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   Chapter 7 Competition Abroad

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In another villa.

"Hey! Fang, Jonny, Little Jonny, Jonny, Jonny! " An hour ago, Wilson saw that Jonny had been sitting there in a daze since he came back, without any reaction. Wilson didn't think too much and went back to his room to sleep. An hour later, when he came back, he still saw his friend keep the same posture as an hour ago. He was confused and shouted after calling several times, "Jonny!"

Jonny punched him. It happened to hit Wilson's chest. Wilson was not prepared and was hit in the chest. "Stop yelling! I'm not deaf! ! !"

"Humph! Little Fang. " Jonny hated him with his eyes. If eyes could kill a person, then. He didn't know that how many times Wilson had died.

"Ahem! Jonny. What are you doing! It's been more than an hour. Why are you still wearing that expression? " Wilson sat down next to Jonny, rubbed his chest that was hit by Jonny, and complained, "You brat, you are really willing to do it!"

"You deserve it!" Jonny said something shamelessly~~

"Well. By the way, I'm asking you! "

"I'm wondering why the person sent by the old man are so stupid!"

"Isn't that good?"

"What are you talking about! Who knows what he will do next? "

"Jonny, isn't it good to come back? Why don't you want to go back? Boo... Hoo. I miss Mom. " Jonny hit Wilson on his head.

"You brat, you haven't been weaned yet!"

Fine! He was speechless~~

"You. Do you want to go back? " Jonny turned to Wilson

"Of course! If you hadn't forced me to come to England, how could I leave my home? " Said Wilson. He remembered that his friend didn't want to stay in A City at that time. Although Jonny was also from A City, the province was different! He, who live with his father, wanted to move out to live, but his father didn't agree, so Jonny went abroad quietly. Before Jonny went abroad, he said that he had just arrived in England. He was not familiar with this place, and he didn't have a companion, so he brought him here. Poor guy! He didn't want to go abroad! He didn't know anyone, but he felt sorry for his friend when he was abroad alone. Boo... Hoo. He hadn't been home for a year~~

"Wilson! Let's go back tomorrow! "

"What?" He. Was there something wrong with his ears or was it true? "Jonny, have you decided to come back?"

"Yes! But I have to call my father first and tell him that I can come back, but I have to move out! "

"Wow! Every child wants to stay at home. Why are you so different from us?" Wilson asked

"If I live at home, my father will ask me to check the company's information. I don't want to take over the company so early, not to mention that I am only fifteen years old now!" Said Jonny

"Ha ha. I'm the happiest! My dad said I could take over the company at any time I want! " Wilson leaned against the sofa with his hands on his head!

"Are you serious?" Jonny pulled Wilson up from the sofa.

"Well. Okay, okay, forget it. Won't you go back to school? "

"Who said I wouldn't go?"

"Will uncle let you go?"

"Humph! How could a student not go to school? "

"How long will it take for you to take over your company?"

"Of course when I'm an adult! Wait a minute. I'll call him later! "

The phone was turned on a

fter a beep. "Hey! Baby, I knew you would call me and talk to me! Ha ha! "

"Old chap, I will come back tomorrow!"

"Really? Wow. That's great, honey. I'll pick you up at the airport tomorrow? "

"Forget it! I just want to come back. I'm not sure if I should come back or not! "

"Baby, what do you want?"

"I can come back, but we have to make rules!"

"Okay, okay. Go ahead!"

"First, I will go to Create Blue Middle School after I come back!"

"Okay, I accept it!"

"Second, I will move out alone after I come back! Third, I can take over the company, but I have to make a plan after I'm twenty years old! "

"What? Honey, you. Your third rule is to take over the company after twenty years old. I can agree. But. You have to move out alone. "

"What? You disagree? Okay, I won't come back tomorrow! " When Jonny was about to hang up the power supply, he heard the voice from the other side

"Wait. Wait a minute. Okay, okay. I agree with all three terms, okay? "


"But. I also want to make rules with you! " Steve said in a hurry

"Tell me!" Jonny frowned. Was the old chap bargaining with him?

"First, you can go to school! But you have to promise that you will finish your study in three years! "

"What? You old chap! Didn't you just promise me to take over the company when I was twenty years old? Why do you want me to finish my study in three years? "

"Ouch! Honey, be patient! When you finish your study in three years, you are eighteen years old, aren't you? "

"Of course!" Jonny was speechless. Wilson tittered. As soon as Jonny cast a glance at him, Wilson immediately took out his pad and played games on it~~

"Ahem! I'll give you two years to find your future wife! When you take over the company, you won't have so much time to date. Of course you have to find a good girlfriend in advance! Of course, if you can not only finish your study in three years, but also find a girlfriend, I will be happier... "

"." Jonny was speechless. Wilson laughed, covering his stomach. If he had known it earlier, he wouldn't have put it on speaker! Jonny glared at Wilson and asked, "What's the second point?"

"The second is. You must stay at home at least one day a week! "

"Okay, tell me the third one!"

"The third one. Hey. In fact, it's very simple. Cook for me at least once a week! "

Jonny was speechless, "Don't you have anyone to cook at home? Where is the nanny you hired? "

"Oh my God! The nanny's cooking is not as delicious as my baby's? Ha ha! "

"Okay! Deal! "

"Yes! That's my good son! In order to prevent you from breaking the contract, I have recorded what you said just now! "

"Humph! Old chap! You are so despicable! "

"So do you. Don't think I don't know that you want to agree first and then break the contract. You are my son, how can I not know?"

"Humph! Bye! " Before the phone was connected, Jonny hung up the phone.

"Ha ha. Mr. Steve is so lovely! Ha-ha! Jonny, you know, aged ginger is more pungent! Ha ha! " Wilson laughed heartlessly~~

"Go to hell!" Jonny hit Wilson's chest with a stick.

"Wow. I will sue you for murder! " Shouted Wilson! Jonny ignored it! Old chap, you are so heartless!

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