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   Chapter 6 Competition Abroad

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"Sandra, you. You can tell me. " Lora wanted to ask what had happened to Sandra's car accident, but before she could finish her words, Sandra said

"Lora, okay, I'll tell you now!"

"Okay!" Lora nodded

"Whoosh!" Sandra took a deep breath and said, "Lora, you know, I. Fall in love with someone I shouldn't love! " Tears were welling up in Sandra's eyes. Seeing this, Lora held her hand. Sandra smiled and continued.

"My family is Yu Group of A City. My parents passed away, and the company must be managed by someone. But my parents passed away, and I was only three years old. It was impossible for me to take over the company. Aunt helped me manage the company for my family. Although I have learned more knowledge than others at the same age of me, and I can manage the company. I'm only thirteen years old, and the directors of the company will definitely not allow me to take over the company, so my aunt and I agreed to take over the company when I was twenty years old. I had a twin sister, but she was taken away when I was three years old. Now I don't know how she is now. My parents had a car accident because they looked for her! Tears finally fell down from Sandra's eyes.

"Then what happened later?" Lora didn't know what to do, so she asked again

"I'm very lucky to have a cousin, aunt and uncle who love me very much. My cousin treats me very well. They all treat me well. I met him when I was ten years old. It happened to be my ten year old birthday. My aunt held a party for me, and I invited many of my classmates to attend it. My aunt also invited many business friends. The chairman of the Su Group, the chairman of the Yue Group and the chairman of the Sima Group, three of my uncles, are old friends. So our four children often play together. I'm the youngest, and the other three boys take good care of me! "

"You are so lucky!" Lora said enviously

Sandra smiled and said, "Yes, I'm very lucky. I met him on my birthday. He is very cold to people and doesn't talk much. I think he's a good man, so I want to play with him. It took me a lot of effort to make him gentler, but it's too late. He has to go home with his father!"

"What happened later?"

"Later, when I caught up with him, I accidentally stepped on a small stone and fell down. He asked his driver to stop the car and came back to help me up. He used to study abroad, but later he came back to study. I don't know why, he also happened to transfer to our class. Because of our special identity, we learned very little. On the surface, we learned who learned at the same age of us. But when we came back at night, we had to learn something else. We started with three languages. At that time, I didn't learn very well. After school, he came to my home every day to help me. My aunt was a hospitable person, of course she welcomed him. Time passed quickly. Three years later, I gradually had an inexplicable feeling for him. I had hinted him several times before. He had never refused me. His name is Alfred." Seeing this, Lora gave a tissue to Sandra and held her hand tightly

"Sandra, don't say anything if you feel sad!"

"It doesn't matter, Lora. You are my good friend. I can tell you!" Sandra said, "I have a very good friend at home. I told her everything. At that time, Charles, the eldest son of the Su Group, I treated him as my brother. He was always cold to people. Except for his friends and me. My friend was Linda. She liked Charles, but Charles never talked to her. Later, she was jealous of me because Charles was kind to me. She once kidnapped me! "

"What? Sandra, you are so careless! How could she do that? " Lora suddenly became angry. What kind of friend was this?

"Lora, I asked her later. She told me everything and I forgave her!"

"Sandra, you shouldn't have forgiven

such a person!"

"But I thought she was my best friend at that time. I didn't think so much about anything else!"

"Sandra! We could be kind, but. You are so kind-hearted that you can easily forgive others even if you are bullied. Then you will suffer more losses! "

"I was so stupid at that time. After that incident, I still trusted her. One morning when I saw her come out of my garage, I didn't mean to do that. Later she asked me to go to find Alfred and tell him that I liked him and expressed my love to him. I didn't think too much at that time. After her persuasion, I went to find Alfred. I didn't expect that he refused me ruthlessly and said that he had never loved me and he just treated me as his sister. Later, I ran out and drove by myself. At that time, the more I thought what Alfred said, the sadder I was. At a corner, a truck drove over. I didn't react. The truck driver saw me and slammed the brake. When I was about to brake, the brake line was cut off. "

"Sandra." Lora hugged Sandra and cried.

"Later, the driver sent me to the hospital. When I saw my aunt, I only said that I wanted to go to England. She loved me very much and asked me to go here to take care of me for a month. Later, there were many things in the company, so my aunt couldn't stay, but she left Amy to take care of me. She came back to deal with the business. Everyone in the country knew the news of the death of me. It was me who asked my aunt to do so. I was still alive. Only my aunt and uncle know about it, and even Sheffield doesn't know. When my aunt came back, she heard that the reason why I had a car accident was because the brake line was cut off, so she checked the surveillance and video in the garage and found that it was Linda who did it. Later, my aunt told me that she wanted the Song Group to go bankrupt. I begged my aunt to let her go! "

"Sandra, why are you so silly? She deserves it. You shouldn't let her go!"

Sandra smiled, "But. The Song Group is innocent! Lora, do you know? What makes me saddest is not that Alfred refused me! "

"Then what is it?"

"What makes me sad is that all the people who love me have been hurt by me. They don't smile as usual." Sandra wiped her tears as she spoke.

"Okay, okay, let's stop talking. Don't be so sad, okay, Sandra!" Comforted Lora

"It doesn't matter. It's better to speak it out!" Sandra pretended to smile

"Okay, okay, Sandra." In order not to make Sandra so sad, Lora changed the topic and said, "By the way, Sandra, you can also come to see my competition tomorrow!"

"Yes! I will go there tomorrow! Where is the competition? "

"Well. By the way, I'll ask the teacher. " Lora took out her phone and called the head teacher.

"Hello. Hello! " The head teacher spoke fluent English.

"Miss, it's me, Lora."

"Lora? By the way, have you found your aunt? "

"Yes, I did, but..."

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just want to ask you where we will compete tomorrow."

"Oh. It's a live broadcast in the studio. Lora, you have to go to XX hotel to find us tomorrow. You have to go with your classmates! "

"Okay, okay! What time is it? "

"Oh. Come to me at half past seven. Come to the studio to make up at eight. The show begins at nine! "

"Okay, thank you. I'll be there at half past seven tomorrow! Thank you. Bye." Lora hung up the phone

"Sandra, come to the studio at nine o'clock tomorrow!"

"Are you live streaming?"

"Yes. Right! "


"Are you afraid of being seen?" Lora said

"Well!" Sandra nodded

"Then you. Well! Sandra, you can watch the live broadcast at home tomorrow! " Lora was a little disappointed! Sandra wanted to see it, but. Live broadcast.

"Lora, I..."

"I'm fine! All right! Be it so! By the way, Sandra, let's go out for a walk! "


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