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   Chapter 13 Competition Abroad

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"Sandra, you Do you regret coming back with me? " In the evening, Sandra and Lora took a walk at the gate of the community... Lora would come back tomorrow

"No!" Sandra said with a smile

"Sandra, I have to go to school a few days after I come back, but I can go home at noon! We can still play together! Lora said to Sandra with a smile

"Ha ha Lora! Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you something! " It was not until then that Sandra realized How could she forget about it? ? ?

"What's the matter?"

"Lora, I'm really sorry. My aunt said that I have to go through some admission procedures in the UK, so I have to finish it before I can go to your hometown! "

"What? ? ? No? ? ? How long will it take? " Lora was a little disappointed

"Only one week." Sandra said after thinking for a while

"Oh One week Eh I would just finish the exam then... " Lora said with a smile


"Yes! That's great! But I have to go back tomorrow! " Lora was happy first Later she was disappointed

Sandra took Lora's hand and said, "Lora, not be sad! Just a week! We can play for another two months! "

"Then You mean You will spend the whole summer vacation at my home? " Lora asked with her eyes widely open

Sandra pretended to be unhappy, "What? Don't you welcome me?"

"How is that possible? Excellent! Ha ha... " Lora said with a smile

"Ha ha..."

"By the way, I've been in England for a few days. I haven't seen my aunt yet! There's even no news! " Lora was a little disappointed

"Lora, it's okay!" Sandra comforted her

"Sandra, my aunt hasn't contacted us for a long time. Is there anything wrong?" Lora frowned and said

"No, you're thinking too much! Anyway, your aunt's home is upstairs. These days, I will help you inquire about her and see if there is any news about her! "

Sandra said with a smile

"Really? Sandra! Thank you so much! " Lora hugged Sandra! Then the two of them went for a walk in the park beside the community, talking and laughing~~

Soon, the second day came It should be the time when Lora came back

Lora and Sandra got up early on the second day, and Amy had already prepared breakfast for them

"Amy, why do you get up so early? Don't you sleep a little longer? " Sandra rubbed her eyes and asked Amy... It was only half past seven. Why did Amy get up so early?

"Miss Sandra, you are up? I knew you got up early today, so I've already made breakfast. Come on, have some breakfast! Eh Where is Lora? " Only then did Amy find that Lora Where is she? ? ?

"Oh She is brushing her teeth in the bathroom! "


"Ha ha Good morning, everyone! " Lora said with a smile

"Lora, I was talking about you just now!" Sandra and Lora sat beside herself

"Oh Ha ha Wow Aunt Amy, you make a big breakfast! Lora said with a smile

"Ha ha Enjoy it! It won't taste good if it's cold later! Amy smiled and called out to Sandra and Lora

"Yes! The three of them had breakfast~~~

After dinner, Sandra sent Lora to the * * hotel to find Lora's teacher. Sandra had planned to send Lora to the airport, but later Lora saw that Sandra was a little weak. So Lora did not agree Sandra to see her off, although She wanted to, but She was not that selfish Sandra was obedient and didn't go to the airport to see Lora off. Lora took a plane at ten o'clock, and at nine o'clock, Lora would go to the airport with her teachers from the * * hotel. Therefore, Sandra accompanied Lora until nine o'clock

Looking at Lora's receding figure, Sandra felt a little sad. After all She hadn't had a true friend since she was a child But Swoosh! Lora! See you in a week!

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