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   Chapter 41 Deep Love

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 10289

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"Ring... Ring!" A sudden ringtone broke the silence in the room. Albert picked up the phone and saw the name of Flora on it. His eyes narrowed, but Albert still picked it up and put it near his ear. "Hello." Albert's voice was cold and alienated.

"Albert, Susie is drunk. We are in the night club. Come here quickly!" A clear female voice came through the receiver, with unspeakable familiarity. Albert frowned slightly. Hearing that Susie was drunk, he was still worried. His tone softened and said, "Okay, I'll be right there."

After hanging up the phone, Albert took a look at Shirley, who was crying with red and swollen eyes and was angry and pitiful. Albert sighed and said, "calm down!" After all, Albert was a little softhearted. He handed Shirley a tissue and said, "wait for me at home." Albert took a coat and rushed out without looking back.

With her long wet hair disheveled, Shirley looked at Albert foolishly, tears streaming down her face. Shirley sobbed, threw the tissue on the ground and shouted, "who is waiting for you?" Shirley took her phone and dialed Luz's number. She felt so aggrieved that she wanted to talk to someone.

Shirley cried so sadly, but Albert still received a call from Flora and left without looking back. Then what was Shirley to Albert? No one wanted to wait for him at home. Albert didn't know who needed to calm down. It was Albert who peeped at Shirley's phone. Why should Shirley calm down.

The phone rang for a long time, but no one answered it. Shirley didn't believe it. She dialed again, and finally the phone was connected. "Luz!" Shirley cried, but her heart was full of confusion. She did not know how to say, but she could not stop crying.

Paul noticed that Luz's phone had rung for a long time, but Luz wasn't in the room. Noticing that the name of Shirley kept flashing, Paul couldn't help but take it over and answer the phone. However, Paul didn't expect that it was not the bright voice of the little girl, but a burst of sadness, which made Paul's heart ache.

"Shirley, what's wrong with you?" Paul asked worriedly.

Shirley was stunned. She dialed Luz's number, but the sadness in her heart couldn't be ignored. Shirley cried sadly, "Paul!" Shirley couldn't stop crying, as if she was going to cry out all the grievances and sadness in her heart.

Shirley was the girl Paul loved so much! Even though Shirley had been married, Paul's love for Shirley never changed a little. Paul took the key directly and drove all the way to Shirley's house.

When there was a knock on the door, Shirley just realized that it was Paul. Shirley shouldn't have cried in front of Paul. Shirley stopped crying and stood up to open the door. She wear a white dress. Her long hair was wet, she looked like a lotus from the water.

When Shirley saw Paul standing at the door like a fool, she took a step back reflexively and said, "Paul, why are you here? Where is Luz?" Although Shirley didn't think she had anything to do with Paul, she knew how much Paul loved her. Since Shirley was destined not to give Paul anyth

y said, Luz frowned and shared the common hatred with her from time to time.

In the past, the three of them often went out for relaxation like this. As an exclusive driver, Paul drove the car for the two people in a good mood while listening to the chatter in the back seat. Many long lost memories surged in Paul's heart again. He secretly used the corner of his eyes to look at the appearance of Shirley, and there were five complex feelings in his heart.

In the night club, Albert drove over as soon as he received the phone call. He had been worried about the two girls, Susie and Flora. Especially, Bess had drunk too much. He didn't want Susie to suffer losses in the chaotic bar.

But Albert pushed the door open and soon found Susie, who had a clear sight, sitting next to Flora with a sweet smile on her face. The flirtation and cunning in her eyes were the same as in Albert's memory. Albert paused and then walked over with a cold expression.

When Albert got closer, he saw many acquaintances present. He nodded indifferently and said to Susie, "let's go! Go home. "

"Brother, we are holding a high school classmate reunion!" With a flattering smile, Susie held Flora's hand as if she had some confidence in her heart. Flora also said to Albert with a coquettish smile, "long time no see, Albert. Hope that you are well!"

"Okay!" Albert nodded. He was supposed to be very cold, but it was a fact that he rushed over as soon as he answered a phone call from Flora. Someone even shouted, "what does it mean! Miss Flora is so charming, usually we can't invite Mr. Albert. "

Flora smiled more proudly. She was exceedingly fascinating. Winking at Albert on purpose, she said, "Albert, you weren't so cold to me before! Are you still mad at me? "

Albert frowned slightly and met Kenny's playful eyes in the crowd. Kenny was casually sitting in the crowd with a glass of wine in his hand. Two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned, revealing his sexy collarbone. Although he looked casual, he was still conspicuous in the crowd.

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