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   Chapter 8 Competition Abroad

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Updated: 2020-06-29 00:02

The next morning~~

"Ah, seven twenty?" As soon as the Lora woke up, she saw the alarm clock on the bedside table was seven twenty. She quickly got up and washed up. Five minutes later, Lora was ready. She rushed out quickly and saw Sandra and Amy having breakfast when passing by the living room.

"Good morning, Sandra!" Lora greeted~~

"Lora, are you leaving now?"

"Yes, it's already seven twenty-five. I have to go now!"

"Lora, it's not far from XX hotel. It only will take ten minutes for you to find a taxi. Have breakfast before you leave!" Sandra stood up and went to ask Lora to have breakfast

"But. Now. "

"Trust me! I'll take a taxi for you later! "

"Well. Okay! " Lora also sat down to have breakfast. Soon, Lora finished it.

"Sandra, I have to go now. I don't need your help! I'm leaving now. Bye, Aunt Amy! "

"Bye!" Amy smiled

"Wait a minute, Lora. I'll drive you downstairs!" Sandra also finished slowly. She picked up a piece of paper and wiped her mouth. Then she stood up and pulled Lora up.

"Sandra, it doesn't matter. Your injury is just right!" Of course, Lora wanted to, but. She thought of her again.

"I'm fine! Amy, let's go first! Come up later! " Sandra turned to Amy and said

"Okay, my lady. Be careful!"

"Yes! Let's go! " The two of them talked and laughed and then went out. Amy was very happy. From yesterday to today, Sandra was very happy. She used to pretend to be happy and optimistic in front of her. But when she told Colin yesterday, Colin was very excited. She felt that she had seen the former Sandra again!


Sandra stopped a taxi for Lora and told

the driver the address that Lora was going to. Then she paid the driver to tell him not to change. Seeing this, Lora immediately called Sandra not to do that. Sandra smiled at her and said, "Lora, you're going to be late!"

"What? Sandra, I'm leaving now! Bye! " Sandra nodded, watched the car disappear, and went upstairs.

As soon as she went upstairs, she went to her room to look for clothes.

Seeing this, Amy asked curiously, "Miss Sandra, what are you looking for?"

"Amy, let's go to the competition site of Lora later!" Sandra asked with a smile

Amy was confused. Didn't she know that it was a live broadcast?

"My lady."

"I know. By the way, Amy, can you buy me a set of sportswear?"

"Miss, you haven't fully recovered yet. Do you want to do some exercise?"

"No, I'm going to watch Lora's competition!"

"Oh. All right. Miss, I'll go first! "


"What's wrong?"

"Amy, remember to buy me another hat! Oh, and shoes! "

"Okay! By the way, Miss, why. Why don't you tell Lora? " Amy was confused~~

"Amy, I just want to give Lora a surprise!"

"Oh. ha-ha. Miss, you are so naughty! All right, all right. I'll go buy it for you first! "

"Thank you!"

"Miss, you don't need to say thank you to me?"

"Ha ha."

So Amy went out to buy some sportswear, cap and sneakers for Sandra.

After Amy left, Sandra picked up her phone and dialed a number.

"Aunt! Book a ticket for today's British dance competition for me. "

"Yes, it's today!"

"Yes! A better seat! "

"Thank you, aunt!"

Sandra smiled, "Lora, this time. I will give you a surprise! I don't know. If you. Like it? "

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