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   Chapter 2 Competition Abroad

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A girl about thirteen years old and a middle-aged woman were in a park not far from the community they lived. The girl was absent-minded with tears in her eyes. The middle-aged woman had to quietly follow the girl.

"Amy, please come back!" The girl suddenly stopped and said.

The middle-aged woman was surprised. Miss Sandra. She knew she was following her? "Miss Sandra, Mrs. Yu said that you need someone to take care of you now. She is really worried about you. How about this. Will you come back with me? "

"Amy, thank you for taking care of me all the time. I don't want to go back to that sad place. Can you give me some time? You can go back first! I want to be alone in England! "

"Miss Sandra, your wound is just healed. How can you not be taken care of?"

"Don't worry. I will take good care of myself!"

"But. Miss Sandra, I... "

"It doesn't matter. You'd better go back to take care of my aunt! She's busy with work, and my uncle is no exception. Sheffield is busy with his study. You'd better go back and take care of them! " The girl turned to the middle-aged woman and smiled

Amy felt a little sad. She had watched Miss Sandra grow up. She didn't seem to have any temper and always smiled at others. No matter how painful she was, she wouldn't say it out. This time. He really hurt her heart. The car accident announced that she was dead and she came to England alone. It had been four months since she got injured. Now she asked her to come back, when she just recovered. She. How can she rest assured?

"Amy, you can go back tomorrow! I have booked the air ticket for you. I don't want to go back for the time being. I want to study in England. I will contact my aunt today and ask her to help me complete the formalities! "

"Miss Sandra. You haven't fully recovered yet. Are you going to school? No way! "

"Ha ha." The girl pretended to smile and said, "Of course I won't go to school! As a special student, I will ask a teacher to teach me at home! "

"But. Miss Sandra, I want to stay here to take care of you! "

"It doesn't matter. You can go back to take care of my aunt. We don't hire many people for convenience. One more person will help!"

"Miss Sandra, there is no one at home. They can hire another. You can't stay here alone."

"Ha ha. I can also hire one! "


"Well, that's it! By the way, Amy, go to cook! It's almost twelve o'clock. I'm hungry! " The girl said with a smile

"Okay. Will you go back with me?"

"No, I want to stay here for a while. Just call me when we have dinner!"

"Okay, Miss Sandra. Don't run around!"

"Okay!" Then Amy went back to the community to cook three times at a time.

This girl's name was Sandra, the daughter of the Yu Group in A City. Four months ago, she conveyed her confession of love to him, but she was refused. She was in a bad mood and had a car accident. Before she passed out, she told her favorite aunt that she was dead. Now everyone in A City thought that Sandra had died.

Looking at the people passing by in the park, Sandra thought of the person she shouldn't have thought about. She didn't understand. Why? Why didn't he like her? Then why didn't he refuse her directly at that time? What confused her more was why he said he just played with her when he had a crush on her? Too many. She had too many questions. He owed her too much explanation. Sandra looked at the sky and then realized that she hadn't called her aunt for four months. Every time her aunt called her, she didn't answer it. What's more, it should be Amy who s

aid that! Then Sandra dialed Colin's number.

"Wow. Honey, you are finally willing to call me! It's been four months. Don't you know that I'm worried about you? " As soon as the phone was connected, the voice of Sandra's favorite aunt came from the other side.

"Ha ha. Aunt, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. Didn't I call you? "

"How can you be so silly? Why do you want me to announce the fake news that you are dead? "

"Aunt. I don't want to talk about it anymore. "

"Forget it. I'll look into it myself. Do you know? When Sheffield heard the news of your death, now he...?"

"Aunt. I hope you can keep it a secret. I want to calm down myself. Although I'm sorry for Sheffield. Aunt. Please respect my choice! " Tears streamed down Sandra's face again.

"Honey, Sheffield is fine. But Charles isn't. Alas. " Colin said helplessly.

"Aunt, Charles..."

"Honey, it's not that you don't know that Charles likes you. Your death makes him think that he forced you. Can he make himself happy? "


"Charles, when he has time, you can just look at your photos in a daze. Then Holley and Sheffield felt guilty that they have persuaded him, but he didn't listen to them. But he behaves well in front of us!"

"Charles, he didn't have to do that! Aunt, you. Please persuade him! "

"Don't worry! I have watched Charles grow up. Of course I will persuade him! Honey, you. Have you decided when to return home? You have to come back to take over the Yu group! "

"Aunt. Auntie, I'm just a child. It will take me at least seven years to take over the company! "

"Okay, okay, honey, you were coughing just now. Take care of yourself!"

"I will. By the way, aunt, I want Amy to come back."

"No way!" Without hesitation, Colin said, "Honey, I'm worried about you when you are abroad alone. There must be someone to take care of you!"

"Aunt, I'm not a child anymore. I can take care of myself. Don't worry! Let Amy come back. She can't speak here. It's inconvenient for her to communicate. I'm worried about her. "

"Well, honey, don't say that. When you recover, I will call Amy back. You must take good care of yourself, okay?"

"Okay! I will! " The two of them reached an agreement. They chatted for a while and then hung up. When she hung up the phone, Sandra reminded Colin not to tell anyone that she was still alive. After hanging up the phone, Sandra looked at the pedestrians. Many people worried about her and felt guilty. However. What about him? Ha-ha. He must pretend nothing had happened! But what she didn't know was that someone had completely changed for her in the country. He felt more guilty and remorseful than Charles, and more heartbroken than Sheffield.

At the British airport.

"Lora, you. Don't you really want to leave with us? " The head teacher looked at Lora with worry. She was not familiar with this place in England. As her head teacher, how could he rest assured?

"Don't worry, teacher! I'll go to see my aunt later. I'll live with her! "

"Well, by the way, Lora, since I asked you to come here this time, I should be responsible for it. Take your phone and remember my number! If you can't find your aunt, you can call me and I will pick you up with your classmates! "

"Okay, thank you!" Lora took out her phone and memorized the teacher's phone number.

"Well. I'll take a taxi to my aunt's house. "

"Okay. Call me when you get there. If you can't find her, call the teacher. We're at the XX hotel."

"Okay, thank you. Bye!" After saying that, Lora hailed a taxi to her aunt's house.

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