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   Chapter 11 Competition Abroad

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After jumping off the stage, Lora went to the greenroom. Seeing that Lora was down, Sandra took Amy to the greenroom.

As soon as Lora came down, she saw a long face of Elsa. Knowing that Elsa was very unhappy, Lora ignored her directly. The head teacher came forward and praised that Lora's excellent performance. Elsa's face darkened.

Lora ignored Elsa directly.

"Lora, you did a great job!" As soon as Sandra walked to the door of the greenroom, she praised Lora.

"Sandra, you are here? I thought I was wrong! Ha-ha. That's great! " Lora stepped forward and hugged Sandra.

"I want to give you a surprise! Ha-ha. What about? Do you like it? "

"Of course! Sandra, you are so kind! " Lora said to Sandra, holding Sandra's hands.

"Aunt Amy, you are here too?"

"Ha ha. I'm worried about Sandra if she comes alone! " Amy smiled.

"Huh! Lora, your friend. It's really special! She was ugly, so. Did she cover more than half of her face on purpose? Ha ha. " Elsa was amused, when she saw the way Sandra dressed. 'So ugly that you don't dare to see others?' Sandra didn't say anything. Anyway, Sandra didn't care. Sandra pulled her hat down.

"Hey! Elsa, don't go too far in bullying others! I don't care what you do to me, but I won't allow you to say that to my friend! "

"I'm telling the truth!" Elsa was not convinced

"Do you think you are beautiful? Let me tell you. Even an ugly monster is more beautiful than you!" Lora said angrily

"Huh. This. Look at her? " Elsa took off Sandra's hat when Sandra was not noticing. It would be better if Elsa didn't take it. Elsa was stunned.

Sandra's long black straight hair hung down. With fair skin, big eyes, long eyelashes, thin eyebrows and pink lips, Sandra looked very smart. This shocked Elsa. How? How could this be?

"Ha ha. Miss Elsa! You are so shameless! I am even worse than her. How can you compete with Sandra? " Lora raised her eyebrows. Sandra took the hat from Elsa's hand, put it on, and pulled Lora, indicating her to stop talking!

Lora shook her head. The head teacher said, "Lora, I didn't expect you to be so popular. You have made such a beautiful friend as soon as you arrived in England. It's really good!" The head teacher smiled

"Thank you for your praise for Sandra!" Lora said proudly

"You..." Elsa was furious! Elsa wanted to laugh at the people around Lora, but she didn't expect that the one who lost face was herself!

"Ha ha. Miss Elsa. Don't be so arrogant!" Lora said with a smile.

"Humph!" Elsa was so angry that she sat on the sofa and squinted at Lora and Sandra. Amy couldn't stand it anymore. Sandra had never been humiliated before?

Sandra pulled Amy. Amy frowned. Sandra was still so kind!

Lora also stared back! Elsa was so angry that she turned her face to the side. Humph! Lora! 'I, Elsa, are at daggers drawn with you!'! !

The competition was divided into three rounds. The first round was to select ten out of the more than 1000 candidates. The competition was held by the union of China and the UK. Ten people would be selected today, and it was nine o'clock in the evening when ten people were selected. Two people from the school of Lora were selected. One was Lora, and the other was Elsa. Elsa was angry. Why could Lora, who had never been on the stage, be selected into the top ten? The second match would be held tomorrow, and the third match would be held the day after tomorrow. After knowing that she was selected, Lora said goodbye to the teacher. Therefore, Sandra asked Amy to book a table in a Chinese restaurant in England to celebrate Lora's victory. Soon enough, it was time for Lora and Sandra to sleep together. At first, Sandra didn't agree, b

ecause her injury hadn't completely healed, and there was also a smell of Medicine on her body. Sandra was afraid that Lora wouldn't get used to it, but Lora said, "My father works in the pharmacy. I have been used to it. What else can't I get used to?" Sandra was speechless, so she had to sleep with Lora. The two of them talked a lot at night, and Sandra told Lora about many people she cared about at home at that time, and also blamed herself. Lora told Sandra a lot about her school affairs and the love of her parents, and Lora also knew what happened to Sandra. For example. Her brother, her childhood friend, the elders who loved her, the death of her parents, the disappearance of her sister and so on. The two chatted until one o'clock in the morning.

"Lora, let's go to sleep! You have to compete tomorrow! "

"Okay!" The two fell asleep soon.

On the second morning, Amy went with Sandra and Lora. Today there were five people to be selected. Just like yesterday, Sandra was still in the yesterday's position. Today's competition came to an end very soon. Lora successfully entered the top five. Elsa was lost. Elsa was very dissatisfied with Lora. Just now, the judge said that she had a good performance. If there were six people who were selected today, then. The last one must be her! Elsa was even angrier when she heard this. Without Lora, she wouldn't have been defeated now! Humph! She would teach Lora a lesson when came back! After the competition was over tomorrow, everyone would come back the day after tomorrow. Lora was very reluctant to leave, and so was Sandra. Then Sandra decided to go back with Lora the day after tomorrow since Sandra had nothing else to do. Anyway, Lora and Sandra didn't come from the same province. Sandra could come back to relax. The summer holiday was coming, so she decided to spend the summer holiday with Lora. Then she would go back to England after holiday.

Lora was willing to do so. On the second day of the competition, Sandra went with Lora as yesterday, and so did Amy. Sandra would come back tomorrow, and so would Amy. But. When Amy went back to the Sima Family's house, Sandra told Amy that she was almost recovered and could take care of herself. Amy couldn't make a decision, so she called and asked Caroline. Caroline resolutely opposed. It took Sandra a lot of effort to persuade Caroline. Later. When Sandra went back to England to study, Caroline could go through all the enrollment procedures for Sandra in England. But Sandra didn't want to hire a servant, Caroline also agreed.

Lora didn't expect to be in the top five when she came to England this time, so she didn't prepare for any dance. When she came to the stage, she saw the audience applauding. Lora didn't show any nervousness in her first two performances since she came from the UK. But now she was at a loss. Sandra saw the nervous look on Lora's face. It suddenly occurred to her that since Lora came to the UK, she had never practiced except seeing her dancing on the stage. Now. What should she do?

Lora looked off the stage nervously, and then she saw Sandra cheering her up! Lora didn't want to disappoint Sandra! So she said.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Lora, the fifty-third contestant. Today, I'll bring you a dance called Dance with Moon. I hope you like it! Then everyone applauded! Sandra smiled. Sandra still dressed the same clothes as before! Lora smiled at Sandra. Then Lora danced. Many parts of the middle of the dance were made up by Lora. And the judges were staring at them with their eyes wide open. Although the middle part of the dance was different from the original version. They had the same feelings when Lora danced. Even better.

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