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   Chapter 51 Felt Wronged

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 9977

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It was not until Shirley left the house with her suitcases that Susie came to her senses. Covering her swollen cheek, Susie said to Leona, "Mom, look at her!"

However, Leona frowned and said, "I'm afraid your brother will be angry when he comes back after she leaves!" Albert was still angry about the fact that Susie had hurt Shirley. But recently, Shirley was too weak in spirit, so Albert didn't pay attention to Susie, which made Susie more arrogant for a period of time.

Thinking of Albert's sullen face, Susie trembled slightly and explained, "I didn't say anything wrong. It's all her fault! And I was slapped! "

Looking at the red and swollen face of Susie, Leona felt sorry for her and said in a hurry, "Mommy will find an ice bag for you! How could that woman be so cruel? " Deep inside, Susie knew that Shirley must hate her very much. In fact, she was a little regretful when Shirley's child was aborted that day, but there was no regret medicine in the world, and this would not change the fact that Susie hated Shirley.

Shirley gave Susie a hard slap on her face. Then Shirley took her suitcase and walked out of the Yuan house for the second time. This time, Shirley had made up her mind to stay in the Zhou family for a few days. She wanted to see Luz and urgently wanted to tell her best friend. Moreover, the Zhou family was just like Shirley's mother's house. She could relieve her mood by staying there for a few days.

When Luz heard the knock on the door, she was lying on the bed, eating snacks and watching TV. It was a boring love movie, but the man and the woman were both beautiful, so she just ate snacks to kill time.

The potato chips were removed from a big bag, and the sound of knocking on the door made her put on her slippers and go to open the door. Luz was shocked to see the haggard Shirley standing outside the door. Luz immediately ushered Shirley into the house and asked, "what's wrong with you? Why are you so haggard just after a few days?"

"Luz, I finally meet my best friend." Shirley wanted to pretend to be strong, but she couldn't help crying! Startled, Luz immediately took out a tissue and handed it to Shirley to wipe her tears. "Shirley, don't cry! Tell me slowly. If anyone dares to bully you, I'll go with you to find him. " Although Luz said so, but no one could have made Shirley so sad except Albert.

Luz had some vague guesses in her heart, but when Albert found Shirley that day, she was fine. But after a few days, Shirley looked so haggard. Shirley almost cried all the way to tell Luz the truth, "I'm pregnant..."

Shock was written all over Luz's face. But the next moment, Luz was shocked by Shirley. "The baby is gone. It's Susie who hurt me!" Shirley cried out, "Albert still helped her to apologize. No one will seek justice for my child. Luz, I lost my child with him, but the murderer is his sister. He protects her!"

Shirley was too excited. Luz was shocked by the explosive news. It took her se

y might scold her, he was her favorite Andy. When something like this happened to her, she didn't know what to do and where to find. She didn't know why she wanted to ask Andy for help. "Andy! Answer the phone. " Flustered, Susie dialed Andy's number and mumbled.

"Susie? What is wrong? " If it weren't for the fact that Susie was Albert's sister, Andy wouldn't have talked to such a unruly girl.

Upon hearing Andy's voice, Susie calmed down and complained about Shirley's bad. Hearing that Shirley ran away from home, Andy began to pay more attention. "I'll help look for her. Bye."

Regardless of Susie's unwillingness on the other end of the phone, Andy hung up the phone and dialed Shirley's number. Andy smiled and said, "nice to meet you, sister-in-law. Long time no see. How are you?"

"Yes, I'm fine!" Hearing Andy's smile, Shirley was not angry at all. She could not help asking, "where is Albert? Where has he been these days? "

"sister-in-law, he has something urgent to deal with in his company and has gone abroad. He is worried about you from the bottom of his heart. Let me call you to express his concern and condolence!" With a wry smile, Andy had put in a lot of good words for Albert. However, Shirley remained indifferent all the time. As time went by, she sounded tired.

As a sensible man, Andy knew how to behave himself. Without further ado, he hung up the phone and said that he would go to the Zhou family to visit Shirley when he had time. Shirley declined politely, saying that she had a good life in the Zhou family, so that he wouldn't have to worry about her.

Andy had heard about the relationship between Shirley and the Zhou family, so he was really relieved. Andy even called Albert and asked him not to worry too much. Seeing that Albert went abroad in a hurry without a call, Shirley was even angrier. If Albert cared a little about her running away from home, how could he go abroad so easily. Was Albert hiding from Shirley on purpose?

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