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   Chapter 114 Haley's Temptation

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"Then you have reconciled with dad. Why did you leave in the end?" Shirley looked at her mother who was different from what she remembered and asked sadly.

Time had left a trace of time on Mabel's smooth face. The wrinkles at the corners of Mabel's eyes, along with her expressions of joy or sadness, were clearly exposed in front of Shirley.

Mabel sneered with self-mockery and said with regret, "well, I underestimated Haley. Since Haley is pregnant with your father's child, how could she give up so easily?"

Mabel recalled the past again and continued to tell the story in a hoarse voice.

Haley found that no matter how hard she tried to show the difference between her and Mabel in front of Dan, although Haley had made Dan stay in her house more and more, she couldn't make Dan heartless to divorce with Mabel.

Occasionally, Haley and Dan were watching TV on the sofa. When Dan was in a good mood because of Haley's teasing, Haley touched Dan's handsome face with her slender fingers and asked with a tentative smile, "do you like me like this, Dan?"

Holding Haley's slender waist, Dan let Haley's hand caress his face and said with a smile, "of course, I'm more and more obsessed with you now."

"Are you more obsessed with me than you are with Mabel?"

As soon as Dan thought of Mabel, he felt a little annoyed. Mabel always put on a long face. Dan said with disdain, "of course, Mabel is not as good as you now. It's boring to be with her, and you are a temptress!"

Haley couldn't help laughing out loud. She grabbed hold of Dan's hands and said with a smile, "since you are so obsessed with me, why don't you divorce Mabel and be with me?"

As soon as Haley finished her words, Dan's face changed. He shook off Haley's hands and said to Haley seriously, "I've told you before that I won't divorce with Mabel. Didn't you say yes? Why do you say that now? "

Dan's reaction surprised Haley. She had thought that Dan had changed his mind under her tender and considerate attitude. Now it seemed that she was really naive. Haley tried to calm down and said with a smile, "why do you overreact? You scared me. I was just kidding. "

Dan laughed too, but in a faint warning tone, "It's good that you are joking. Don't make such a joke again. I don't like it,"

"Okay, okay. I know Mabel is your sweetheart and I won't say that again. But I don't ask for any position, but you have to be good to me. Dan"

"Oh? How do you want me to be nice to you? " Dan snickered, looking very flirtatious.

Haley felt bitter in her heart and said gently and enchantingly, "of course, you should do your best to be good to me."

Dan's attitude towards the divorce with Mabel was very clear, which made Ha

to a park not far away from home.

One day, as usual, Mabel pushed Shirley around the park for more than half an hour. She planned to go to the pond in front to see the red carp and then go back.

There were many old people and children beside the pond. The children clamored to ask their parents to buy some fish food for themselves to feed the red carp.

Some children carried a large bag of fish food in their hands, and the red carp in the pond all gathered around, scrambling to eat the fish food sprinkled from the children's hands. That scene looked anxious.

Sitting in the cart, Shirley looked at the koi fish swimming in the pond and babbled something Mabel couldn't understand. Shirley stared at the pond carefully without blinking her eyes, which made Mabel feel very cute. Sitting on the ground, Shirley wanted to wait for Shirley to read it for a while and then go back.

Mabel looked at the happy Shirley with a smile. Having been depressed for a while, Mabel was in a good mood. Mabel focused her eyes on Shirley and didn't notice the two strong men walking behind her.

"Miss, are you Mr. Dan's wife?"

A deep and polite voice came from Mabel's behind.

Mabel turned her head and looked strangely at the two expressionless men in suits and sunglasses. She hesitated and answered, "yes, what can I do for you?"

"Don't be afraid. We are Mr. Dan's bodyguards. He asked us to pick you and your daughter up and send you to the company." The man bowed his head and said to Mabel respectfully.

"Dan asked me to take the kid to the company? Do you know what he is doing? "

"I'm sorry. It's our boss's privacy. We don't have the right to ask, but he did ask us to take you there."

Mabel didn't think too much. She stood up, pushed Shirley and followed the two men into a black car.

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