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   Chapter 15 Competition Abroad

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Lora and Sandra looked out of the room and saw room 306 not far away from them. Well. Well, it was her fault this time!

"Well. Sandra, I'm sorry! Come on, this is room 306! " Lora pulled Sandra into room 306~~

"Dad, mom!" When Lora opened the door, she saw Zack and Melissa. Lora called them. Melissa held Lora's hand with a smile

Seeing this, Sandra knew that they didn't make a mistake this time, so she greeted politely, "Uncle, aunt..."

"Ha ha. Is this Sandra? " Said Melissa, holding Sandra's hand.

Sandra nodded. Lora said, "How do you like her, mom? Is she beautiful?"

"Yes! Look! She looks like a doll! " Melissa said with a smile

Zack said with a smile, "Come on. Let them sit. Sandra must be tired after a long flight!"

Sandra smiled and said, "Uncle, aunt, you're welcome. I'm not that weak anymore!" Lora smiled and pulled Sandra to sit next to her!

"Sandra, let's start serving!" Melissa said with a smile

"Well, well!"

"Wow! I can finally eat delicious food. I'm starving to death!" Lora said with a smile

"You! It's so embarrassing! " Melissa said with a smile

"Ha-ha, auntie, don't be so embarrassed. Lora is such a cute girl! I like her!" Sandra said with a smile. 'That's right. Lora is not a scheming girl. Lora is a straightforward and kind person. Where can I find a friend like her?'

"Mom, did you see that? This is me! " Lora said with a smile

"Ha ha!" Melissa also smiled

"How smug you are!" Zack said with a smile.

Then. When all the dishes were served, they started to eat and chat. Sandra went out halfway~~

"Uncle, aunt, take your time. I want to go to the bathroom first!" Said Sandra

"Well. How about letting Lora accompany you? " Asked Melissa

"No, thank you. I can go by myself! I'll be back later! "

"Yes! Okay! " Melissa said and Sandra went out.


"What? Did someone pay the bill to you? " Sandra's eyes widened. Did Uncle and aunt pay the bill because they knew she was going to pay?

"Yes, my lady!"

"Oh. All right! Thank you! " Sandra thanked him politely and was about to go back to the private room ......

"Wow! Little Fang, where is your father's VIP room? " Wilson asked Jonny

"He said he was in Room 309 of the common suite!"

"Wow! Really! When did your father become so economical? Isn't this your own hotel? Why did he do that? " Wilson was speechless. Since when did his father become so stingy?

"Who knows!" Said [皓轩] coldly

"Eh. [小方], do you think your father will punish you this time? " [王梓谦] ran to [皓轩] and stepped back~~

"Who knows!"

"Humph! Little Fang! You. Ah ~

"Wilson seemed to step on someone? As a gentleman, he apologized in a hurry~~

"Sorry, I didn't mean it! Are you okay? " Wilson turned around and bowed, looking at the girl he was stepping on~~

Wilson was a little obsessed with her. How could he see a real SD doll when he went out for dinner? Jonny looked down upon Wilson. At this time, Jonny did not notice Sandra, so he did not recognize Sandra as the person who met him together with Lora in the UK!

"It doesn't matter!" Sandra smiled and walked towards room 306. After Sandra went far, Wilson held Jonny's hand and said

"Ha ha. Little Fang, look at the real SD doll! " Wilson said with a smile

"Boring!" Jonny shook off Wilson's hand, walked to the front desk and asked for the location of Room 309! Then the two of them went to Room 309~~~

When Jonny and Wilson saw that there was no room 309, Jonny was speechless. Later. They took a closer look. In fact. A screw was missing~~

Jonny kicked the door of room 309 open. Wilson looked at the poor door. Oh my God. I can't afford it~~

"Old man! Your room number has broken. Why don't you ask someone to fix it? If such a low-level mistake happens in our hotel, will it lower the level of our hotel? " Jonny said to Steve angrily.

"Hello, Uncle Fang!" Wilson greeted him politely!

"Ha ha. Wilson was so polite! Look at you! Call me old man! You don't respect me! " Steve pouted and said

Jonny ignored him!

Jonny pulled a chair aside and sat down, so did Wilson!

"Old man, why are you so stingy in your own hotel? You won't even go to the VIP private room! " Asked Jonny indifferently

"Ah! Don't talk about your father like that! This is called experiencing folk life! " Steve said with a smile

"Experience folk life? Old man! Do you mean you spent your first half of your life in heaven? " Jonny said with a fake smile

"Ha-ha..." Wilson sat aside and tittered. That was how the father and son were like.

Steve looked at Wilson as if nothing had happened, and then said, "Jonny is disobedient, and of course I'm not living a happy life!"

"Humph! Old man! What do you want to say? " Jonny knew that there must be something wrong with the old man!


"Don't call me that disgusting!"


"Uncle, I think you should call him Little Fang. He won't say anything! Ha ha. " Wilson laughed.

"Wilson! Don't exaggerate it. Otherwise, I won't let you see the sun tomorrow! " Jonny pounded the table and stood up!

"Well. Don't be so fierce! " Wilson pouted!

"Jonny, don't be so cocky in front of me!" Steve said lightly

Jonny ignored him.

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