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   Chapter 45 Looking For

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After spending half a day outside, Albert finally came back to his house in the rain in the afternoon. Leona and Susie looked evasive. Albert asked a few questions, but they could not tell the reason. He just went back to his room.

Full of doubts, Albert went back to his bedroom, he saw the neatly laid things on the table. They were the gifts from him to Shirley. But Shirley's clothes were all gone, including the doll Shirley once held in her arms to sleep on the bed.

Albert opened the wardrobe and found that all the drawers were empty. Suddenly, his heart was empty. Albert crazily looked for the room, but he could no longer find the traces left by Shirley.

"Shirley..." A huge panic grabbed Albert's heart. He threw away everything in the room, rushed out of the room and asked Leona and Susie, "where is Shirley? You just let Shirley go out alone? "

"If Miss Shirley want to leave, we can't stop her!" Susie opened her mouth to say something, but was rebuked by Albert, "call her sister-in-law, Miss Shirley? Are you impolite?"

"All right! Susie didn't say anything wrong. You two quarreled. Don't get angry with our Susie. " Leona hurried to protect her daughter. Albert was as angry as an angry lion. Of course he had no time to argue with these two women. He took the key and drove out. Shirley left the Yuan family. Although Albert didn't know where Shirley had gone, he would definitely find Shirley back.

Albert headed straight to Rui house. The two men, Dan and Haley, were surprised and frightened when they saw Albert. It was obvious that the two of them were still anxious about the big mistake that Lana and Baldwin had made before, fearing that Albert would make trouble for them.

However, Albert didn't have the patience to talk nonsense with these two people. He asked directly, "where is Shirley? Did she come back? "

"No! Shirley has married into your family, she has be a member of your family. Why did she come back? " Haley spoke quickly and Dan nodded in agreement.

Albert knew that these two people didn't have the guts to lie in front of him. Besides, these two people never cared about Shirley. Now Albert had come to ask for her in person. If Shirley was really here, she would be pushed out by these two people, hoping to get a little profit from Albert.

Shirley had suffered a lot in such a family. Albert finally married Shirley, but he didn't cherish her and argued with her. The two of them were both angry, which brought irreparable pain to their relationship.

Albert cursed himself in his heart and rushed out of Rui house. Since Shirley was not in Rui house, she must be in Zhou family! After all, Shirley had a good relationship with the Zhou family. The Zhou family was like her mother's family. At this time, Albert had no time to be jealous and suspect that the relationship between Shirley and Paul was not pure. He just wanted to see Shirley and confirm that she was fine.

However, Albert drove all the way to the Zhou family's house. It was Luz who opened the door. Luz was obviously s

really not a good person. He has been against me all the time. I'm also worried that Shirley will suffer losses."

Hearing what Albert said, Paul calmed down a little. Since Albert said so, his words were barely worthy of the affection Shirley felt for him. But thinking that Shirley was still nowhere to be found, the two of them were not in the mood to discuss these questions. At the same time, they said, "go to the hotel."

It was clear which hotel it was. Luz said, "Mr. Albert, I suggest you go straight to Kenny. My brother and I will go to the hotel. If Shirley is really in the hotel, we will definitely find a way to take her out, but if Kenny wants to do something, maybe you will be more appropriate to deal with it."

After a moment of silence, Albert nodded in agreement with Luz's suggestion. Albert directly drove to the company of Kenny. The receptionist saw that Albert looked terrible and knew that he was the CEO of the YS Group. She stopped Albert for a while and was pushed away by Albert, letting him find the office of Kenny all the way.

Albert pushed the door open and walked in, only to find that Howard was also in Kenny's office. He looked terrible and seemed to be very unhappy. When Albert turned around to look at Kenny, he found a clear slap mark on his face, and it was obvious that it was Howard who slapped Kenny.

Thinking that Kenny was also the CEO of the LS Group, this slap, for no reason, seemed to be a bit excessive. Unless they had a close relationship, the slap in the face was the inappropriate way to teach.

Albert looked at Howard in confusion. In his impression, Howard was not an impulsive person. Albert didn't know what had happened.

Howard's eyes were cold, but full of warning in his eyes. Obviously, he didn't want Kenny to say anything more to tell Albert. He didn't want Albert to know about Kenny. Howard's relationship with Albert was never close. If Albert knew the relationship between Howard and Kenny, the relationship between the two would only be more stiff.

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