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   Chapter 115 Haley's Trap

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Along the way, Mabel kept an eye on the men sitting in the front seat. One was driving, and the other was sitting in the passenger seat. Mabel kept asking them some questions about Dan. Since they got in the car, they had never talked to Mabel, which made Mabel a little uneasy.

Mabel looked out of the window and saw a road sign that she was not familiar with, which immediately alarmed her. Mabel asked the two men in front of her harshly, "who are you? You are absolutely not Dan's bodyguards. This is not the way to his company! "

The man in the passenger seat turned around and gave Mabel a cold look. He said to Mabel in an emotionless tone, "you'd better be quiet. This is indeed not the way to Dan's company. We will arrive at our destination soon."

How could Mabel calm down now? Mabel tried her best to hold back her tears because of anxiety and continued in a choked voice, "why did you kidnap me? Come at me if anything happens. The baby is innocent! "

The man in the passenger seat didn't want to talk to Mabel anymore.

The car soon stopped in front of an old and abandoned residential building. The man in the passenger seat pulled Mabel out of the car, and Shirley was also taken out of the car.

Shirley burst into tears in the man's arms and kept wriggling her petite body. Mabel wanted to hold the baby from the man's hand, but he dodged.

Mabel was completely flustered. She asked anxiously, "give the child back to me. What are you going to do with her in your arms?"

The man ignored Mabel and said to another man who just came out of the driver's seat, "you stay here and watch her. I'll take the child away first."

As soon as Mabel heard this, she grabbed the man's arm tightly and said to the man with tears in her eyes, "please, give my child back to me. Don't take her away, okay? I'll pay you whatever you want. "

The man was really impatient. He kicked on Mabel's chest and said in disgust, "You're a pest. I told you to shut up."

The man's sudden kick caught Mabel off guard. Mabel was kicked down to the ground, but Mabel loosened her grip on the man's hand instinctively when she was kicked.

Mabel curled up and groaned in pain. When the pain in Mabel's chest had just disappeared a little, Mabel slowly got up from the ground and grabbed the man's trouser legs tightly, not letting him go.

"This woman is really endless. You take her to the house and tie her up. I have to go now."

The man's tone was full of disgust. He didn't want to treat this woman like this before. If she was obedient, he would let her go after he finished his work. But now she asked for it.

The other man pulled away the trouser legs that Mabel tightly grabbed and walked towards the shabby building with Mabel. Mabel kept rebelling, turned around and cried, "give the child back to me!"

However, no matter how hard Mabel resisted, how could a petite and weak woman resist a strong an


Mabel hailed a taxi and rushed to Dan's company. Mabel wanted to tell Dan that Shirley had been kidnapped.

Before Mabel entered Dan's office, she heard Dan teasing Shirley with a smile on her face. Mabel hurried into the office and wanted to make sure that Shirley, who had been taken away, was in Dan's arms now.

Seeing Shirley's smiling face in Dan's arms, Mabel finally felt relieved. Mabel was really scared out of her mind this afternoon. Mabel anxiously asked the man who was sitting on the sofa and teasing Shirley, "Dan, how did you find Shirley?"

Dan had already noticed Mabel, but he didn't want to listen to Mabel at all. With a gloomy face, Dan stood up from the sofa, walked up to Mabel and said coldly, "didn't you run away from home? Why do you come back? I was worried that I couldn't find you. Now that you're back, let's go through the divorce procedure while the civil affairs bureau is still working. "

Mabel looked at Dan in confusion. Mabel didn't understand why Dan wanted to divorce her again all of a sudden. Mabel was still restless because of Dan's matter with Shirley. And what Dan said that she ran away from home made her confused. Mabel asked, "Dan, what did you say? Run away from home? I was kidnapped with Shirley this afternoon. She... "

"Stop making up stories. Don't you want a divorce? Now that the divorce agreement has been written down, let's go to get a divorce certificate! "

Dan didn't believe what Mabel had said. In Dan's heart, he believed that Mabel was a vicious woman.

Then Dan grabbed Mabel's arm and pulled her out.

Mabel didn't know what had happened. She was still in a daze. Wasn't she kidnapped this afternoon? Wasn't Shirley taken away? Why was Shirley here? And why did Dan say that Mabel ran away from home?

Mabel's mind was in a mess. She was taken to the civil affairs bureau by Dan. Mabel didn't react until she stood at the gate of the civil affairs bureau.

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