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   Chapter 116 Divorce

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At the gate of the civil affairs bureau, there were only two or three people coming in and out. Because they were about to get off work, it was much quieter than the usual stream of people.

Dan pulled Mabel into the room. There was only one thought in Dan's mind, that was, he wanted to divorce this woman as soon as possible.

Standing in front of the window, Mabel found that the staff was seriously looking at the two of them. It was not until then that Mabel came to her senses. As soon as Mabel looked up, she saw a few bright big words on the window, the divorce formality.

Mabel's unsettled heart began to panic. Mabel looked at the expressionless Dan beside her in disbelief and asked, "Dan, do you really take me here to divorce?"

Dan hated Mabel so much that Dan didn't want to talk to Mabel at all. Dan said to the staff by the window, "Hello, we are here to handle the divorce procedure."

The receptionist saw a middle-aged woman about forty years old. She looked up and down at Dan, who looked calm, and Mabel, who looked painful, and said, "it's okay to go through the divorce procedure, but are you willing to divorce?"

"Yes." Dan simply replied.


Both answered in unison, but their answers were totally different.

Dan looked at Mabel impatiently. His disgust was obvious. Dan shouted, "Mabel, didn't you ask for a divorce? I'm willing to divorce you now. Why don't you agree? Do you think it's funny? "

It was the first time that Mabel had seen such undisguised disgust on Dan's face. Mabel's heart was beating fast and she felt like she was going to suffocate.

Regardless of her own physical discomfort, Mabel retorted, "I asked you for a divorce because you cheated on me, but later I forgave you for my child. I don't know why you want to divorce me now."

Dan said. "Well, you don't know why? Mabel, let's get a divorce now? "

The quarrel between Dan and Mabel made the middle-aged woman impatient. She had worked in this position for more than ten years, and she had seen a lot of quarrels before divorce. She was not as patient as before to ask or comfort them. It was almost time to get off work, and she would go back to cook dinner with her child later!

The middle-aged woman said coldly, "Why are you so noisy? Do you want a divorce or not? Come back when you're done arguing. "

Dan hurriedly said. "Stop arguing. We have to divorce today."

The middle-aged woman frowned and continued, "it seems that this lady doesn't agree. Are you sure you are willing to divorce? Do you have a divorce agreement? "

As soon as Dan made up his mind to divorce, he asked his assistant to go home and brought his all the divorce papers. What happened today made Dan unwilling to live with Mabel anymore, so Dan didn't hesitate.

"Yes. This is the divorce agreement written by my wife. It says that as long as I am willing to divorce her, she can give up anything, even my newborn child."

As Dan spoke, he handed the fake divorce agreement

e is going to jump into the river! "

Chloe Chen was also one of the night running teams. She would run here for more than half an hour every night. When she just ran past Mabel, Chloe Chen was curious why this woman would stand alone by such a cold bridge and enjoy the scenery.

After running for a while, Chloe Chen was out of breath and came back. Seeing that the woman was still standing here, she couldn't help asking. Chloe Chen didn't expect that Mabel would jump into the river when she asked.

Hearing Chloe Chen's shout, people who were walking around and jogging at night came over in a hurry. A strong man came over and grabbed Mabel's arm, trying to pull Mabel down from the guardrail.

Mabel struggled to get rid of the man's hand. She twisted her body continuously and almost fell down several times.

Chloe Chen hurriedly said to the man, "let go of her quickly. Now you should comfort her first. She is too excited now. If you do like this, it will only make the opposite result."

The onlookers behind him also agreed. The man nodded to Chloe Chen and slowly moved his hand away.

Tears were all over Mabel's face. Mabel just wanted to jump down and wanted to die, but she couldn't realize such a simple wish. Mabel shouted at the girl who was pulling her clothes behind her angrily, "let go of me! Why do you pull my clothes?"

Chloe Chen didn't get angry. In order to calm Mabel down, she said in a low voice, "sister, if you have any problems, you shouldn't kill yourself. Death can't solve any problems."

Of course, Mabel knew what Chloe Chen had said, but Mabel just couldn't figure it out. Mabel just couldn't figure out why she and Dan ended up like this.

"You don't understand. What right do you have to persuade me? Let go of me!"

Mabel's attitude was within Chloe Chen's expectation. Chloe Chen continued to say in a calm and gentle voice, "I know I don't understand. But if you really leave like this, what should your family and your child do?"

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