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   Chapter 118 Peeking At The Child

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Mabel couldn't help but miss her baby so much. When Mabel was resting, she sneaked into Rui house and wanted to take a look at Shirley, even if it was just a glance from a distance.

Mabel hid herself behind the stone pillars and looked into the villa in panic.

Mabel noticed that Haley and Shirley were sitting at a round table in the garden, basking in the sun. The golden sun shone on Haley's fair face. Haley squinted her eyes comfortably and leisurely, as if she was the hostess.

Haley teased Shirley in her arms. After Mabel was driven away, Dan was asked Haley to move in directly. Shirley wasn't close to Haley, but with Haley's careful care these days, Shirley was willing to let Haley hold and play with Haley.

The moment Mabel saw Haley, Mabel couldn't help clenching her slender fingers into fists. The bones on the back of her hands were slightly pale because of her strength. Mabel was in a very mixed mood at the moment.

The happy smile on Shirley's face in Haley's arms made Mabel feel very bitter. It was Mabel's child, but now Shirley had to be taken care of by someone else. Mabel imagined how happy Shirley would be in her arms. Mabel slowly walked out from behind the stone pillar, walked into the villa and walked towards the garden.

Seeing that Mabel was about to get close to Shirley, Mabel was very nervous. Mabel really wanted to hug her child.

"Mabel, what are you doing here?"

Suddenly, a roar came from behind, which scared Mabel to stand still.

The familiar voice made Mabel feel as if it had been a lifetime, as if she was still the hostess of the house and she was still his wife. But the sternness and reproach in his voice made Mabel realize the reality. Her numb heart began to ache again. Mabel slowly turned around and looked at the dark faced Dan who was not far away from her.

Mabel's pretty face was now haggard. Her fat figure due to pregnancy had returned to her previous petite state. If one looked carefully, Mabel was even thinner than before.

Mabel's change made Dan's heart ache and Dan felt sorry for Mabel. But when Dan thought of what Mabel had done in order to divorce him, the only trace of pity disappeared. Mabel deserved all her discomfiture and discomfiture.

Dan said coldly. "What are you doing here?"

Haley, who had been basking in the sun in her chair, immediately hid behind Dan with Shirley in her arms when she saw Mabel. In a flustered and nervous tone, Haley asked, "Mabel, are you coming back to snatch the baby?"

Haley's words made Dan more alert. Dan's face darkened. Dan stared at Mabel, afraid that Mabel would really come here to snatch the baby.

"I just want to see my baby. I miss her so much. Can I hug her?"

As soon as Mabel finished her words, Haley had a stronger reaction. Haley grabbed hold of Dan's arm and sa

the children were talking and joking. Mabel ran hot water to wash their faces while looking at the children. Before the water was ready, Mabel heard Liz, a colleague who took care of the children with her, call her at the door.

"Mabel, a woman came to see you."

Mabel raised her head and asked in confusion, "who is it? I haven't prepared the water yet! "

Liz shrugged and said helplessly, "I don't know her, either. But she is very beautiful. You can go first. I'll help you run water for these children."

Liz's words immediately caused a large group of children to be dissatisfied. An older boy patted his chest and shouted at Mabel, "what? We're not kids anymore. Aunt Mabel, hurry up. I will put the hot water in it later!"

Mabel shook her head and glanced at the children who were itching to have a try with her serious and cold eyes. Mabel said seriously, "no, no one can touch the hot water. Ask Auntie Liz to put it on the table for you. I'll go out to have a look first."

Mabel shouted at the door again, "Liz, come in and help me put down the water. Don't let them touch the high pressure pot. They will be scalded if they touch it lightly."

Liz walked in, gently patted the head of the boy who had just promised with his chest, and said with a smile, "I'm here. I'll see who dares to touch the tap. Mabel, go quickly. She will be anxious later."

Although Liz was not very old, she used to be a primary school teacher. She was good at dealing with children, so she had a little prestige in this group of children. Generally, they didn't dare to say two even if Liz said one.

Mabel looked at the children who were still chattering, and now they all stood in a long line quietly. Mabel smiled and walked out, thinking when she should ask Liz for help, and how to let these naughty children in front of her be as obedient as they were in front of Liz.

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