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   Chapter 5 Competition Abroad

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The two kept talking and laughing all the way. Sandra held Lora's hand and entered the elevator. On the way, Lora praised that this place was really beautiful, and the floor was very high, and the environment was also very nice. Sandra took Lora to their floor. Sandra told Lora that she would go upstairs with Lora to find her aunt after dinner. Lora was very happy. As soon as the two of them walked out of the elevator, they met Amy who was about to pick up Sandra downstairs~~

"Amy!" Sandra called her sweetly. Amy was stunned. Four months had passed, but she hadn't seen the real smile of the lady for four months. Although she had laughed in the past four months, she had pretended to smile just in order not to make them worry. Therefore, it was normal for Amy to be a little stunned at this time~~

"Amy, do you want to go downstairs to find me? No, thanks. Let's go back! " Sandra took Lora' hand with her left hand and took Amy's hand with her right hand. And the three entered the room together~~

It was not until Amy entered the room that she realized what had happened. There was one more person~~

"Miss Sandra, this is..."

"Ha ha. Amy, this is my new friend, Lora. She is here for a competition in England! "

"Competition? What competition? " Amy asked with a smile

"Hello, Auntie! I'm Lora. Our school asked me to take part in the competition in England tomorrow. I'm here for my aunt today! " Lora answered with a smile

"Oh. Well, you are really great! How many people have come to your school? "

"There are 5 of them. We have finished the primary election at home. Our school has selected 5 people for the competition. I didn't take part in it!"

"Then why did you come to England for the competition?"

"One of the selected students in our school is sick and can't compete, so. I replaced her! I didn't take part in any competition in the school before. The rest of my classmates in the school couldn't reach the same level, so I came here. "

"Wow. Lora, you are so awesome! "Said Sandra enviously.

"Thank you!"

"By the way, where does your aunt live?" Amy asked

"Oh. My aunt lives upstairs! Ha ha. "

"What? ha-ha. What a coincidence! Oh, my poor memory? I'm sorry, two ladies. We have to eat. I'll go get some food. " Amy finally remembered. They. Haven't had dinner yet~~

"Ha ha. Auntie Amy is so kind! "

"Ha ha. You know until now? Amy, let me help you! " After saying that, Sandra went to the kitchen. Lora also went to help. The three of them were speechless at the table. While they were talking happily, Amy thought, 'It's rare that Miss Sandra is happy today. I'll tell Mrs. Colin not to worry too much about her.'

After the three of them finished dinner, Amy began to wash the dishes. Sandra and Lora went upstairs to visit Janet. Soon the two arrived

"Lora, you can press it. It's your aunt inside. What are you afraid of?" Sandra didn't understand why she still hesitated to ring the doorbell since she had arrived at her aunt's door?

"Sandra, I..."

"Lora, it's nothing. It's your aunt's home!" Sandra smiled at Lora

"Okay!" Lora summoned up courage and rang the doorbell. After a long time, but there was no response.

"Sandra, you think. Is my aunt not at home? " Lora frowned. Where would I sleep tonight if sh

e wasn't at home? The competition will be held tomorrow.

"Press it again!" Said Sandra.

After a while, no one opened the door. "Sandra." When Lora was about to say something, the door of a family next door opened. A woman about thirty years old walked out. Seeing the two people ringing the doorbell in front of the door, she said kindly

"Are you looking for Mr. Li?"

"Yes, do you know him?" Lora said. Of course she knew her uncle's family name is Li~

"Mr. Li and his family have gone to America. They moved out a few days ago!"

"What? Then. Did they say when they will come back? "

"I don't know. They didn't mention it! By the way, I'm sorry, little girl. I have to go to work! Bye! "

"Thank you!" The two said at the same time

"Well. What should we do now? " Lora was anxious! "Well. I can call the teacher! He said if I couldn't find my aunt, I could go to him! " When Lora was about to take out her phone to call the teacher, Sandra held Lora's hand in a hurry

"Lora, don't. Since your aunt is not here, then... If you don't mind, you can live in my house! "

"How can I? We... "

"If you think we are friends, you can live in my house! It's so big. Amy and I can't live here. You can live here! "


"There is no 'but'. Let's go! I'll take you to your room! " After saying that, Sandra took Lora's hand and went downstairs. Lora didn't know what to do now. She decided to live in Sandra's house. She's sorry. To find her teacher. And she was worried. Alas. 'Forget it. Just live in her house!'

Sandra took Lora to one of the guest room. There was only one master bedroom in the room, which was Sandra's room and next to the room where Amy lived. Sandra was afraid that the smell of medicine in her room was too strong and Lora was not used to it, so she asked Lora to live next to Amy. When Lora entered the room, she saw it. Wow. It turned out that Sandra's home was so beautiful? She didn't notice the European Style Crystal Chandelier before. Although she didn't know what brand it was. The bed was big and soft, and even the wallpaper was so beautiful. Lora could be imagined. How rich was Sandra? This made Lora feel a little inferior. She was a princess, and she was just a Cinderella with a bumpy face. The two of them were different totally. Are they really suitable to be friends? Lora sat on the bed slowly. When Lora was deep in thought, the door was opened. Sandra came in.

"Lora, what are you thinking about? I knocked on the door several times. Didn't you hear me?" Sandra asked with a smile

"Well. Huh. ha-ha. No. Nothing. " Lora was a little embarrassed. The careful Sandra certainly knew her inferiority complex, so she said

"Lora, don't be like this. A good friend doesn't have any distinction between high and low!"

"Sandra. Why you know... "

"I can see it from your expression!" Sandra said with a smile

"But. You are a princess, while I am. Just a Cinderella! We are so different from each other. Can we really be good friends? "

"Lora, didn't I say that? A good friend doesn't care who is better or who is worse! Cinderella will become a princess one day. Don't be like this! "


"Of course! We will be good friends forever! " Sandra said as she took Lora's hand

"Yes! A lifetime friend! "

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