Melissa and Lora send her to the airport together. Her flight would take off at three o'clock in the afternoon, and they arrived at the airport at least three hours ahead of the time. On the way to the airport, Lora and Sandra talked a lot. After Sandra had checked in, they still kept talking to each other. In the two months, both of them had established deep friendship. Although it was not a short time, it was not a long period either. Especially the time before Sandra got on the plane was extremely short for Lora. Shortly, it was the boarding time for Sandra. She had no choice but to leave. At last, she picked up her luggage and ready to go through the security check. It seemed that Sandra suddenly had remembered something, so she walked back and whispered in Lora's ear for a moment. At the end, she did not forget to remind Lora. "We'd better keep it as a secret from uncle and aunt." Lora nodded to agree and Sandra left reluctantly.

Melissa was curious. She asked Lora what Sandra had said to her just now. Lora said with a smile. "Nothing. She just told me to visit her next time when I'm free!"

Melissa didn't ask anything more about it at all. She just nodded and left the airport with Lora.

As a matter of fact, Sandra told Lora about Lora's aunt, who was her father's sister. She said, "Your aunt's husband's company went bankrupt. The three of them went to the US. According to my investigation, they have rebuilt a small company in the US and planned to develop there."

It turned out like this. Lora understood that her aunt was afraid that they would worry about them.

After Lora had been to the UK for the competition, Lora became very popular in the school. Elsa (a girl from the senior grade) hated Lora more and more. Lora took part in more and more competitions on behalf of the school, and there were more and more admirers chasing her in the school. Lora also spent a lot of time in the UK gradually, so she met with Sandra three or four times a year. She also took this opportunity to learn more details about her aunt's family.

Life was very peaceful, but the more peaceful it was, the more unusual it was. She did not expect that he would provoke her; she did not expect that she would pay attention to him; she did not expect that he approached her just because of a bet; she did not expect that it was all because of that. All of what happened next in her life... All were just illusions...

Because of him, her study had declined sharply; because of him, she had often been blamed by teachers and parents; because of him, she had lost the opportunity to enter Blue Creature.

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