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   Chapter 9 Competition Abroad

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When Sandra and Amy arrived at the place of Lora's competition, it was already eight fifty-seven. There were only three minutes left before the competition. Sandra and Amy sat on their seats. Amy was worried that Sandra would come alone, so she came with her. Sandra also asked Colin to book an extra ticket. Sandra smiled and said, Lora, come on!

In the dressing room.

"Lora, are you nervous?" A girl from the same school as Lora asked.

"Nervous? No, why should I be nervous? "

"Really? Lora, it's your first time to take part in such a competition, and it's a big one. How can you not be nervous? " Another girl asked

"Then why are you still nervous? You have participated in so many competitions." Lora replied

"." Ok! She admitted that it was true!

"By the way, Lora, why did the school choose you for the competition? As far as I know, you have never participated in any competition. Moreover, no one in our school has ever seen you dance. Are you. Are you okay? Don't embarrass our school! " The second girl said maliciously. She was one level higher than Lora, and was a graduate student. She was arrogant and arrogant. Lora hated her very much! She was also very jealous of Lora's beauty, and often laughed at Lora's family background. She knew that Lora's ideal high school was Create Blue Middle School, and she also said that Lora didn't deserve this high school! And this made Lora hate her more!

"Humph! As long as you don't cry when you can't afford to lose! " Lora chuckled!

"You. Humph! Let's wait and see! "

"Okay! Let's wait and see! " Lora pounded the table and stood up! Now there were many onlookers. Because the two of them were talking Chinese, some of the foreign students couldn't understand, but there was one thing that was clear, the two of them were quarreling.

"Alas. Lora, don't you know that she has won second place in the dance competition held by our country? " A senior who was one level higher than L

ora kindly reminded Lora.

"I know. She won't win the championship, will she? What's the big deal? Can you win the championship? "

"Humph! You bad girl, don't nonsense! "

"What nonsense! Haven't you heard nonsense? "

"You. Humph! Anyway. You are on the stage. " Before the girl finished her words, Lora said.

"I will definitely perform better than you on the stage! By the way. If my memory serves me right. You must be the first one to fight, right! Look, you only have one minute." Lora held the girl's hand and turned her head around. He looked at the clock on the wall. At eight fifty-nine~~

"You. Humph! " After the girl saw the time. She picked up the powder box in a hurry. Fix her makeup.

"Well, it's not your fault that you are ugly, but. Why do you have so many powder? Do you want to scare the judges to death? " Lora said innocently. 'You want to play with me?' 'But, I'll company you until you give up!' 'Humph!'

"You..." The girl wanted to retort, but she thought that there was no time left for her to argue with her! She would tell her after she finished her performance! ! !

At this moment. The ceremony had officially begun~~

"Now, let's welcome our first contestant, Elsa, to bring you the dance!" The audience applauded warmly.

Elsa quickly put on her makeup and rushed to the stage. When she walked up the stairs, she didn't forget to glare at Lora. Lora shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Fortunately, she was number fifty-three and had enough time to prepare. In fact. She made a mistake. There weren't five people in their school, but only five in A City. Although their school didn't get good grades, they were good at dancing. There were three people in their school. Since their school was a little closer to the airport, the contestants gathered in their school~~

Whoosh ~ although Lora had never performed on the stage, she was confident in her dance. However. It was a pity that Sandra didn't come.

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