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   Chapter 117 The Help Of A Kind-Hearted Person

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Chloe's words stung Mabel. Mabel didn't know what to do to choose suicide. Mabel became agitated again and shouted, "my child? My child doesn't belong to me now. I have divorced my husband. It's this afternoon. "

The people around and Chloe immediately understood the crux of the problem. This was a woman who had just divorced and the child did not belong to her. No wonder she would commit suicide by jumping into a river.

As long as Chloe knew the problem, it was easy to solve it. Chloe continued, "sister, I know that you can't accept the fact that you just divorced for a while. You can't afford this blow, but think about your child. She has a broken family. If she can't see you again in the future, how poor she will be in her life!"

The people around them kept persuading Mabel, and a woman cut in.

"Yes, I am divorced from my husband. I know you are suffering, but no matter how hard you are, you can't hurt your child. You think, divorce doesn't mean that she doesn't have a mother. You can often go to see her, but if she knows that her mother is dead and can't see her again in the future, she will be sad!"

The woman's words softened Mabel's heart. Mabel gradually calmed down. If she really left, Shirley would become a child without a mother. Would Dan really be good to Shirley?

Noticing that Mabel's mood softened, Chloe gave a hint to the strong man next to him. Without Mabel's noticing, they pulled Mabel down from the guardrail.

After Mabel got off the guardrail safely, everyone was relieved. Some people comforted Mabel who was in a daze for a while. Seeing that Mabel didn't have any reaction, they slowly left.

Chloe had been sitting next to Mabel and accompanying her. After the people around gradually left, Chloe asked, "sister, what happened to you? If you have any questions, just tell me. I'll be your trash can. "

Mabel slowly calmed down and regretted having such extreme ideas and practices. If it weren't for the girl in front of her, Mabel would have been drowned now.

Mabel looked at Chloe gratefully and said guiltily, "thank you for saving me just now. I was blinded by pain and my brain was out of control. I didn't expect that I would do such an extreme thing."

"It doesn't matter. You just need to calm down and know what you have done wrong. Don't do such a stupid thing again." Chloe said in a soft tone. If she didn't like to meddle in other people's business, Mabel might really have died.

Mabel looked at Chloe firmly and said, "don't worry. I will never commit suicide for that man again. I will live well for the sake of my child."

After all, Chloe was a young girl with simple mind and keen on gossip. Chloe was curious about what happened to Mabel, but Chloe was afraid that she would hurt Mabel again. Chloe hesitated and said, "do you mind talking about your matter with me?"

Mabel had been holdin

Mabel quickly stood up from her chair and bowed to the dean. Mabel said gratefully, "thank you, dean."

"It's not a big deal. Everyone will come across difficulties. We provide food and shelter for you. You can rest assured to live here! You don't have to worry about anything else. You just need to take good care of the baby. If you don't understand anything, you can come to ask me. "

The dean's gentle and kind reminder warmed Mabel's heart. Mabel thought she should be fine here.

Mabel lived in the welfare house at ease. Mabel took the children to play every morning. Normally, she was only responsible for the children's health and safety, and others were responsible for other problems.

In the first few days, Mabel was full of joy to the children. The innocent look of the children made Mabel feel simple and relaxed. The world of children was very simple. Mabel was good to these children, and the children would also be good to her. They would share whatever delicious food with her. This was completely different from the world of adults scheming, which made Mabel feel very comfortable.

But as time went by, the longer Mabel stayed with her children and the longer Mabel left home, the more Mabel missed Shirley.

Every day when Mabel faced these children in the welfare house, she couldn't help but think of her daughter.

When Mabel washed the faces and fed the children, she would wonder whether Shirley had eaten or not and whether she was still hungry. When Mabel took care of them to sleep, she wondered if Shirley had fallen asleep too. If Shirley had cried, would she be hungry to wake up in the middle of the night? Mabel wondered whether Dan still cared about Shirley as much as before.

These questions kept popping up in Mabel's mind again and again. Mabel's longing for Shirley was like a vine, crazily entangling with her heart, making Mabel a little absent-minded gradually.

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