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   Chapter 14 Competition Abroad

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Actually, a week after Lora came back, Lora received a call from Sandra. Sandra said... She was on her way to A City in Lora's province. Now she had arrived at the airport... Lora was very happy. After hanging up the phone, Lora immediately called Melissa. Lora told Melissa and Zack that Sandra would come. They were also very happy to see Sandra. They heard from Lora that Sandra was from a well-known and rich family, so they paid a lot to treat Sandra in ML Hotel in the center of A City. Sandra got off the plane and then called Lora. Lora's house was just on the edge of the city, and the airport was not far from her home. It was the first time that Lora spent money to take a taxi to the airport. Forty-five minutes later, Lora picked up Sandra at the airport.ML hotel When Lora saw Sandra, she found two strangers around Sandra, who were only seventeen or eight years old. They were asking Sandra for her phone number. Sandra looked a little unhappy. It was not difficult to see that Sandra refused to give them her phone number. The two young men entangled with Sandra and Lora was speechless Sandra was only thirteen years old now. What would happen when Sandra had grown up? ? ? Alas Lora couldn't help but sigh! There were really many men who were crazy about women in A City! Lora touched her forehead Alas What a shame of A City!

Lora walked not far away and called Sandra. Sandra waved at Lora with a smile. Lora walked over.

"Wow Sweet girl, why are you and your friend so obedient? " One of the young men said with a smile. Sandra's face looked a little pale, and Lora's face darkened! Shit! Why did this happen to Sandra when she came here for the first time? ? ? Humph!

"Eh By the way, sweet girls. You don't want to tell me your phone number, then... Let me tell you my number! " Then the young man took out a small notebook, wrote a number and gave it to Sandra. Sandra was embarrassed. These two people were too annoying, and she didn't want to, but she felt it was impolite to do so. She was about to take it with a bad grace. Seeing Sandra was unhappy, Lora took it over and said

"Oh Uncle, is this your phone number? ? ?" Another young man was amused when he heard Lora call his companion uncle The young man's face darkened

"Sweet girl, it's my fault!"

"Oh Sorry, I didn't think so! "


Sandra pulled Lora, indicating that they should leave. Lora smiled "By the way, uncle, don't others always send business cards now? How could you just write a number on a shabby notebook? You are so mean! " Lora pouted and said

"What? I'm so handsome and charming! What's wrong with me? " After saying that, the young man didn't forget to try to be cool. He shook his bangs on his forehead and blew his hair! Lora thought it was funny Shit! It's so ridiculous for him to try to be cool!

"Ahem Uncle We! Don't want to play with you anymore! My mother asked me to go home for dinner! " As soon as Lora finished her words, she helped Sandra take the suitcase, took Sandra's hand and walked out of the airport Lora suddenly turned her head back Sandra was caught off guard and startled. The two young men thought Lora would come back, so they laughed. However, Lora said, "I'm really sorry. I forgot to say goodbye! It was so impolite! Goodbye, two uncles! " Lora smiled and took Sandra's hand, walking out of the airport~~

"You!" The two young men stared at each other This girl was... Very arrogant!

"Honey, I've ordered dinner for you at ML Hotel. Remember to bring Wilson with you to

night! Bye! " Steve (Little Jonny's father! )Then he hung up the phone~~

"Fuck! He always finishes first! " Jonny frowned, and Wilson burst into laughter when he heard the word "finish"

"Little Fang, you can also finish before your father!" Jonny didn't respond and looked at Wilson in confusion!

Wilson said seriously, "Ahem Well, did you see that? ? ?" Wilson pointed at the pillar and asked Jonny

"What do you want to say?" Jonny knew him well? ? ? He would definitely give him a hard time!

"Ha ha! Little Fang, if you hit the pillar directly, you will finish before your father!" Wilson laughed heartlessly

"Go to hell!" Jonny threw a cushion to Wilson.

"Fuck! Little Fang, I'm kind enough to give you advice. It's okay that you don't thank me, but you still hit me. You're so heartless! " Wilson said with his eyes widely open

"Humph! A bad idea without conscience! " Said Jonny coldly~~

"……" Wilson was embarrassed~~

"Fool Wilson, my father said he was in ML. Are you going or not?" Jonny asked

"Mr. Fang said he was in ML? ? ? Ha ha Little Fang, you called me because you were afraid that your father would punish you, didn't you? " Wilson said with a smile

"Are you going or not?" Jonny's face darkened

"Uh Go Go Of course! How can I refuse your father's invitation? ? ?"

"Fuck off! Now you can go! " Jonny kicked Wilson hard!

"Uh Wait Wait a minute. I'm going to change my clothes! " After saying that, Wilson ran upstairs~~

Jonny was embarrassed Shit! Every time Wilson went out, he would change his clothes! He was cleaner than girls! (Ahem Wilson has a fetish about cleanliness ~ ~)

After Wilson changed his clothes, the two of them set off for ML together~~~

…… …… ...... ……

"Sandra, my mom is in room 306. Let's go!" Lora said to Sandra after they entered ML Hotel Wow This hotel was really different! Look What a magnificent scene! Whoop! Whoop Thanks to Sandra. Lora's parents wouldn't have spent so much money to have dinner here if Sandra hadn't come They even booked a private room After all, it would cost her father's salary of at least two months to buy a meal here! At least!

"Ha ha Uncle and aunt are so hospitable! " Sandra said. If they were not hospitable, how could they invite her to dinner in such an elegant place? ? ? It must be Lora who said Sandra was from a rich family!

"Ha ha Then Let's go! " Lora led Sandra to room 306~~

"Dad, mom, we are here!" As soon as Lora pushed the door open, she saw a strange person ~ ~ Lora looked embarrassed Sandra asked

"Lora, this Uncle? Why didn't I see aunt? ? ?" Sandra asked

"Uh I'm sorry, uncle. I I was wrong! " Lora hurriedly apologized, pulled up Sandra and closed the door~~

Sandra was speechless

Lora took Sandra's hand and looked at the door of the room No. 306? Wasn't she wrong? ? ? Then she looked carefully at the door number Uh It turned out The screw of the number 6 on the door was loose. It was so dramatic! In TV dramas, the heroine went to the wrong room and met her prince charming, but she met Uncle Charming? ? ?

Sandra finally realized It turned out that they made a mistake~~~

As soon as Lora walked out of the room, Steve called someone......

"Hey, help me check who the two girls who just entered my room are. I think... One of the two girls will be my future daughter-in-law! By the way, there is a monitor. You can go to the monitor room to have a look. I'm in Room 309! "

"Yes! Mr. Fang! "

HMM... little girls, are you two my son's taste? ? ?

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