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   Chapter 4 Competition Abroad

Battlefield Of Love: From Enemy To Lover By Hu Minxue Characters: 4921

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"Hey! They left. Come out! " Lora said, pouting her mouth

"Wow! Thank you! " The young man said coldly and was about to leave Lora stopped him. "What are you doing? Do you want to force me? " The young man turned around and said

Lora let go of her hand in a hurry. Sandra was amused Lora put her hands on her hips and said, "Hey! Brat, you are so arrogant. You didn't say sorry when you bumped into someone. You even said thank you unnaturally! "

"Humph! You can't even speak English fluently. How can you come to England? Humph! How ridiculous! " The young man said arrogantly

"You..." Lora was full of spiritual energy! Seeing this, Sandra pulled away Lora and said to the young man.

"It's good enough for a little girl who lives in China to speak English in England. Do you have to say that to her?" The young man looked at Sandra and said.

"It's true that she can't speak smoothly!"

Sandra smiled, "I can see that you are also the son of a domestic group company! Do you have to be so arrogant? " The young man was shocked, and so was Lora. They thought that Sandra was the kind of weak girl, but they didn't expect that She also could say poisonous words.

"I don't want to talk to you!" After saying that, the young man turned around and left Lora grabbed the young man and stepped hard on him while he was off guard. "I don't allow a grain of sand in my eyes!" Then she took Sandra's hand and ran away from the community

The young man was furious! "Bitch, don't let me see you again!"

"Whoosh That was dangerous! " Lora said, patting her chest as she watched the receding figure of the young man, hiding beside the gate of the community with Sandra.

"Ha ha!" Sandra smiled helplessly

The young man took out a few black beans from his pocket It turned out The other two men in black fell down because of them, little black beans? ? ?

The boy remembered that he had played cards with his friends last night, using black beans as chips. One thousand a bean. He won them, but his friends had played tricks and refused to pay. He put the beans into his pocket helplessly Could it be said that he had spent a lot of money to avoid disaster? ? ? Alas 'If the old man wanted him to come back, he had to send a few people with better skills!' 'Send these two?'? ? They were too weak! The young man threw the black beans away and took out his phone

"Hey, buddy, you don't have a fever, do you! I'm still sleeping! " A frie

nd's lazy voice came from the other side of the phone

"Wilson! Believe it or not, I will let you not see the sun tomorrow! ! !" Wilson cheered up at once

"Wow Boss, you don't have to be so vicious, do you? Did your father send someone here again? "

"Why is he so stubborn?"

"I'm not your father?"

"Well, forget it. Are you at home?"

"Of course I'm sleeping at home. How about I walk on the street?"

"I don't care! Forget it. I'm here for you. Let's talk about it in detail! " Before the young man could say anything, he hung up the phone

After the young man left, Sandra said to Lora, "Lora, you are too impulsive. In fact It's okay that he didn't say sorry to you! Why did you step on her? "

"Humph! It's all his fault!"

"Ha ha..." At this moment Sandra's phone rang

(In Chinese) "Hello, Amy?"

"Miss, dinner is ready. Are you back?"

"Okay, I know. I'll be right back. I'm already in the neighborhood!"

"Okay!" Sandra said to Lora after hanged up the phone.

"Lora, let's go! Go to my home! "

"Sandra, who called you just now?"

"Amy, my nanny has watched me grow up. She is nice to me!" Sandra said with a smile

"What? ? ? I I think I think I'd better wait for you in the park. I don't want to go to your home! "

"Why?" Sandra was confused~~

"I was just thinking about how to talk to Auntie and forgot that you still have family. Forget it. I'm sorry to go!" Said Lora, scratching her head

"Ha ha It doesn't matter. Why are you embarrassed? I came to England alone. I didn't have my parents. My parents died in a car accident when I was three years old. I followed my aunt. Because of some reasons, I had a car accident and came to England for recuperation. Only Amy and I were at home. "

"What? You had a car accident? What about? Is it serious? Are you feel better? ? ?" Lora said with concern

"Don't you feel much better now?" Sandra said as she walked around in front of Lora~~

"Uh..." Lora was speechless Indeed She was talking nonsense. Could she come out if she didn't recovered? ? ? Could she meet her again? ? ?

"Ha ha Well, let's go! Amy is very kind! "


"Of course! I haven't been out of England for four months. I met you today. If I tell Amy that I have made a good friend, she will be glad to receive you! " Sandra said with a smile


"Well, let's go. Amy might come to look for us later!" Sandra held Lora's hand and walked into the community

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