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   Chapter 17 Competition Abroad

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"Bang!" Lora flew into a rage and was knocked back a few steps. Her feet tilted and her waist flashed backwards. When Sandra came out, she saw what happened to Lora, but it was too late for Sandra to do anything. Lora was about to fall down. When Lora thought that she was going to have an intimate contact with the earth mother, a pair of strong arms from her back held her waist to save her.

"Phew!" after Lora steadied herself, she took a deep breath and then realized that she almost fell down. Now she was in someone's arms.

"Hey! Did you?" Lora was about to ask if the person was so careless. Before she finished her words, she looked up and saw a face that looked quite familiar to her.

"It's you?" Lora and the man said in unison. It occurred to Lora that this man holding her waist was the impolite guy she met in the UK. 'Swoosh! What a small world!' Jonny Fang, who had been suppressing his temper, was in a bad mood. When he saw Lora, he was furious. Obviously neither of them had left good impression in each other's heart.

"Are you blind?" Jonny roared, which scared Sandra, who was at a loss and didn't know how to react for what had happened just now, to tremble, not to mention Lora, who was closer to Jonny.

Lora was dumbfounded. This was exactly what she wanted to yell at him just now! "Hey! What are you talking about? It's your fault! You hit me. I didn't hit you! I almost fell down! You should blame yourself! Why are you so mad?" Lora put her hands on her waist to express her anger. 'Swoosh!' There were a lot of overbearing people in this world, but she had never seen such an unreasonable person!

"Am I overbearing? Am I unreasonable? Why didn't you make a sign when getting out?" Crossing his arms across his chest, Jonny exhaled. He really wanted to release his emotions as soon as he saw her, but he endured it.

"Hey! Do I always have to make an alert? Like 'Be careful, outsiders. I'm getting out.' How ridiculous!" Lora thought it was funny.

"Shouldn't you?" Jonny raised his eyebrows.

"Humph! Boy, why are you so arrogant?" Lora yelled at Jonny.

"Who are you calling?" Jonny was furious! As soon as Sandra realized what had happened, she pulled Lora over and whispered to her.

"Lora, forget it! Uncle and aunt are waiting for us!"

"Sandra, don't worry. I just want to see what he can do to me today!" Lora had also lost her temper.

"Lora!" Sandra shouted.

"Humph! Listen. I, Lora Nangong, have a principle, which is I will not attack unless I are attacked." Lora was very angry.

"Attack? Who do you think you are?" Jonny squinted at Lora.

"You! I..." Lora raised her hand and wanted to slap Jonny on his face, but her wrist was grasped by Jonny. Lora's wrist was held very hard by him. She was very thin, and her wrist was also small, so she could not bear the force from Jonny's hand. Seeing this, Sandra tried to pull away Jonny's hand, but her strength was also weak, so she could not pull away Jonny's hand at all. Seeing that, Lora asked Sandra to stay away from the mess and not to worry about her, but how could Sandra just stand by but do nothing?

"Hey, You! You hurt her!" Sandra was a little angry. She really felt that this guy was very ungraceful!

"It's none of your business!" Said Jonny coldly.

Sandra was speechless. 'What kind of person is this man? He even didn't know how to be tender to a woman!'

"Phew!" Lora couldn't help but take a deep breath because of the pain on her wrist. But she was so arrogant that she didn't want to say it out. Sandra couldn't bear it, so she tried to pull away Jonny's hand again. However, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't make it, so she grabbed Jonny's hand and tried to pull it away one finger by one finger. However, Sandra accidentally tripped Lora's foot, so she stepped back and dodged.

Sandra was shocked. 'Gosh! Now is it my turn to have an intimate contact with the mother earth this time?' Just as Sandra was about to get r

eady, a pair of powerful hands caught her. She was shocked and still in a daze. 'What, what happened just now?'

The man helped Sandra up. Sandra quickly stood up and was about to express her gratitude to the other man.

"Hi! Nice to meet you again!" Wilson said to Sandra with a smile.

"You are..." There was no such a person in Sandra's impression.

"Well, well," Wilson was embarrassed. It turned out that he had been flattering himself for a long time! She didn't remember him at all!

"Ah! Lora," it suddenly occurred to Sandra that Lora was still under the "claw" of another man. Just now, Sandra also sprained her ankle, but in order not to make Lora worry, she did not say anything. Now, as soon as she stepped out, she could not stand firm. Wilson quickly helped her up and Sandra thanked him again. With a slight smile, Wilson knew that the girl fighting aside with Jonny was her friend, so he took a look at Lora. As soon as Wilson saw her face clearly, he was so shocked! 'Isn't she the girl that Little Fang cares about? But it seems that Little Fang has a good taste! This girl is more beautiful than that I have seen on TV. Well, not bad. These two girls in front of me are both as cute as flowers!' Wilson thought to himself. Although Lora and Sandra had no biological connection, Sandra was a copy of the doll, cute and elegant; Lora was pretty and smart. They both had their own merits! Wilson wondered why Little Fang pinched the girl's wrist.

"Jonny, enough is enough. Please release her!" Wilson said to Jonny with a smile.

"Shut up!" Jonny was still angry! He wanted to teach Lora a lesson.

"..." Wilson was embarrassed. 'Little Fang, please save my face in front of my loved girl.'

"Get away from here! It's none of your business!" Jonny stared at Wilson.

Sandra was confused. 'Did they know each other?'

Embarrassed, Wilson looked at Sandra and said to Jonny seriously, "Little Fang! "

Jonny was annoyed when he heard the nickname. He let go of Lora. 'Phew! Wilson Wang, Did you do it on purpose?'

"Ha ha, Jonny, don't be so rude to her!" Wilson said to Jonny, standing between him and Lora. Jonny folded his arms across his chest and snorted. Lora was still angry. She said, "Wow! Every time I meet this mad dog, there must be something bad happening!" It seemed Lora was so angry that she called Jonny a mad dog. Enduring the pain in her foot, Sandra trotted over and pulled Lora away. She shook her head at Lora, meaning that she had gone too far.

"Sandra, as you have seen, it was he who hit me first!" Lora was so mad.! !

"You are so blind!" Said Jonny sourly.

"This is exactly my words to you." Lora was speechless.

"Well, you two stop quarreling!" Said Sandra, sensing they would fight again.

"Okay, okay, Sandra, let's go. I don't want to argue with such kind of person!" Lora was about to leave with Sandra, but Sandra didn't pay attention and hurt her foot again. She couldn't helped but groaned.

"What's wrong?" Lora asked as she noticed that there was something wrong with Sandra.

"No, nothing. Let's go!" Sandra limped out with Lora. Finally, Lora noticed that Sandra's foot was injured, so she pulled Sandra to a chair and let her sit down. Then she ran to argue with Jonny.

"Hey! Stop! You hurt her foot!" Lora yelled at Jonny and pointed at Sandra. Jonny was a head taller than Lora, so Lora could only raise her head and talk to him.

"It's none of my business!" After saying that, Jonny walked out immediately. He walked very fast, either he usually walked very fast or he wanted to leave the place deliberately. He even didn't look at Lora again.

"Jonny!" After Jonny left, Wilson followed him. When he passed by Sandra, he glanced at her and asked if she was fine with concerns. After receiving a polite answer, Wilson continued walking towards Jonny. When Lora realized what had happened, Jonny had disappeared! She had no choice but to help Sandra walk out of the restaurant.

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