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   Chapter 16 Competition Abroad

Battlefield Of Love: From Enemy To Lover By Hu Minxue Characters: 4368

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"Okay, okay, I'll be straight to the point. Jonny, you have to go to school from tomorrow on!"

"Why? ? ? Didn't I pass the college entrance examination? Why do you ask me to go to school tomorrow? "

"Aren't you a freshman? You are in the third year of junior high school again! "

"What? ? ? Old man, did you forget to take your medicine today? I'm in the third year of junior high school? ? ? Don't you think you're just wasting my talent? It's unfair to me to be a junior high school student.! "

"Don't forget, how did you say that you are not Steve's son at school?"

"What do you want, old man?"

"That's it!" Then the waiter served the dishes~~~


"Well, it's settled then. You have to work harder than ordinary students. This summer vacation You can stay at school! "

"What? ? ?" Jonny widened his eyes Old man! Are you trying to make things difficult for me? ? ? Jonny looked at Wilson, who was tittering, and conveyed with his eyes, "If you don't help me, you'll be dead meat!"

When Wilson saw the meaning from Jonny's eyes, he felt a little scared. Wilson said to Steve, "Hmm... Well Uncle, isn't it too How about going to school next semester? "

"Eh oh dear! How could I forget you? By the way, Wilson, you can go together tomorrow! I forgot to tell you. I've told your parents that you can go together tomorrow! " Steve said with a smile

"What? ? ?" Wilson was dumbfounded What happened? ? ? Whoop! Whoop Why? Wilson looked at Jonny with grievance! Jonny turned his head aside and said gently, "You deserve it!"

Wilson was speechless Whoop! Whoop Ungrateful guy!

On the other side~~~

"Mom, let's go home." Lora said to Melissa with a smile

"That's right! By the way, Zack, you Go and pay the bill! " Said Melissa to Zack with a smile

"Let's go together! Anyway, we are going out! " Lora said to Melissa

"By the way, uncle, aunt, there's no need. Haven't you paid the bill?" Said Sandra

"We? ? ? No! " Melissa looked at Zack~~

"Eh Beryl, how do you know we have paid the bill? "

"Just now, i "Zoe accidentally spilled the beans

"Sandra, did you go to the washroom to pay for us? ? ?"



, why did you do that? Actually, it's our treat today! " Said Melissa

"By the way Did you pay it? " Lora said

"I? ? No, I was going to pay the bill. But But the receptionist said that you had already paid! " Sandra said, blinking her big eyes

"Really? Did the receptionist make a mistake? " Said Zack

"Forget it. Let's go and ask! We have to go home by the way! "

"Yes! I agree! " Lora said

Then, Sandra said that she had something to tell Lora. Melissa and Zack also understood that the little girls had some secret words to say, so they went out first to ask the receptionist what was going on So Lora and Sandra whispered to each other in the private room Lora told Sandra something about her family

At the same time In Room 309

"Clap!" Jonny pounded the table up

"Old man! Don't go too far! "

Seeing this, Wilson stood up and patted on Jonny's back. He said gently, "Fang, don't be angry. Don't be angry!"

"Fuck off!" Jonny roared at Wilson. Wilson felt so innocent. Shit! He had to be scolded even if he tried to persuade Jonny. What kind of world was it!

"Jonny, don't be rude! Wilson did it out of kindness. Why are you so angry with him? " Steve was a little unhappy about Jonny's behavior. Though he loved Jonny, for this matter, he... He had to hold on!

"Old man! You've gone too far! "

"What did I do wrong?"

"You asked me to go back, and I came back; you asked me to go to school for three times, and I agreed; you asked me to go to school tomorrow, and I agreed. Why do you still interfere with my relationship? " Jonny was furious! The old man was so hateful! Steve wanted Jonny to date with any girl he met. Other parents refused their children's early love. Was the old man good enough to help his son fall in love? ? ? Shit! What was going on?

"Old man! I tell you! If you want me to date with anyone you like, I'll tell you now! Well Absolutely! No Way!" Jonny opened the door and walked out angrily Jonny was in a fit of anger and didn't pay much attention to running away, so Then he ran into Lora who just walked out of the room (If someone wants to go to the front desk, he or she have to go through room 306.)

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