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   Chapter 42 Felt Wronged And Acted Rashly

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 10382

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"For so many years, I thought Mr. Albert had forgotten Flora! It turns out that you still can't let it go. " Kenny raised his head gently and drank up the wine in his glass. Kenny gave Albert an ambiguous look. Albert's face was even colder, but he looked more serious. Albert showed the wedding ring in his hand and said, "I'm married. Mr. Kenny, you should know that it's not appropriate to make such a joke!"

Albert lowered his eyes again and looked around at the people present. His tone was not heavy, but with a strong momentum. He said seriously, "I don't want to hear such a joke again. Please behave yourself."

"Of course, of course!" Soon, someone echoed, "since Mr. Albert said so, we won't say anything more."

"Yes! No one dares to refuse Mr. Albert. " A crisp laughter sounded. Even Albert looked at the speaker in surprise. He didn't expect that it was Flora who took the initiative to say that.

Flora said with a smile, took a glass of wine from Kenny and drank it up directly. Transparent wine slid down her snow-white neck and fell into her red dress.

Flora was in a fiery red dress, with the long hemline hanging to her feet. She looked like an attractive goblin. Flora showed the empty glass and looked at the people present softly. Many people breathed a little faster because of Flora's glance. Then Flora smiled softly and made a crisp sound like a silver bell.

"You are married! But I don't believe that there will be men in the world who don't like me. " Flora's tone was light and beautiful, but more importantly, she was confident. Indeed, Albert and Kenny, the two best men in the aristocratic circle of A city, all fell in love with her.

Albert opened his mouth and wanted to say something more, but Kenny gently changed the topic and said, "all right! Wasn't it a party? Since Mr. Albert is here, why don't you join us? " Albert wanted to pull Susie away, but when he saw the provocative eyes of Kenny, he didn't leave in a hurry. Anyway, Shirley was at home, it would be better to give both sides some time to calm down.

After thinking it through, Albert sat down in the crowd, silently facing Kenny. The two men of the same quality, both in dark suits, were extremely eye-catching in the crowd. Many beautiful girls whistled at the two and boldly ogled at them to invite them to dance.

Someone served Albert a glass of wine with courtesy, but Albert didn't refuse. Albert lowered his head and took a sip, still wearing a calm face. They began to play cards. The loser was forced to drink. Flora took the initiative to shuffle. Her ten fingers were white, and her pink nails were painted with exquisite color. As she flipped ten fingers, they saw the cards rolling between her fingers. Obviously, Flora was an experienced player.

The cards were distributed quickly. Perhaps out of gentlemanly demeanor, or perhaps because Flora, a beautiful woman, took advantage of them, Flora quickly became the first winner. However, as the cards were played to the middle of the game, the atmosphere in the cards became more intense.

Many people had found that as l

ou see my jokes again."

Kenny shook his head and said, "don't worry. We are friends!" Flora looked at Shirley curiously and said, "so you are the new wife of Albert!" However, there was no way to hide contempt in Flora's tone. "In my opinion, she is not very beautiful."

Shirley didn't want to talk to Flora anymore, so she didn't answer. Holding Shirley's arm, Luz said, "forget it. Shirley, let's go back." Paul looked at Shirley, feeling sorry for her. He opened his mouth but didn't know what to say.

Soon, Kenny, Flora and Susie also left. Shirley stood in the cold wind for a while and sighed helplessly. "No, you can go back now! I'm going back, too. "

Just before leaving, Susie's complaining eyes and Flora's contemptuous laughter reminded Shirley. She knew that she was wearing Paul's coat, which must have made them misunderstand her again. But Albert walked out side by side with Flora!

Albert ran out because of a phone call from Flora, and now left with her. The two people were talking and laughing, but he was still jealous. Shirley felt exhausted.

"Let me drive you home! It's late. How can Luz and I rest assured to leave you alone? " Paul insisted.

Shirley kept silent for a while and didn't refuse anymore. The three remained silent all the way. Luz wanted to comfort Shirley several times, but Luz didn't hear any response from Shirley. Although Luz was worried, the car soon arrived at Yuan home, so she could only watch Shirley go upstairs with concern.

Paul sat quietly in the car for a while and saw Shirley's thin figure disappear in the corridor. Then the light of Yuan mansion upstairs was on, and he slowly drove away.

"Brother, can you take Shirley back? How could I rest assured that Shirley will go back like this? " Luz finally burst into tears.

Clenching his fists, Paul shook his head and said, "Shirley doesn't want me to do that. She likes Albert, or she won't be so sad." Paul was always willing to give Shirley happiness, but Paul was afraid that only Albert could give Shirley the happiness she wanted.

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