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   Chapter 31 A Dispute

Fail To Resist Your Temptation By Mu Xiaoai Characters: 9047

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Albert's face turned cold again and fell asleep with his back to Shirley.

Shirley had something in her mind, but she couldn't fall asleep no matter how hard she tossed and turned. Of course Shirley wanted to be a good wife, but Albert was too domineering and always intervened in her life. Shirley was afraid that if she gave in, she would have no bottom line. If Shirley lived like a puppet, even Albert wouldn't really like such a woman!

Shirley tossed and turned all night. When Shirley woke up, the quilt on her side was cold. Albert had already got up and went to the company. Albert didn't want to face her. Shirley felt a little aggrieved, but thinking of the whole day's work, she felt energetic.

Indeed, Albert woke up very early. He arrived at the LS Group early in the morning. Albert was tall, long legs, wearing a delicate handmade suit, and looked dignified. Even if Albert just stood there without making a sound, many people with discerning eyes could see that this man was not simple.

When Albert came to the LS Group and said coldly that he was looking for Kenny, the receptionist just smiled and said, "do you have an appointment with Mr. Kenny? If you don't have an appointment, please sit here for a while. "

How shrewd Albert was! Of course Albert could hear the little girl's politeness and perfunctoriness. If Albert didn't make an appointment, he would probably not be able to see Kenny for a whole day. They were all CEO's people, so Albert naturally knew these tricks.

"Call Kenny and tell him that Albert has come to visit. If you get in the way of Mr. Kenny, miss..." There was no need for Albert to continue. When the little girl heard the name of Albert, she had already dialed the number in a hurry. Of course, she knew the YS Group, but it was the first time she had met the CEO.

"Mr. Albert, please come up!" Kenny took a deep drag on his cigarette and exhaled a beautiful eye ring. Kenny squinted his dark eyes. It seemed that Albert cared about his wife very much! It was only the second day that Albert came to see him in person.

When Albert pushed the door open and came in, Kenny had already extinguished his smoke. Kenny asked his secretary to make two cups of tea and said, "please have a seat, Mr. Albert! Have a try. Good Puerh tea. I heard it suits your taste! "

"Thank you! But I come here today to ask Mr. Kenny for help. " Albert didn't even touch the Pu'er tea cup on the table. He was straightforward, especially when it came to Kenny. Albert didn't want to beat around the bush. "Who are we exactly? We know each other enough. I just want to say today, don't involve women in men's fights."

"I think Mr. Albert must have misunderstood

not simple. He has worked hard to develop the LS Group until today. He doesn't just have the LS Group, he also had the power of the gangsterdom. You are a silly girl. You will definitely suffer losses if you fight against him!"

However, Shirley felt that Albert was making a mountain out of a molehill. There was something wrong with Albert's thinking. Even if Kenny was like this, it had nothing to do with her! "Albert, are you thinking too much! I'm just an ordinary employee in the LS Group. I have nothing to do with the big boss, Kenny. Besides, even if Kenny wants to deal with anyone, he won't make trouble for a woman like me, not to mention that I'm still his employee now! "

"Albert, I know Kenny is not a good person, but I really like my current job and my colleagues. Please let me go back to work!" Shirley tugged at Albert's sleeve and acted like a spoiled child.

After all, although Shirley had read the information and believed that Kenny might be in the gangsterdom and often used all kinds of methods in business competition, she still felt that work was her own business. Albert's interference in her freedom was too much. Even if Shirley did not go to work in the LS Group, she would not go to work in the YS Group anymore.

What was more, as a woman, there was really nothing worth Kenny's admiration. Since Kenny was so powerful, he might not have any intention on her. In order to give up Shirley's favorite job for some inexplicable guess, Shirley could not accept it.

Hearing Shirley's words, Albert knew that he couldn't persuade her not to work in the LS Group. Fortunately, Albert had just warned Kenny that he wouldn't dare to do anything in a short time. Under Albert's watch, Kenny dared not touch his woman, so he had to sigh deeply and nodded in agreement!

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