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   Chapter 12 Competition Abroad

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At home.

"Little Fang. Fang. Honey." Wilson was speechless. Since he came back from abroad, Wilson hadn't returned to the Wang Family. He had been living in Jonny's house. Since they came back from the UK, Jonny hadn't been to school for two days, so Wilson didn't want to go either. Jonny had been watching TV since he came back from the UK. Alas. Jonny was still watching the show in England.

"Jonny!" Wilson got anxious and shouted at Jonny with his unique skill "lion roar". Wilson had thought that Jonny would roar at him as usual. However.

"What are you screaming for? I'm not deaf!" Said Jonny lightly.

"Uh..." This. Jonny was so abnormal!


"Eh? What's wrong? " Wilson thought. Now Jonny came back to his senses, but he was about to lose his mind?

"Is today the last dance competition held by China and England?"

"Jonny, why do you care about this?" Wilson looked at the girl on TV again. If he remembered correctly. These two days, Jonny had been watching this girl's performance. After watching her performance, he would do his own work.

"It's none of your business!" Said Jonny coldly!

"Ha ha. This is not. The girl we saw at the airport? Hey. Jonny, do you have a crush on her?" Wilson smirked

"Fuck off!" Jonny pushed Wilson away and continued to watch TV!

"Well. As far as I know, today is indeed the last competition, but. Little Fang, you have a good taste. That girl has entered the top five. It's great!" Wilson said with a smile.

"Wilson! I'll say it again! Don't call me Little Fang! ! ! Or I... "

"Ha ha. Or what will you do? Call me. Little prince? (The same pronunciation as Little Wang) Ha-ha. I will be glad if you call me that! " Wilson burst into laughter.

"Fuck off!" Jonny picked up an apple and put it into Wilson's mouth.

"Vomit. Little Fang! If you want me to eat an apple, just peel it for me! You didn't even peel it. It's so dirty! " Wilson took the apple out and peeled it with a fruit knife.

Jonny ignored him! At this moment. Lora's performance was over. Jonny turned off the TV and went upstairs. Walk into the room. Close the Door. Play computer games!

Wilson was speechless. Anyway, he was a guest! Jonny didn't even play with him! How impolite! After peeling the apple, Wilson went upstairs and entered his room. Ahem. It was Jonny's room! There were two computers in Jonny's room! As soon as Jonny entered the room and turned around to close the door, he heard a sound from behind. He was scared to death.

"What are you doing here?"

"Ah. Swoosh. Little Fang, you will scare me to death! Don't you know this common sense? " As Wilson spoke, he turned on another computer and played games!

". "Jonny didn't say anything. Then Jonny sat on the chair and looked at the time. It was almost the time. It's almost the award time, isn't it? Then he opened the live streaming interface. Just in time. Wilson shook his head. What a naughty guy. Jonny was almost addictive!

The host's voice was sweet. "You five are great! Ha-ha. The judges have just selected the champion, the second place and the third place during the advertiseme

nt. Now, I will announce the list. "

Lora began to get nervous. She clenched her fists. Jonny, who was sitting beside the computer, thought it was funny. How could a shrewish girl be nervous?

"I declare that the third place of the dance competition is. Camille, from England. Congratulations, Camille! " The host smiled and said, "Now let's welcome one of the sponsor of this program, Mr. Charles, from the * group in the UK!" Then the CEO gave the award to Camille.

"Ha ha. Now that the third prize was decided. The second is. From China. Julie, congratulations Julie won the third prize. Now, let's welcome one of the sponsor of this program, general manager Bella from the * company in the UK to award the prize to Julie! " The audience applauded warmly.

Lora became more and more nervous. She felt a little disappointed. Although she didn't care about it anymore. It's her first competition, of course, she wanted to get a prize and come back to tell her parents how great she was! However. Now there was no hope.

"In the end, there is only the champion left. I believe everyone is looking forward to it! It was not easy for her to win the championship among so many people and dancers with unique skills! Then. This champion is... " The host stopped, which made Lora more nervous. Sandra held her breath. She really hoped that the champion would be Lora. Sandra had been learning dancing since she was a child. She was different from other children. She must know what ordinary children could do, and she must know what some ordinary children couldn't. Therefore, she had learned the language of several countries since she was a child. As for dancing, it was more necessary. Sandra didn't like jazz dance, so she only danced such kind of dance as waltz. Although she didn't dance or know much about jazz. In her opinion, Lora was the best dancer and her dance was creative!

Elsa was a little complacent! 'Lora. This time. You can't be complacent!'

The host was finally about to announce the champion. "Congratulations, Lora, from China. You have won the championship! Let's applaud and congratulate her! This lovely Chinese girl! " The host said with a smile. The audience applauded warmly.

"Wow. Amy, did you hear that? Lora has won the championship! " Sandra happily called Amy.

"Yes! Yes, I heard it. Lora is awesome! "

On the side of the stage. "Humph! Lora, this time. You are in a big trouble! Humph! Let's wait and see! "

On the stage.

"Is it really me?" It was hard for Lora to be confident!

"Really. Congratulations, Miss Lora!" The host said with a smile

"Wow. Yeah! " Lora jumped with joy. Then Lora said the award speech.

Victory was always reserved for those who were capable!

At home.

"Ha ha. Little Fang, look, your sweetheart has won the crown! HMM ~ not bad! Ha ha! " Wilson said as he patted on Jonny's shoulder!

"Go to hell!" Jonny pushed away Wilson's hand and thought, 'Huh! A shrewish girl! It seemed that. You are not bad! How could a person who had never competed win the championship in a competition! Huh! It seemed that. I have to know you better!'

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