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   Chapter 10 Competition Abroad

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The competition was almost halfway through. Sandra was a little anxious under the auditorium. Why hasn't Lora shown up yet?

"Miss Sandra, why hasn't Lora shown up yet?" Amy was also a little anxious.

"I don't know. Maybe her turn was behind others! It should be soon! "

"Yes. By the way, Miss Sandra, you... "

"What's wrong?" Sandra said with a smile

"Miss. Are you afraid that someone in our country will recognize you, so you asked me to buy this dress? " Amy looked at Sandra's dress. A suit of black Adidas sportswear. A pair of white casual shoes. An Adidas sports cap. Sandra was totally different from usual~~

"Yes, I don't want others to know that I'm still alive. By the way, Amy, we come here today to watch the competition of Lora. Can we stop talking about other things?" Sandra smiled. This smile. Very unnatural~~

"Okay!" As soon as Amy finished her words, the host on the stage said, "Now, let's welcome contestant No. 53, Lora to bring us her own dance, "Best Friend Forever ".

"Amy, hurry up. Do you hear that? It's time for Lora!" Sandra called Amy happily

"Miss Sandra, I'm sorry. I can't understand the foreign language!" Amy smiled awkwardly

"Ha ha. It doesn't matter. Look, that's Lora! " Said Sandra

"Yes! Right! " Amy echoed.

Lora was not nervous at all. At the beginning, she jumped with regret. However. After a while. She saw Sandra. Although she was wearing a hat and her bangs were put down a lot to cover most of her face. She still knew that she was Sandra, with a smile at the corners of her mouth. This dance was carefully made up by her for half a year. She didn't want to take part in the competition at first, but because someone in the school couldn't come, she took part in it this time, so she chose the dance made up by herself. At this time, she really wanted to be recognized by her good friend, but no one in China was willing to be her true friend. She felt a little regretful, but sh

e didn't expect to meet Sandra abroad. Of course, she wanted to be recognized by Sandra. This dance was even better. The following judges nodded their heads repeatedly when they saw Lora dance. Sandra gave a thumbs up to Lora, and when Elsa saw Lora, she wished she could eat her up.


"Little Jonny! Ahem. I'm sorry! It's not my fault to get up late! " Wilson apologized to Jonny.

"It's not your fault? Is it my fault? " Jonny was speechless. He got up at seven o'clock in the morning, but he didn't get up until half past seven. Jonny roared, and Wilson immediately sat up. Jonny said to Wilson that he would go to the airport first. If he didn't arrive at the airport after ten minutes, he would be punished, but. When he arrived at the airport, he waited for Wilson for an hour and a half. How could he not be angry? Fortunately, the air ticket he booked was half past ten. He had thought that he could change to a nine o'clock air ticket if he came early. Now he can't~~~

"Well. Huh. ha-ha. I didn't mean it! Don't be angry..." Wilson smiled

"Humph! Look, it's already ten minutes past ten o'clock. Let's go! Put your luggage away! " Jonny frowned and said. At this moment, Jonny accidentally saw the live TV in the airport.

"It's her?" Jonny murmured

"Ha ha. Jonny, do you have a crush on her? Hee hee. It's so rare! Well, well done! This girl is so beautiful! " Wilson teased, resting his hands on the pillar.

"Fuck off! Who had a crush on her? He was digging his own grave! Humph! Bitch! " At the thought that she stepped on his foot, Jonny got angry~~

"Ha ha. Then. Do you know her? "

"The girl I met yesterday is her!"


"By the way. She did a good job! "

"Uh..." Wilson was speechless. Then he snickered again

After Lora finished her dance. Jonny then asked Wilson to check the luggage. Wilson thought to himself, 'Ha ha. Actually. There was someone in the world that he should pay attention to!

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