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   Chapter 44 Identity

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It was still drizzling. Kenny, dressed in a black windbreaker and tall, carried Shirley's luggage in one hand and an umbrella in the other. Most of the umbrella rested on Shirley's head. On the contrary, half of Kenny's shoulder was wet.

Shirley tried several times to push the umbrella over her head towards Kenny, but Kenny just smiled and let Shirley follow him obediently. Kenny's tone was gentle and humored, and he knew a lot. Speaking of Howard, his tone was full of admiration.

Shirley was soon attracted by Kenny. She put down her guard and asked, "so, Albert is actually the illegitimate child of Howard?" Hearing the news from Kenny, it was as shocking as thunder on the ground, but Shirley didn't doubt it at all. She thought of Howard's undisguised concern for Albert, and Albert's awkwardness was just like a son who was angry with his father.

"Yes! Perhaps it's because of his family background, there may be some flaws in Albert's personality. He is impulsive and has male chauvinism. Flora told me that later. I think Miss Shirley has married him. You two have lived together for so long, so you must have felt it! Otherwise, you won't fall out with him and run away from home again. "

Shirley blushed and felt a little embarrassed. But when Kenny mentioned Flora, she still felt a little sad. "You are right. Every time something happens, we can't trust each other and make it clear, he will lose our temper, misunderstand, envy, male chauvinism... " Shirley sighed and shook her head slightly. "What's the point of talking about this now?"

"You! If you don't make a fuss about it, you won't be so angry. Anyway, the two of them are not calm enough! " The two of them had arrived at the Residence Hotel mentioned by Kenny. As soon as they entered the hall, they looked up at the crystal lamp above their heads, which was very bright. Obviously, it was a high-grade hotel. Kenny took two steps forward and checked in for Shirley.

Kenny was obviously a frequent visitor here. The receptionist smiled brightly at him and even showed great politeness to Shirley. "Okay, Miss Shirley!" When the receptionist was about to take Shirley to her room, Kenny interrupted her and said, "just stay here! I'll take Miss Shirley there. "

He was familiar with this place, and the receptionist didn't insist. Kenny took Shirley into the room and said, "stay here for a few days! It's a good chance for both of you to calm down. " The room was painted in warm yellow, with a small living room and an apartment style bedroom. It looked very comfortable.

Shirley wanted to express her gratitude, but she felt that she had said too much. "Thank you for telling me about Albert. You have really helped me a lot. I don't know what to say."

Kenny smiled softly, "you! If you treat me as your friend, you don't need to thank me anymore. Have a good rest for a few days. The company will give you a long holiday these days. Stay here and calm down. " Kenny stretched out his hand and seemed to want to rub Shirl

t seemed that Kenny couldn't eat spicy food. His lips were a little red and swollen because of the spicy food.

Shirley took it and took a sip, showing a happy expression. She sighed again and said, "I seem to have said too much. Let's eat! We can't fail such a good hotpot. "

Looking at the forced smile on her face, Kenny sighed in his heart, but he still nodded his head. Kenny told Shirley something about Howard, a vice national level official. If he really had to say it out, it would be like a legend. Shirley could tell from Kenny's words that he also admired and appreciated Howard, and even had a little bit of respect.

Although Shirley didn't know where the respect came from, she could clearly hear Kenny's feelings. She was a sensitive woman. Although she didn't hear much before, she still remembered the appearance of Albert when he mentioned Howard. The admiration and respect in Albert's words was the same as that in the man's eyes.

Before Kenny left, Shirley couldn't help but ask, "Mr. Kenny, do you like Flora?"

"Flora is a charming girl. Few men can refuse her, but I like someone else. She is a lovely girl!" After saying that gently, Kenny smiled again, and his eyes were black and bright, like stars.

Kenny's smile dazed Shirley for a moment. Then she nodded and said, "I see. Thank you!"

Kenny's expression became more complicated, "you don't have to thank me. I am actually a selfish person, you will understand in the future." After saying that, he turned around and walked away in the corridor in a black windbreaker. He held an umbrella of the same color in his hand, and drops of water dripped down.

After Kenny left, Shirley stood in the same empty room, holding the bracelet on her wrist, and her expression fell a little. In the end, she decided to live here for a few days as Kenny said. When the two of them calmed down, Shirley would go to talk to Albert. There was no unsolvable misunderstanding. She was afraid that Albert really fell in love with Flora.

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